DIY Lamp Shade | How to Make a Lamp Shade of Twigs in 6 Steps

Learn how to make a lampshade of twigs in just 6 steps. Making this DIY Lamp Shade is easy and doesn’t require any skill.

This beautiful and cool looking lamp shade is made of something that is hard to imagine: A few twigs! The best thing about this is to do it is not particularly difficult and costs virtually nothing. And it is highly organic and natural when you use twigs. You can give this DIY lampshade as a gift on special occasions. If you have a garden you can use it there to decorate it on festivals, consider Christmas; you can also light your living room or bedroom with it, it looks wonderful.

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Things you’ll need to make DIY Lamp Shade

  • Twigs
  • Balloon or an Inflatable Ball
  • Glue

How to Make a DIY Lamp Shade Step by Step

Step 1  DIY lighting (3)

Blow up a balloon or take an inflatable ball and cover it with polyethylene. Now paste all the twigs as shown around the balloon. *Use a glue gun for this if you have access to one.

Step 2 DIY lighting (2)

Do not attach twigs all the way around the balloon or ball. Lampshade should be open at the bottom so that you can insert a light source inside it later. For this, use a pot to hold the ball with convenience.

Step 3 DIY lighting (1)

Once the glue dries out, burst the balloon and remove all its remains carefully and polyethylene clippings if adhered to the twigs.

Step 4 DIY lighting (4)

For extra effect and to adorn the DIY lamp shade, use spray paint to color it with a color like gold, silver or according to the color that’ll match your interior. You can skip this step if you don’t want to paint it.

Step 5 cheap lamp shade

Either use a bulb or battery operated candles as a light source, place your DIY lampshade over it. When you light the lamp, especially in the dark you’ll see the lovely dappled shade of light.

Step 6 DIY lamp shade

Now just place that at the appropriate spot and enjoy your DIY lamp shade or gift it to your loved one.

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Learn how to make a lampshade of twigs in just 6 steps. Making this <strong>DIY Lamp Shade</strong> is easy and doesn't require any skill.


  1. This is brilliant! I know you posted this quite a while ago but had to let you know I love this idea. How clever!


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