21 Colorful Outdoor Plants for Patio and Porch

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These Colorful Outdoor Plants for Patio & Porch will inspire you to enhance your entryway and boost your curb appeal!

The best way to increase the curb appeal of your home with vivid hues is to add greenery. Here are some fantastic Colorful Outdoor Plants for Patio & Porch that’ll do the job just right!

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Colorful Outdoor Plants for Patio & Porch

1. Stromanthe

Colorful Outdoor Plants for Patio & Porch

Botanical Name: Stromanthe

This exotic plant features dark green variegated leaves with pink and cream stripes—the backside of the leaves has a pink-purple hue that makes it more attractive. Check out all the details of growing Stromanthe here.

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2. Ornamental Grass

Ornament Grasses give an accent and texture to your home—they look great in patios, lawns, gardens, and meadows.

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3. Croton

Colorful Outdoor Plants for Patio & Porch 2

Botanical Name: Codiaeum variegatum

The bright color of crotons accentuates the beauty of any space with their leathery, thick foliage in different shades, sizes, and shapes.

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4. Chrysanthemums

Botanical Name: Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums come in a range of colors that match significantly with autumn’s pumpkins and gourds for a terrific seasonal show. Grow mums in full sun.

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5. Fan Flowers

Colorful Outdoor Plants for Patio & Porch 3

Botanical Name: Scaevola aemula

The small fan-like blooms are hardy annuals that flower all summer long—they are available in beautiful shades of blue, purple, pink, and white. Fan flowers require full sun.

6. Begonias


Botanical Name: Begonia

Begonias offer a range of different dark colors, including pink, white, red, rose, white, or orange. They constantly flower without deadheading, though some varieties are planted for colorful foliage.

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7. Roses

Colorful Outdoor Plants for Patio & Porch 4

Botanical Name: Rosa

You can grow different rose varieties on the patio. Use containers that can tolerate freezing temperatures in winter, such as; plastic and wood, terra cotta, and ceramic, are not good options.

Go for climbing varieties for a more fantastic display of blooms!

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8. Sweet Alyssum

Colorful Outdoor Plants for Patio & Porch 12

Botanical Name: Lobularia maritima

This pretty annual cascade gracefully from the planter’s rim to relish the sweet scent! Place it along with seating areas in full sun, but it can manage partial shade as well.

9. Rocktrumpet

Botanical Name: Mandevilla

The trumpet-shaped red, pink, or white blooms on vines climb beautifully on the trellis. Grow it under the sun but provide some shade in the hottest regions, mainly in southern climates.

10. Marigolds

Colorful Outdoor Plants for Patio & Porch 11

Botanical Name: Tagetes

Marigolds thrive on neglect and tolerate drought, heat and last till the first hard freeze. The bright hues pop beautifully in pots—to keep them flowering, regularly pinch off the spent blossoms.

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11. Million Bells


Botanical Name: Calibrachoa

This low-maintenance annual look-like petunias and comes in a range of hues with single and double flowers. Calibrachoa can withstand light cold breeze and require partial to full sun.

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12. Lantana

Colorful Outdoor Plants for Patio & Porch 20

Botanical Name: Lantana camara

This sturdy drought-tolerant annual flowers entire summer without any demands. It grows best in full sun. Learn more about growing lantana here.

A scientifically proven plant that mosquitoes hate most: Lantana Camara

13. Lavender

Colorful Outdoor Plants for Patio & Porch 21

Botanical Name: Lavandula

This hardy plant shows off silver leaves and deep purple-blue fragrant blossoms that look amazing in containers and baskets. It does well in full sun.

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14. Black-Eyed Susan


Botanical Name: Thunbergia alata

This annual shows off creamy white, bright oranges, and yellow blooms over green foliage. Allow it to climb on a trellis for a colorful privacy screen. It prefers partial to full sun.

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15. Herbs

Colorful Outdoor Plants for Patio & Porch 23

Growing herbs on the patio not only provide you with fresh supplies for your cuisines but also fill that area with the aromatic breeze.

For full sunny areas, grow basil and rosemary, whereas for shady spots, go for parsley, thyme, and cilantro that prefer sun but manage in the shade as well.

16. Pentas

Botanical Name: Pentas lanceolata

Egyptian star cluster offers cheery star-shaped blossoms that flower in dense clusters of pink, white, lavender or red throughout summer. It grows up to 18-24 inches long.

17. Coleus

Colorful Outdoor Plants for Patio & Porch 24

Botanical Name: Plectranthus scutellarioides

This ornamental plant display colorful, variegated patterned leaves that can enliven your patio and porches beautifully. Grow coleus in the sun or shade and keep it well-watered for fine growth.

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18. Caladium

Colorful Outdoor Plants for Patio & Porch 55

Botanical Name: Caladium

Caladiums grow happily on partially shaded patios, but one thing that this plant dislikes is cool climates. The heart-shaped leaves in brilliant shades do well in bright indirect light.

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19. Bromeliad


Botanical Name: Bromeliaceae

Bromeliads bring a fun accent to porches and patios, either they blossom or not. They can withstand low light conditions and often fades after flowering. Learn more about care and growing conditions here.

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20. Heliotrope

Colorful Outdoor Plants for Patio & Porch 58

Botanical Name: Heliotropium

The vanilla-scented ornamental clusters of violet blooms look great in patios and porches. It does well in both full sun or partial shade and rich, moist soil.

21. Hibiscus

Botanical Name: Hibiscus rosa sinensis

Big blossoms in neon shades make hibiscus an apt choice for a patio—give lots of sunlight and water to keep them blooming till fall. Keep in mind that tropical hibiscus is tender to cool temperatures and prefers the 70-90 F range.

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