50 Vintage Garden Decor Ideas

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Are you a fan of rustic elements and old-world charm? If so, here are 50 amazing Vintage Garden Decor Ideas you can incorporate in your backyard!

Vintage Garden Decor Ideas can never go out of style! If you want to add a timeless charm to your yard, then get inspired from our handpicked list!

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Have a look at some quick and amazing ideas to decorate your garden here

Vintage Garden Decor Ideas

1. Fence in Vintage Style

Vintage Garden Decor Ideas

Decorate the fence in your garden in a vintage style by using a shabby chair, old plates, and other antics in your home. Take help of this post here.

2. Stacked Vintage Succulent Suitcases

Anything old can add a charm to your vintage garden if you use it intelligently—just like these succulent suitcases stacked one above each other strategically. We found the idea here.

3. Plants in Vintage Bird Cage

Vintage Garden Decor Ideas 2

Place old and worn-out bird cages for growing your favorite plants. Check this DIY for a trendy antique birdcage planter.

4. Hooked Bucket Vintage Planter

Transform old metal buckets into rustic planters and hang them. We found it here.

5. Transform Piano into Vintage Garden Decor

Vintage Garden Decor Ideas 3

Repurpose an old piano as a planter and make it a unique garden centerpiece!

6. Old Cycle Vintage Garden Planter

An old bicycle can be transformed into a beautiful vintage planter—you can grow petunias or trailing plants in it. Check more bicycle planter ideas here.

7. Cartwheel Vintage Garden

Vintage Garden Decor Ideas 4

Create this beautiful antique cartwheel vintage planter and grow a variety of flowers in it.

8. Old Window Frame Planter

Utilize old window frames and create amazing wall decoration pieces with hanging plants. Get inspiration here.

9. Stone Vintage Garden Bench

Vintage Garden Decor Ideas 5

Construct this old-style stone bench in your garden for vintage vibes. Find the tutorial here.

10. Vintage Garden Old Ladder Decor


This economical garden decor idea is ideal for compact spaces—simply arrange repurposed pots on an old rustic ladder.

11. Vintage Vertical Ideas

Vintage Garden Decor Ideas 6

Add some height to your garden with another one of the ladder ideas. Place your planters on the ladders in the suggestions given here.

12. DIY Rustic Wooden Planter

Create this DIY rustic planter for your growing your favorite flowers.

13. DIY Vintage Book Planter

Vintage Garden Decor Ideas 7
Garden Answer

As geeky as it may sound, you can create this succulent book planter for your indoor or outdoor decorations by following these simple steps.

14. Succulent Chair Planter


If you are looking for something unusual, this chair plant is definitely worth a try! You can follow these simple steps to recreate this chair planter.

15. Mailbox Planter

Vintage Garden Decor Ideas 8

This mailbox planter can be a great addition to your garden—try painted metal mailboxes! Visit Instructables for the tutorial.

16. DIY Rustic Tipsy Pots Tower

Use galvanized buckets as vintage garden decor planters arrange them artistically with the help of the instruction here.

17. Vintage Car Planter

Vintage Garden Decor Ideas 9

If you are as crazy about gardening and coincidently also have a useless vintage car in your garage, then this idea is apt for you!

18. Classic Radio Flyers in the Garden

Include one more distinct antique garden piece for growing plants by using a classic old radio flyer—follow the steps.

19. Sewing Desk Planter

Vintage Garden Decor Ideas 10

Turn an old sewing desk into a pretty planter by adding a basket of flowerpots under the desk on a low rack. Place a piece of reclaimed wood on the top.

20. DIY Antique Window Planter Box

Make a vintage planter using an old window for your garden decor. Take help from this video tutorial.

21. Vintage Wheel Barrow Filled with Blossoms

Vintage Garden Decor Ideas 11

Fill a rusty old metal wheelbarrow with dirt and plant flowers into it—this great and economical idea is an apt choice for any space.

22. DIY Vintage Metal Watering Can Garden

You can create this vintage DIY watering can planter in just a few bucks. It will make a great addition to your garden decorations.

23. DIY Vintage Food Mill Planter

Vintage Garden Decor Ideas 12

This beautiful and classy centerpiece looks adorable on your garden or patio table. All you have to do is follow these steps.

24. Vintage Terrariums

If you are also fond of terrariums, you can find these glasswares from some thrift stores and easily create these vintage long terrariums. Here are the instructions.

25. DIY Vintage Phone Planter

Vintage Garden Decor Ideas 13

Make this antique phone planter with succulents for your garden decor and bring a quirky yet unique look.

26. DIY Galvanized Wash Tub Planters

You can easily recreate this vintage planter for your garden decorations. All you need is a pair of pretty-looking but classic style washtubs.

27. DIY Vintage Trunk Planter

Vintage Garden Decor Ideas 15

Good old trunks can be transformed into antique planters. Click here to learn how to use these trunks and create an exquisite garden decor.

28. DIY Planter with Farmhouse Style

This pocket-friendly idea from an old enamel bowl can be an attractive garden decoration item. Follow the DIY.

29. DIY Terrarium from Old  Fish Tank

Vintage Garden Decor Ideas 16

Have a look at this idea and learn how to create this antique terrarium for indoor decorations.

30. Vintage Desk Planter

Make smart use of an old desk by converting it into a planter—you can grow multiple plants in it.

31. Upcycle Sink Into a Vintage Planter

Vintage Garden Decor Ideas 17

An old washbasin or sink can be recycled to transform into a vintage sink planter for growing ferns or other trailing plants. Fashion it up by draping a colorful cloth or other accessories of your choice.

32. Antique Teacup Vintage Garden Decor

Arrange some old teacups from your kitchen pantry and hang them in the garden with the help of colorful rope or string along with flowering plants.

33. Vintage Wagon Wheel Flower Display

Vintage Garden Decor Ideas 18

A big wagon wheel can make an attractive antique item to hold flowers on top of it. Just fix it outdoors along the tree, and it will strongly tolerate rain, sunlight, and drafts without asking for maintenance.

34. Antique Door as Garden Gate

Instead of installing a wrought iron gate to your garden entrance, upcycle an old door and use it as a vintage garden doorway. Leave it worn out to make it more aged and antique.

35. Decorated Rustic Metal Pitcher Planters

Vintage Garden Decor Ideas 19

You can use decorated rustic metal pitchers as planters for growing flowering plants into them. Buy them from a flea market or check your childhood collection in storerooms.

36. Vintage Spoon Hanging Basket Hooks


Fix some vintage spoons on the garden wall and make a hook to hang succulent planters on it—this idea will surely be a head-turner for the visitors in your home. Check the DIY here.

37. Vintage Soup Ladle Succulent Planter

Vintage Garden Decor Ideas 20

Give your succulents a classy look by planting them in vintage soup ladle and hang next to each other.

38. Vintage Doorknob Drying Frame


Collect old rusty antique doorknobs and fix them to garden walls—this versatile idea can be used to hang herbs and flowers for future use or just as pretty decor beside a bouquet or floral arrangement.

39. Rustic Wire Mannequin Planter

Vintage Garden Decor Ideas 21

Set a rustic vintage mannequin inside a planter for a distinct antique touch—it will also act as a trellis for climbing plants surrounded by wildflowers, making a stunning display in your garden or lawn.

40. Rusty Bed Frame Railing


Use an old rustic bed frame as a trellis to support trailing and climbing vines in your garden.

41. Old Wooden Fruit Boxes

Vintage Garden Decor Ideas 22

Hang old wooden fruit boxes beside a fence, garden gate, or wall and add flowers into them for a cute antique display.

42. Vintage Scale Planter

An old rusty vintage scale is an excellent one to hang in your garden! Add some dirt and flowers—this will create a classic and unique display in your yard.

43. Hang a Classic Clock

Vintage Garden Decor Ideas 23

Hang a classic clock in the garden, with roman numbers, to add in the vintage feel. Here are all the details.

44. Vintage Lamp Garden Totem

All you need to do is to find some vintage lamps that can be used in the garden in a variety of ways. Learn all the details here.

45. Use Vintage Crockery

Vintage Garden Decor Ideas 24

A vintage Crockery like this at the corner over some plants or near a pot as a display will surely add a touch of vintage charm.

46. Hang Vintage Etched Glass Candle Holders


These vintage candle holders will add a rustic charm to the garden and will look spectacular at night!

47. Vintage Birdhouse and Milk Can Decor


Use old milk cans from the salvage yard along with little birdhouses on a fence or an old wooden bench to add a rustic element to the garden.

48. Robin Circle Decoration in Rusty Metal

An old bird figurine can add a timeless charm to the yard.

49. Old Metal Bucket Mini Garden


A mini garden in a broken pot and an old tin bucket is all you need for a vintage vibe.

50. Bronze Young Fairy Statue

Any rustic statue can add a lot of appeal to the garden, and one like this will add an old charm.

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