28 DIY Lamp Post Ideas For the Garden

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Decorate your garden and light it up in creative ways in the dark with lamps! Read this article for fantastic DIY Lamp Post Ideas!

The lamp post is a cost-effective way to light up your garden and outdoor space in a fancy manner. It also gives a posh look to your house when it stands all glimmering up in the night. Here are some great DIY Lamp Post Ideas you can use! 

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DIY Lamp Post Ideas

1. Lamp Post

DIY Lamp Post Ideas

Here are some useful tips about the installation, the styles, and location of the lamp post, which might help you when you install a lamp post in your garden.

2. DIY Solar Lights Lamp Post

Fill up a plastic container with quikrete and place it inside a flower pot to recreate this solar light lamp post. Further instructions are available here.

3. Metal Lamp Post With Around Landscaping

DIY Lamp Post Ideas 2

A unique way to give extra decor to your lamp post is to landscape it with plants and flowers. Such an idea is available here.

4. DIY Christmas Lantern Post

DIY a Christmas lantern post with wood scraps, wood spindle, table saw router, drill, wood glue, and a nail gun. Visit Woodshop Diaries.

5. Own Outdoor Lamp Post

DIY Lamp Post Ideas 3

Building your own outdoor lamp post is an economical way to illuminate your garden. Watch the video to know more.

6. Wood Pallet Garden Lamp Post

It is easy to make a wooden lamp post that is inexpensive. Watch the video for more information.

7. Simple Outdoor Lamp Post

DIY Lamp Post Ideas 4

When the night comes, you need a lamp outside to see the surroundings. Here is the most straightforward way to make an outdoor lamp at home.

8. DIY Pathway Lamp Post

A creative as well as easy steps to make a DIY pathway lamp post. It adds charm to the outdoor space. Read more here.

9. DIY Wooden Solar Lamp Post

DIY Lamp Post Ideas 5

Wooden solar lamp post looks artistry outdoors and it is economical too! More details here.

10. DIY Outdoor Walkway Lamp Post

Make your own gorgeous DIY outdoor walkway lampost. Instructions here.

11. Solar Powered LED Lamp Post

DIY Lamp Post Ideas 6

Do you want to lighten up your outdoor space with no electricity cost at all? Read complete details here.

12. DIY Patio Area with Texas Lamp Posts

Give a homely look to your patio even during the night. It is super easy and pleasing to the eyes. Know more here.

13. Spray Painted Lamp Post

DIY Lamp Post Ideas 7

A spectacular way to revive your old lamp post. Do it on your own by clicking here.

14. Mid-Century-Modern Lamp Post

Here is another antique-looking lamp along with a modern twist lamp post to enhance your outdoors. Have a look!

15. DIY Solar Light Lamp Post Using 4×4 Boards

DIY Lamp Post Ideas 8

Here is an elegant DIY solar light lamp post with just four easy steps, and it will fit anywhere. Read instructions here.

16. DIY Dollar Tree Solar Outdoor Lamp Post

DIY dollar tree solar lamp post works wonder for outdoor garden. It beautifies your outdoor a lot. Watch the video here.

17. Inexpensive Outdoor Lamp Post

DIY Lamp Post Ideas 9

Are you looking for an outdoor lamp post which is pocket friendly? Here is the video.

18. DIY Paper Lamp Post

Watch this tutorial to make a DIY lamp from paper. It is super easy and vibrant.

19. Concrete Pillar Lamp Post

DIY Lamp Post Ideas 10

Give you home an industrialized look with this concrete pillar lamp post right here.

20. Lamp Post Planter for Your Yard

Use this smart idea of lamp post planter for your yard with just a bunch of tools. For more information, click here.

21. DIY Lamp Post Re-Do

DIY Lamp Post Ideas 11

Rejuvenate your lamp post with this simple trick. Steps here.

22. Garden Lamp Light Post Easy Upcycle

Add a garden lamp light post by renewing your old lamp by reading details here.

23. DIY House Number Lamp Post

DIY Lamp Post Ideas 12

This is a unique style to display your house number along with a lamp. Give a monotonous looking lamp a classy touch here.

24. DIY Bourbon Street Lamp Post

Try your hand at the DIY Bourbon Street Lamp Post here and give your outdoor a royal look!

25. DIY Chalkboard Welcome Sign And Lamp Post

DIY Lamp Post Ideas 13

You can make a fun and fancy DIY chalkboard ‘welcome sign’ and lamp post. Follow here for every detail you need to know!

26. Classic Wooden Lamp Post

Try this antique wooden lamp for your garden, which takes very minimal time to create. Read more here.

27. DIY Nautical Lamp Post

DIY Lamp Post Ideas 14

Nautical lamp post gives a vintage as well as an elegant look to your garden. Learn this easy process here.

28. DIY Halloween Lamp Post

Give spooky lightings to your garden during Halloween in a budget-friendly way. It will leave people spellbound and give you outdoor a wizardly appearance. Get amazing ideas here.

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