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5 Essential Contemporary Garden Design Ideas

By Adam Christopher, owner of adamchristopherdesign.co.uk

Want to make a contemporary garden? If yes, then you must take a look at these 5 contemporary garden design ideas in this informative article

The most fashionable gardens at the moment are Contemporary or Modern gardens. What is it that makes a great modern, contemporary garden? Can it be achieved by the average Joe and what rules should they follow? Here in this article, you’ll see five basic aspects of contemporary gardening.

Five Basic Contemporary Garden Design Rules

  1. Hard Landscaping
  2. Low Maintenance
  3. Varied Heights
  4. Focal Points
  5. Lightning

1. Hard Landscaping012_mini

Usually in contemporary garden designs, the entire garden is tied together using the hard landscaping and has a unity that is very angular. There are waterfeatures, stones, raised beds and built-in planters that are physically constructed into the garden with rendered walls and wooden bench inserts.

These have the benefit of housing good soil for a strong growth of plants. This also helps in lifting the plants up to the eye level where they can be better appreciated.

If your budget can’t strength to a built-in landscape and planters then there are contemporary planters out there that will fill the purpose of the built-in planters mentioned above.

2. Low Maintenancecontemporary garden_mini

Contemporary gardens are modern gardens that is why they are less or low maintenance. Because of this, an average contemporary garden is designed in such a way that it will not be hard to maintain.

Self-irrigation methods are implied. Self-watering planters and raised beds are common and the plants chosen are mostly hardy, usually, grasses are used. It is rare to see a contemporary garden planted up with delicate flowers and part of the reason is to bring the ease of maintenance.

Gravels and barks are used on top of weed proof matting to reduce the need for weeding and the custom built planters or built in raised beds make it easier for the matting to be locked in place.

3. Varied Heightslow maintain_mini

One thing people can easily overlook is changing the height of the landscape so that there are things of interest at each level. Much like an interesting natural landscape where the mountains are in the distance get less clear but picturesque as they get closer to the horizon.

What makes this more interesting than a flat horizon is that we can see more and more and as we look up or down as there are points to look at.

The same principle applies on a contemporary garden design. As the height of clean and drifting landscape changes our attention and draws it across the garden to keep us interested.

4. Focal Pointfocal_mini

In our list of contemporary garden ideas, the idea of making a focal point is necessary. It is not just a point of contemporary garden design but one of the most basic principles in designing.

A good design has one strong focal point that draws the viewer’s eye, this also filters the less important features from that. Think of it like a graphic design, think what the poster is about and then arrange all the details around it.

A focal point could be anything from a contemporary planter, waterfall to a sculpture piece. I have seen some really nice features like a tree is placed in a large pot and situated in a central position to make a statement.

5. Lightinggardens_mini

What really set these modern gardens off is that they come alive at night. In contemporary garden design, night lighting is applied to give the garden a completely different look. By picking out areas of the garden with light frames and highlight plants or design lines.

So there you had a quick look at what makes a great contemporary garden. There are obviously many more factors involve into it, but these 5 basic contemporary garden design ideas are the most essential.

Bear them in mind if you are looking to design your own contemporary garden or to get a more contemporary feel in your existing garden.

Workshop-1200-pxAdam Christopher is a designer and producer of contemporary planters with a geometric theme. He blogs about contemporary garden design, planters and concrete on his Website


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