21 Gorgeous DIY Lamp Shades for Garden Ideas

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Looking for gorgeous yet budget-friendly decors to amp up your yard? These DIY Lamp Shade for Garden Ideas will perfectly fit your bill!

These DIY Lamp Shade for Garden Ideas can be the best addition to your yard with their eye-catching design and fluorescent decor! Craft the best one for yourself.

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DIY Lamp Shade for Garden Ideas

1. Give Your Regular Lampshade a Classy Makeover

DIY Lamp Shade for Garden Ideas 1

A regular lampshade can be made into a beautiful garden addition using mod podge, paper grocery bag, brown tissue, and some crafting materials. Get the details here.

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2. Tabletop Garden Lamp

Make this easy and beautiful DIY outdoor lamp by changing the light bulb with solar light. See details here.

3. Monstera Printed Lampshade with VinylDIY Lamp Shade for Garden Ideas 2

This beautiful lampshade can pair perfectly with indoor plants. You can also use other prints of your choice. Read more here.

4. Patio Lantern with Fairylights in the Backdrop

Decorate your patio with this attractive showpiece using a few supplies. Learn more about the project here.

5. Beautiful Blue Lamp Stand by the Garden Fence

DIY Lamp Shade for Garden Ideas 3

Add drama and appeal to your garden fence by crafting this metal lamp stand. You can paint the stand in your favorite colors too.

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6. Fabric Lampshade for Garden


Get yourself a beautiful printed fabric to fancy this unique lampshade on the garden table. Details are here.

7. Dual Toned Wicker Lampshade

DIY Lamp Shade for Garden Ideas 4

This dual-toned wicker lampshade will add to the aesthetics of your patio. You can pair multi-sized lamps for an added appeal.

8. Outdoor Metal Lampshade

A metal lampstand will be a sturdy decor piece besides adding a rustic touch to the yard. Display them beside garden boulders to complete the look.

9. Gorgeous Pillar Lampshade for the Garden Gate

DIY Lamp Shade for Garden Ideas 5

A pillar lampshade will look welcoming on the garden gate, and the fluorescent will guide you in the night. This is a must-have for giant front yards.

10. Vintage Lampshade on the Tree Trunk Stool


Use a lampshade to decorate your garden in an extraordinary way. You can display them on tree trunk stools with other beautiful foliage plants.

11. Hanging Lamp Garland

DIY Lamp Shade for Garden Ideas 6

Display this hanging lampshade garland in the garden. It can be a perfect yard party decor for birthday celebrations and more. Learn more here.

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12. Upcycled Iron Lampshade

Hunt your junkyard for useful crafting materials and design this rustic lampshade for the yard. Display this piece in the middle of your garden to justify its beauty.

13. Colorful Printed Lampshade

DIY Lamp Shade for Garden Ideas 5

Use colorful fabrics to design pretty lampshades for your yard. This can be an engaging project for the kids in the house.

14. Hanging Lampshade for the Patio

Level up the aesthetics of your patio by hanging this beautiful rattan lampshade. It will go really well with the wooden furnishing of your yard.

15. Lampshade Porch Chandelier

DIY Lamp Shade for Garden Ideas 4

Design a lampshade chandelier for your porch. Use colorful beads and metal chains to complement the look.

16. Modern Day Hanging Lampshades

Mimic this lampshade idea for adding a modern touch to your patio or deck. Pair them with brown bulbs for an added appeal.

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17. Ourdoor Wicker Lamp

DIY Lamp Shade for Garden Ideas 3

Outdoor wicker lamps are a functional decor piece as they not just beautify the yard but act as a beautiful light source at night.

18. Minimalistic Lampshade for the Yard

A minimalistic lampshade will look gorgeous on the deck. You can keep it on a patio in the center or a corner.

19. Gorgeous Outdoor Lampshade Cover

DIY Lamp Shade for Garden Ideas 2

Lampshade covers can be a game changer when it comes to garden decors. You can use plywood pieces, fabrics, twigs, or come up with your creative idea.

20. Lampshade Twig Cover


Gather twig pieces from around your garden to cover the lampshade in your yard. It will add look fantastic in the tropical background of the garden. Learn more here.

21. Wavy Willow Lampshade with Rustic Stand

DIY Lamp Shade for Garden Ideas 1

Curly willow lampshades look beautiful with rustic metal stands. Make one for your porch or garden table.

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