14 Sensible DIY Garden Hacks That Can Make You A Smart Gardener

Must take a look at these garden hacks and DIY ideas to make gardening easier and more fun!

1. Old Fish Tank Into a Mini Greenhouse

fish tank into greenhouse
Image Credit: Pinterest

How cool! Old Fish tank converted into a mini-greenhouse for starting seeds indoors. Plastic wrap stretched across the top is opened or removed as plants start to grow to avoid killing/steaming/overheating them.

2. DIY Mason Jar Soil Identification Test

diy mason jar soil test

This infographic from Gardener’s Edge shows a great DIY idea to identify your soil type. The process is simple. A step by step tutorial article is also available on Preparedness Mama!

3. DIY Self Watering Container

diy self watering pot

It’s a nice, cheap and easy idea to follow. You can create a Self-watering container or DIY wicking bed container. A step by step tutorial video is available here!

4. Turn Boring Pots into Colorful Ones

DIY pot decoration

Those sad and gloomy old pots always ruin the look of your garden. If changing them is not in your budget right now. Turn your interest into doing some DIYs on them. Here’s an interesting DIY we found for you, click here.

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5. Control Invasive Plants in the Garden

diy invasive plant control

This trick of cutting the bottom of a pot to contain invasive plants is already popular among gardeners. Apparently, it works! The Family HandyMan has a tutorial on it.

6. An Easy Way to Grow Sweet Potato

diy hack to grow sweet potato

Growing sweet potato is easy, but it becomes easier if you follow this trick available on Home Joys!

7. Self-Watering Hanging Basket

diy self watering hanging basket
Image Credit: Pretty Purple Door

Trailing plants look so fabulous in hanging baskets but one common reason why some gardeners avoid is that plants dry out quickly in them. To solve this, follow this smart DIY self-watering hanging basket idea, available here.

8. Placing Matchstick Before Planting Peppers

garden hack and idea

While this has been a debatable topic, many gardeners follow this unusual hack. According to Dailymail “Peppers and Chilies demand lots of sulfur to grow healthily— so, when planting them, place two or three unused matches (matchsticks have the sulfur) a few inches below the roots.” The eHow has an article on it too.

9. DIY Self Sharpening Garden Tool Holder

diy garden tool holder

What a smart way to keep your garden tools safe, free from and in the best condition! Take a look at this DIY post to learn more about it.

10. DIY Seed Pots

garden hacks and idea

Why buy seed pots and trays when there are a lot of options available to start seeds? The treehugger.com has a cool post on how to make DIY seed pots from 7 household items. See that!

11. Plastic Bottle Mini Greenhouse

plastic bottle greenhouse

Plastic bottles are of no use but you can recycle and transform them into mini greenhouses to grow seedlings. To learn everything about this project in detail, visit Container Gardening.

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12. DIY Garden Markers from Stones

cool diy garden markers from stone

Even if you’re a container gardener, you can put these stone markers in your pots. They look colorful. The tutorial is available here!

13. A Great Tomato Growing Tip

diy tomato growing tip

Not a DIY but a tomato growing tip by BHG you can follow. Plant tomatoes on their sides to give them healthy root system. Do remove any leaves that would be covered under the soil, though.

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14. Composting for Apartment Dwellers


So what if you live in an apartment and don’t have outdoor space? You can start composting with the help of this Mini Compost Bin. A great DIY post is here and here to follow.

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Must take a look at these gardening hacks and DIY ideas to make gardening easier and more fun!



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