11 Scary Halloween Planter Ideas To Add An Eerie Touch Up

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These scary Halloween Planter Ideas can add an eerie touch up to your Halloween decorations!

1. Scary Terracotta Plant Pots

Scary Halloween Planter

A nerve-racking twist to standard terracotta pots can be a way to add a spooky decor to your indoor garden. The unique face features can attract a lot of people to admire your creativity. Follow it here.

2. DIY Skull Planter

 Scary Halloween Planters

Get a resin skull, or to make this craft easier, a styrofoam or cardboard skull and start making this DIY planter.

3. Creepy Doll Head Planters

Transform beautiful dolls into creepy planters for your eerie Halloween and Holiday tabletop decoration. Visit DIY Network to find out more.

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4. Skull Planter DIY

Placing this bizarre planter in your home with some mounted insects can give a boost to your Halloween decor. If you don’t find a skull planter like the one in the image, make one for yourself. Get the details here.

5. Pumpkin Plant Pots

 Scary Halloween Planter ideas

Black cats and pumpkins with a wicked smile are the ideal contenders to accompany your halloween decor. Combine a few clay pots, paintbrushes, and paints to recreate this idea.

6. DIY Skull Planter

Grab some basic supplies from your nearest store to start this project. Watch the tutorial here.

7. Concrete Planters

halloween planter diy

This planter has the ability to stand alone among a set of other planters and scare you. A little bit of paint can make it more interesting for sure! Visit eHow for the instructions.

8. Animal Skull Planter

halloween planter ideas

Animals skulls too can be a good choice for Halloween decor at a budget. Fill the skull with potting soil and plant your plants. Succulents and air plants work best for this idea.

9. DIY Skull Cactus Planter

Unlike other scary Halloween planter ideas in this list, this DIY makes use of a skull and a pot, both. Look here for the steps.

10. DIY Coffin Table Planter

Scary Halloween Planter diy

This haunting Halloween coffin table planter is enough to give goosebumps to anyone sitting around it. Here’s the project.

11.  Mini Pumpkin Planters

Learn how to make these scary rose gold DIY Halloween planters to plant succulents in this DIY article.

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