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18 Ways to Grow Potatoes | Potato Planting Ideas

Here are 18 Different Ways to Grow Potatoes. Follow these to increase productivity and cultivate them easily in a big backyard or a small balcony

There are many ways to cultivate potatoes in this listicle, and you can choose one according to the available space and needs. You don’t need a large vegetable garden to try these!

Best Ways to Grow Potatoes

1. Grow Potatoes in Bags
ways to grow potato

You can cultivate potatoes in grocery bags. The idea is straightforward to imitate and is absolutely free. To grow potatoes in a grocery store bag, all you have to do is to fill the bag with nutrient-rich loamy soil and plant them. Of course, you will have to add more soil as the plants grow. Watch this YouTube video for help!

2. Growing Potatoes in Sacks

different ways to grow potato

The same procedure used for the bag can be tried to grow potatoes in the burlap sacks and trash bags. You can also grow ginger and sweet potatoes similarly. Read the tutorial here.

3. Growing Potatoes in Pots


Growing potatoes in pots is not difficult. To learn how to do this, read our article!

4. Growing Potatoes in Buckets


Potatoes are one of the only vegetables that can be grown in almost anything. If you have a bucket or a trash can, just plant the potatoes. A 5-10 gallon bucket is ideal. Read the tutorial on Instructables.

5. Growing Potatoes in Rows

Best Ways to Grow Potatoes 3

If you have space, then plant potatoes in your home garden, arranging them in well-spaced rows. Space seed potatoes 8 to 12 inches within the row and 30 to 36 inches between the rows.

6. Planting Potatoes in Straw


You will be going to improve the production of potatoes in the garden with ease, thanks to straw mulching! Watch the video here for more information.

7. Wooden Potato Tower

Best Ways to Grow Potatoes 8

The tower of potatoes is a type of raised bed used for cultivation that allows the addition of new soil at different growth stages of the potato plants. To build the potato tower, you can use wood or other recycled materials.

8. Growing Potatoes in Cylinder


If you live in a rainy climate and have a wet yard problem, this potato-growing method would be best for you.

For this, take hardware cloth with ¼-inch mesh and make a cylinder about 24 inches high and 18 inches wide in diameter. Fill it with 5-6 inches of soil in the bottom and then plant 4 seed potatoes.

Cover them with 4 inches of soil. Continue to add soil as plants grow. At the time of harvest, lift up the cylinder and remove the soil to pick the potatoes. For more details, visit Good Housekeeping!

9. Growing Potatoes in a Raised bed

Best Ways to Grow Potatoes 9
Image Credit: Examiner.com

Growing potatoes in the raised bed is the number one method to increase productivity. Fewer weeds and improved drainage are a few pros of this method. You can learn how to grow potatoes in raised beds here.

10. Growing Potatoes in Tires

potatoes in tires

If you are fancy about growing potatoes in tires, then have a look at an interesting article that you may like to read here. It’s easy too!

11. Potatoes with Tomatoes!

Best Ways to Grow Potatoes 10

TomTato is a very unusual solution in which you can grow potatoes and tomatoes together. Tomtato is the result of the grafting of a cherry tomato plant and white potato plant. To read more on this, click here.

12. Grow in a Garbage Bag


You can use large plastic garbage bags for growing potatoes — black trash bags are a good choice for this process as they help preserve the sun’s heat for early growth ability. Make some holes in the bottom of the bag for drainage. Watch this video for more information.

13. Kiddie Pool Potato Planter

Best Ways to Grow Potatoes 15

If your kids are not using a wading pool, use it to grow potatoes and other vegetables. Follow the raised bed instructions mentioned in point number nine. Don’t forget to make drainage holes in the bottom.

14. Wooden Barrel


Wooden and plastic barrels can also be used for growing potatoes. You can DIY them or buy readymade ones. They have enough depth that the potato requires.

15. Make a Wire Mesh Cage

Best Ways to Grow Potatoes 18

You can create a tall and wide potato cage by using a quarter-inch mesh with a hardware cloth. Add soil to the bottom, plant 4-5 seed potatoes, and cover them with 3 inches of soil. When potatoes start growing, start adding more soil, harvest by lifting the cage.

16. In Ice Chest


If your old cooler’s lid is broken or you are not using it, recycle it to create a potato planter like this one.

17. Use Cardboard Boxes

Best Ways to Grow Potatoes 88

The cardboard box method is an excellent way to grow potatoes. Also, it helps in clearing weeds on the ground. Follow this post for step-by-step instructions here.

18. Growing Potatoes Vertically

Here’s a detailed DIY where you can learn to grow potatoes vertically in a limited space. The setup can be made in a day or two.


  1. This is another strategy for growing potatoes where the ground soil is of poor quality. It yielded a similar quantity to the raised bed. However, a lot of time and effort went into building the box and I felt the results did not justify the effort.


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