10 DIY Tall Planter Ideas To Increase Your Curb Appeal

Tall Planters can increase the curb appeal of your home, but they’re expensive. How about making them yourself? Begin with the 10 DIY Tall Planter Ideas here!

1. Cedar Planter Box

These cedar planter boxes can increase the curb appeal of your home. Make them with the help of this tutorial and place them on your front door.

2. Wood Planter Box

Excite your kids with this fantastic upright fairy garden world set in a tall porch planter box. Although they don’t have a planter box tutorial here, but you can create one using other DIY tall planter tutorials in this list.

3. How to Make a Tall Planter

Get the plan for a tall planter like this on REMODELaholic along with the supplies list. Once you have a basic design and plan to work on, this project is simple to execute.

4. DIY Wooden Planter

Tall Planters can increase the curb appeal of your home, but they're expensive. How about making them yourself? Begin with these DIY Tall Planter Ideas!

Add a twisted rope to this wooden planter for extra detailing and to make it more appealing. Get the plan and other details at Cherished Bliss.

5. DIY Tall Planters

diy tall planter ideas

She found a pair of tall trash cans, which she converted into DIY tall planters. You can do the same with the help of the instructions here.

6. DIY Square Planter

Cut, fasten, and paint plywood pieces in the right shape and size to imitate this tall planter box idea above. The how-to is here.

7. Tall Outdoor Planter

How about displaying a set of these fancy and tall wooden planter boxes on your deck, patio or porch? Click here and see for yourself how it’s made.

8. DIY Porch Planter

Update your front porch with this quick and straightforward wood planter project. You need non-pine wood, hardware, glue, and a decorative drawer handle. Check out the project at The Idea Room.

9. DIY Wood Planter Box

Add a lovely accent to your front porch with this inexpensive tall planter box, which you can complete with one sheet of plywood. The tutorial is here.

10. Tree Stump Planters

One of the coolest DIY tall planter ideas maybe. You can grow succulents in them as well. Get the DIY project here.

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