45 DIY Fairy Garden Accessories You Can Make (For Almost Free)

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Check out these DIY Fairy Garden Accessories You Can Make with your kids and enjoy a fun-filled creative weekend!

Enjoy some fun and creative time with these DIY Fairy Garden Accessories You Can Make with your kids using some minimal stationery and salvaged supplies!

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DIY Fairy Garden Accessories You Can Make

1. Fairy Garden Fence with Banner

This little fence for your fairy garden is easy to make; get the how-to here.

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2. Hand-Crafted Twig Fairy Chairs

Learn how to make adorable DIY Fairy Garden Accessories for your fairy gardens. Enjoy these projects with your kids or try them alone, they're fun!

You can find twigs in your garden and use them to make these cute artistic chairs for free. Here’re the steps.

3. Fairy Windows

Make a door and windows with the help of this tutorial. You’ll need sticks and twigs fallen in your garden as supplies.

4. Fairy Swing

Like many other DIY fairy garden accessories on our list, this fairy swing idea also costs nothing.

5. Fairy Tiny Thimble Planters

Find tiny containers to use as pots for your fairy garden. Learn more about it here.

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6. Fairy Picket Fence Corner Unit

This fairy garden craft is too artsy; follow the tutorial here.

7. Fairy Garden Arbor

How about making a miniature arbor for your garden? The Spruce Crafts has a tutorial.

8. Secret Fairy Garden Planter

You can use a broken terracotta pot, tree trunk, or any utensil from your kitchen you find creative. You can also look in clearance and thrift stores like this blogger did.

9. Soda Bottle Fairy House

Make use of an empty soda bottle to complete a fairy house. The tutorial is here.

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10. Salt Dough Fairy Accessories

Make colorful mushrooms, fairy pillows, birdbaths, and many other DIY fairy garden accessories using salt and flour. Learn how to do this here.

11. Fairy Garden Stone Table and Chair

Find colorful stones of various shapes and use them to make fairy furniture. The steps are here.

12. Fairy Garden DIY Picture Frame

Want to add cool pictures to your fairy garden home? This blogger here has the how-to.

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13. Fairy DIY Mushroom House

DIY Fairy Garden Accessories

Make a decorative mushroom house out of an empty jar. Here’re the steps!

14. Miniature Fairy Rope Ladder

Make a miniature rope ladder out of twigs and twine with the help of this tutorial.

15. Fairy Garden Gazing Balls

Learn to make gazing balls and garden globes for your fairy garden with the help of this tutorial.

16. Fairy Garden Gnomes

Miniature gnomes are an important part of a fairy garden, and you can make them all by yourself.

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17. Hand Assembled Bespoke Fairy Lodge

Make a home for fairies by using twigs and hot glue. Cut and glue them as directed here.

18. Fairy Waterfall

If you want to add a waterfall to your fairy garden, a tutorial for that too is here.

19. Fairy Garden Grill

Fairies must have a barbecue grill for pleasant outdoor time in summer. We found the idea here.

20. Fairy House Doors

Make an artistic DIY fairy house door with easy supplies and the instructions available here.

21. Tiny Cup Of Coffee


Miniature coffee cups and mugs this is surely going to be the most fun project for your kids.

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22. Fairy Garden Toadstool Stools

Learn to make toadstools, birch stools, and a variety of other cool DIY fairy garden accessories in this article.

23. Fairy Garden Mushroom

This website Fairy Gardens has a nice tutorial on how to make colorful toadstools.

24. Fairy Garden Well

Learn how to make adorable DIY Fairy Garden Accessories for your fairy gardens. Enjoy these projects with your kids or try them alone, they're fun!

If you need a water well in your fairy garden, click here for the instructions.

25. Fairy Garden Bed

Make this beautiful fairy garden bed with the help of this video. It can be the most amazing feature of your fairy garden. Watch the video here.

26. Fairy Garden Boat

If you want to create a coastal-style fairy garden with a beach, then you must give a try to this fairy garden boar idea.

27. Fairy Garden Wood Log Stairs

Make a fairy garden out of tiered terracotta pots and these wood log stairs; the steps are here.

28. Pop Stick Fairy Door

These pop stick fairy doors are super easy to make, and you can adorn them with ornaments for a more mystical appearance. The how-to is here.

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29. Woodland Retreat Fairy Cabin

Learn how a cute little birdhouse can be transformed into a fairy house here.

30. DIY Bottle Cap Fairy Stools

Collect the bottle caps and recycle them as unique fairy garden furniture. We found the idea here.

31. Acorn Bird’s Nest

How about this bird’s nest and cute little eggs? The tutorial is here.

32. Fairy DIY Acorn Birdhouse

Make these adorable acorn birdhouses for your fairy gardens. The Empress of Dirt has a DIY article.

33. Fairy Garden Acorn Tea Set


What about this cute little tea set in the video?

34. Fairy Garden Path

Make this miniature mosaic path to add life to your fairy garden. Get the steps here!

35. Fairy Garden Pond

Add a water feature to your fairy garden or create an individual miniature pond. One of its kinds of tutorials is here.

36. Fairy Clay Ladder

Use polymer clay to carve this cute fairy clay ladder for your fairy garden. Details are here.

37. Salvaged Bottle Caps Fairy Chair

Gather the caps before tossing those champagne bottles into the junkyard and craft fairy chairs for your kids like this!

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38. Miniature Succulent Pots

These miniature succulent pots are easy and affordable to make. All you need is some polymer clay and this tutorial.

39. Fairy Garden Arbor

Gather small twig pieces from the garden and craft these garden arbors using glue, moss, twine, and this detailed tutorial.

40. Miniature Barbeque

Create a miniature barbeque to grace your fairy patio using wine bottle tops, wire cutters, acrylic paint, hot glue, and other essentials mentioned here.

41. DIY Fairy Bridge

Get a plastic cup and cut it creatively to make a fairy bridge. You can give it a rustic look using popsicle sticks. Learn more here.

42. Salt Dough Birdbath

Unique and creative, this salt dough bird bath will crave you to make more of such miniature accessories for your fairy garden.

43. Crochet Fairy Coaster

Sewing this crochet fairy coaster can be therapeutic if you love weaving and knitting. Get the details here.

44. Miniature Garden Tools

These miniature garden tools are pretty easy to carve. All you require is an empty can, wooden skewer, pliers, sharp scissors, and other supplies mentioned here.

45. DIY Fairy Door

Do you know clipboards can make for cute and rustic fairy garden doors? Head on to detailed steps here.

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