21 DIY Christmas Terrarium Ideas You can Do in 5-Minutes

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Are you excited to decorate your home this holiday season? Here are some amazing DIY Christmas Terrarium Ideas for your crib!

1. Christmas Theme Terrarium

Christmas Terrarium Ideas

One of the best Christmas terrarium ideas your kids will surely love! You can easily prepare this fun project with the help of inexpensive items like clay pellets, glass jars, succulents, and other decorative artifacts. Get the details here.

2. Hanging Terrariums for Christmas

Using objects like glass terrarium, miniature deer, snow trees, and faux snow, you can create a snow-filled terrarium by fixing them all in place inside with hot glue. Finally, hang it anywhere through twine or string. Get more details here.

3. DIY Dipped Terrarium Christmas Terrarium

Your air-plants glass container can easily be transformed into Christmas decor terrarium. All you need is twine, rust-oleum glitter spray, tape, and air plant container for creating this craft. Follow this tutorial for more information.

4. Terrarium Christmas Ornament

The blogger has used moss, string, and a glass orb to create this hanging ornament for Christmas. You can use a tweezer to put the plant cuttings inside the orb neatly.

5. Christmas Theme Snow globe

Floating snow with mini, brush trees inside the globe will give your home the feel of Christmas! You can even tie a ribbon and chalkboard tag around the terrarium, to give it a festive look. Click here for the tutorial.

6. Winter Terrarium for Christmas

Terrarium Christmas decoration

Go through this instructional DIY video to make a similar one for yourself. Use artificial snow, light string, and sprig cuttings to add more beauty to this glass terrarium.

7. Pinecone Terrarium

Take some pine-cones and sprinkle them with white and bronze glitters. For more spark, stick some glitter stars in a floral foam base, surrounded by cotton-balls inside the terrarium. Go through the tutorial for details.

8. Snow Globe for Christmas

For this DIY arrangement, you will require supplies like a jar with a screw cap, liquid glycerin, sparkles, glue, and small decorative figures. This tutorial is in Russian, so translate it in English to read.

9. Small Corked Terrarium for Christmas

Small corked bottles, filled with colorful moss and other decorative items, are the best way to give your garden a touch of Christmas. Go through this link for more details.

10. Tree Terrarium Centerpiece for Christmas

Decorate your terrarium with moss, trees, and fake snow. Glue the trees at the bottom of the jar and fill the base with fake snow and a layer of moss. Add other decorative items in the terrarium according to your taste, and your Christmas terrarium will be ready. Read more here.

11. Geometric Christmas Terrarium

Snow globe terrariums

This unique craft employs a geometric terrarium, filled with pink glitters, bottle brush trees, and plastic mini deer to complete the look.

12. Christmas Hanging Terrarium

For this craft, take a foam that can fit in your terrarium, and glue decoratives like mini deer and bottle brush trees on that. For the final touch, tie a ribbon at the top of the terrarium and hang this craft anywhere at your home with a string.

13. Ribbon Terrarium

Using pieces like fake snow, brush trees, and a miniature home, you can create a Christmas glimpse inside a terrarium. Give it a final touch with a ribbon bow. Read this blog for details.

14. Terrarium Made up of Photo-Frames

Turn your unused photo frames into innovative terrariums using supplies like pliers, wood glue, paintbrush, glue gun, sandpaper, photo frame, and other decoratives. Even if you’re a newbie to DIYs, you can still implement it easily with the help of this tutorial.

15. Snowy Terrariums

This article will inspire you to recreate your apothecary jar into a festive terrarium, filled with lots of fake snow and decorative stuff. Also, you can add strands of LED lights at the bottom to enhance its look.

16. Christmas Centerpiece for Coffee table

Give your apothecary jar a wintry twist by filling it with air plants, pebbles, brush trees, moss, and faux snow. Surprise your guests with this innovative decoration! Read the tutorial here.

17.Colorful Terrarium for ChristmasMake your own Christmas terrarium

Use it as a centerpiece or gift it to your friends at Christmas! For this DIY, fill the terrarium with sand and place small potted plants over it. Also, add some colorful rocks or pebbles and pinecones at the base.

18. Snowy Christmas Terrarium

Customize an old terrarium with your taste, and involve your kids creatively. Add a mini snowman and use Epsom salt to create fake snow, giving it a wintry touch. Read the article in detail.

19. Farmhouse Christmas Terrarium

This DIY video tutorial will guide you on how you can make a terrarium from a photo frame, decorating it with a mini house and cotton balls, for a complete Christmas look.

20. Winter Wonderland for Christmas

Using the help of this DIY, you can fill up a glass jar with faux snow, mini reindeer and trees, bakers twine and paper punches using
cardstock  some unique features like punched snowflakes and ribbon bow. Include the usual decorations along to adorn the jar in a special way.

21. Jingle Bell Terrarium

Christmas ornament terrarium

Jingle bells are the pride of Christmas! Make a terrarium using them by filling large-sized bells, metallic gravels, and bottle brush trees in it in an organized manner. Get all the information here.

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