36 Ways to Display Plants Without a Plant Stand

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Bored of plant stands? Get creative with your plants with these amazing DIY Ways to Display Plants Without a Plant Stand.

How many Ways to Display Plants Without a Plant Stand do you know? 5, 7, 10? Perhaps more? Well, we’ve got 35+.

Ways to Display Plants Without a Plant Stand

1. Window Ledges

Ways to Display Plants Without a Plant Stand 1

Window ledges have natural lighting and are perfect for hanging pots and vines. Here’s the DIY for this one.

2. Repurposed Ladders

Lean an old ladder against a wall and adorn its rungs with potted plants to give it a new purpose. Here are some ideas to get you started.

3. Tiered Trays

Ways to Display Plants Without a Plant Stand 3

Who knew you could use tiered trays and cake stands to grow such lovely succulents? Learn how to make one here.

4. Bookshelf Gardens

Take an old bookshelf and transform it into an outdoor plant shelf like this idea. Here’s the DIY.

5. Macrame Hanging Glass Terrariums

Ways to Display Plants Without a Plant Stand 5

You can also use macrame to hang glass terrariums filled with miniature plants for a small indoor garden. Check it out here.

6. Wall-Mounted Shelving

Floating shelves aren’t just for books and decor. They’re strong enough for potted plants as well. Here are some ideas.

7. Hanging Baskets

Ways to Display Plants Without a Plant Stand 7

Hang baskets filled with trailing plants so their foliage gracefully spills over the sides. Check out the DIY here.

8. Plant Pots on Stair Risers

Stair risers are easy to find, but you can also build one for a budget-friendly DIY way to display plants without a plant stand. Here’s the DIY.

9. Pegboard Plant Wall

Ways to Display Plants Without a Plant Stand 9

Mount a pegboard on your wall and hang different planters for a customizable plant display that can be easily rearranged as you wish. Learn about it here.

10. Mason Jar Herb Garden

Don’t throw away mason jars that you don’t use. They make excellent herb garden planters. Here is the step-by-step guide.

11. Vintage Suitcase Planter

Ways to Display Plants Without a Plant Stand 11

Repurposing is like hitting two birds with one stone because you can give new life to old stuff. Here is the DIY for this suitcase idea.

Here are DIY Vintage Planter Ideas 

12. Plant Chandelier

Plant chandeliers are an awesome way to grow vining plants. Just take an old one and spruce it up with this tutorial. For some cooler ones, check out our article here.

13. Window Sill Greenhouse

Why not create your own little greenhouse on a windowsill? You can grow humidity-loving plants and propagate cuttings easily. Check it out here.

14. Terracotta Pot Staircase

Who needs plant stands when you have staircases in your home? Just adorn the corners with planters, and voila! Here’s how to get a rustic look on terracotta pots like the image.

15. Picture Frame Planters

All you need to do is get rid of the glass, replace it with a wire mesh and moss, and plant small plants in it. Follow this DIY to get started.

16. Hanging Test Tube Vases

You can DIY this by hanging a few test tubes from a wooden board or metal frame and filling them with water and single-stem plants. DIY here.

17. Floating Shelf Cubes

You can get these floating shelves online, but why not make these for a third of the price in your home? Check out the video tutorial here.

18. Repurposed Bicycle

Ways to Display Plants Without a Plant Stand 18

Who knew bicycles would make such great planters? You can use the basket as a pot and the wheel rims as a trellis. Here are some ideas.

19. Hanging Colander Planters

It doesn’t have to be a colander; any old kitchen pot would do. Just make sure there are drainage holes. Here’s how to recreate this one.

20. Vertical Pallet GardenVertical Pallet Garden

Take a wooden pallet and put it against a wall. You can use the pockets as hangers or even plant in these directly. Check out this guide for the DIY.

21. Plant Terrarium BottlesPlant Terrarium Bottles

You can repurpose glass milk bottles to create tiny terrariums. Once you close these up, they turn into a miniature ecosystem. Cool, right? Here’s the tutorial.

22. Hanging Plant Shelves

These might look complicated, but they’re really simple to make. Plus, what better way to display plants without a stand than making a hanging shelf? Find the DIY here.

23. Branch Plant HangersBranch Plant Hangers

Find a sturdy, clean branch or driftwood, hang it from the ceiling or the window pane, and suspend your planters using twine or ropes. It’s really that simple. Tutorial here.

24. Hanging Cloth Plant PocketsHanging Cloth Plant Pockets

If you’re worried about ruining your walls and don’t want a stand, you can use this idea to make these wall pockets for growing plants.

25. Repurposed Wine Bottles

Be it whiskey glasses, wine glasses, or even wine bottles–all of these make amazing plant holders. Here’s an idea for self-watering ones.

26. Repurposed Birdcage Planter

Did you know you could turn a birdcage into a planter for your plants? They can be hung or kept on the ground. Here’s the tutorial.

27. Plant Sconces

You can also mount decorative sconces on your walls and place small plant pots or vases on the shelves for a beautiful plant display. DIY here.

28. Plant Mirrors

Any old window pane or mirror would look amazing in the garden; it will help support your plants and add a rustic appeal. Check out the DIY here.

29. Hanging Cloth Plant Hammocks

Hammocks aren’t only for humans. Make small ones with colorful fabric and hang them from hooks or dowels for plant-growing pouches. Here is the DIY.

30. Vintage Teacup Planters

Teacups may go out of style, but teacup planters never do. These make great planters for succulents. Here are ideas you can follow.

31. Wall-Mounted Test Tube Vases

Attach a wooden board to your wall and secure test tubes to it, filling them with water and single-stem plants or small cuttings. DIY here.

32. Metal Wall Lattice

Ways to Display Plants Without a Plant Stand 32

You can also make an outdoor wall lattice or grid planter to eliminate the need for a plant stand. Check out this DIY for help.

33. Hanging Glass Globe Terrariums

A little bit of jute rope and a glass terrarium can be a recipe for a beautiful hanging display idea. Here are some ideas to get you started.

34. Plant Staircase Railing

We’ve already shown you how to do it with staircases. But you can also use the railing for support. DIY here.

35. Planting in Shoes

Crocs are everywhere nowadays, so why not use them as hanging planters? They already have the drainage holes :)

36. Rattan Panters

Rattan Panters

Rattan planters are an easy fix to ugly looking pots, too! You just need a small footprint in the room to place them.

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