8 Best Edible Grasses for Dogs

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Are you concerned about which Edible Grass for Dogs would keep your pet safe and sound? Well, here are the best options!

Edible Grasses for Dogs

Dogs often have a habit of nibbling on grass, which can lead pet owners to worry about its safety and potential health implications. This article aims to address such concerns by introducing you to some safe grasses that dogs can consume.

Edible Grass for Dogs

1. Wheat Grass

Dogs Edible Grasses

Botanical Name: Triticum

This has to be one of the safest edible grasses for dogs and for a reason! It contains vitamins, minerals, and many other nutrients that are beneficial for your dog’s health.

You can grow it in small pots and watch your pooch nibble it without any worries!

2. Barley Grass

Edible Grasses dog can eat

Botanical Name: Hordeum vulgare

Barley grass also contains essential nutrients that are good for your dog. You can purchase it from any pet store or grow it at home garden or containers.

3. Oat Grass


Botanical Name: Arrhenatherum

Another edible grass for dogs that is safe and healthy! Some pet owners even use it as a remedy when their dogs have an upset stomach.

4. Rye Grass

Dogs Can Eat Edible Grasses

Botanical Name: Lolium perenne

Rye grass is edible, but make sure your dog is not nibbling on it all the time as too much consumption can cause upset stomach.

Apart from growing it in pots, if there are lawns or pastures near your home where it grows abundantly, you can occasionally take your dogs there, too.

5. Buffalo Grass


Botanical Name: Bouteloua dactyloides

Buffalo grass is not only safe for dogs to consume but is also grows quickly—best of both world! So even if your dogs nibbles it pot most of the time, you’ll soon find it bushy, again!

6. Bermuda Grass

Dog-Friendly Edible Grasses 2

Botanical Name: Cynodon dactylon

Dogs can safely consume this one, which is a common type of lawn grass in many regions. These edible grass for dogs also grows really well in pots.

7. Alfalfa Sprouts

Botanical Name: Medicago sativa

Well not exactly a grass, but it surely looks like one! Why we have included in this list? Well, because your dog can eat it all he wants without you worrying about anything! In fact, it is good for its gut health!

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