22 Quirky Bicycle Planter Ideas for Your Garden or On the Go

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Do you love the ideas about recycling household stuff into garden treasure? Here are some Bicycle Planter Ideas for Your Garden or on the Go!

Repurpose old bicycles and use them to add flowering and other plants for an instant charm to your garden or backyard. Find out some Bicycle Planter Ideas for Your Garden or on the Go!

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Bicycle Planter Ideas for Your Garden or on the Go

1. Hanging Bike Planter

Bicycle Planter Ideas for Your Garden

If you really want to make it a little too quirky then there’s nothing like a hanging bike full of plants!

2. Chained Cycle on a Patio

Bicycle Planter Ideas 2

You also have an option to hang a cycle using chains on a patio or a porch, and use it to display plants of your choice.

3. Suspended Cycle on a Fence

Bicycle Planter Ideas for Your Garden 2

Make a bold impression by hanging a cycle on a fence and growing flowers using boxes/baskets.

4. Bright Blue

Bicycle Planter Ideas  4

Blue surely makes a vivid impact and a bike colored in one with flowers on and around it is a quirky addition for sure.

5. A Cute Cycle Planter

Bicycle Planter Ideas for Your Garden 3

An old bicycle with a basket up front is all you need to grow different plants. You can keep it in the corner of your garden.

6. Red Bicycle

Bicycle Planter Ideas 6

Get an old bicycle for cheap, paint it in a bright shade of red, and then use it to grow matching flowers in your garden or alley.

7. Slant Bicycle

Bicycle Planter Ideas for Your Garden 4

A wacky idea to display plants by tilting a bicycle on the wall and using it to hang pots.

8. A Vintage Tricycle

Bicycle Planter Ideas 8

You might have to visit a salvage yard or get one made for yourself for cheap and display flowers in baskets on it.

9. Portable Bike Planter

Bicycle Planter Ideas for Your Garden 6

A mini portable tricycle in a bright shade of orange is going to be a great addition to the porch or patio.

10. A Maroon Quirky Bike

Bicycle Planter Ideas 10

A quirky bike in the shade of maroon is a fantastic choice to showcase mini pots at the corner or center of the yard.

11. Rustic Tricycle Planter

Bicycle Planter Ideas for Your Garden 9

This tricycle is a perfect match to showcase succulents. For the best display, make sure you grow some colorful ones on it.

12. A Floral Yellow Bike

Bicycle Planter Ideas 12

This bright bicycle is a definite addition to a large garden where it will stand out with its bright shade and flowers.

13. A Dark Bike

Bicycle Planter Ideas 13

Paint an old bike in a dark shade and use it to grow bright green vining plants.

14. Mini Pink Bike for Flowers

Bicycle Planter Ideas 14

This mini pink bike is perfect to grow flowers. You can keep it near a sidewalk or in the garden.

15. Bright White Bike Full of Flowers

Bicycle Planter Ideas 15

If you have a really green thumb, you might try taming a bicycle planter into the shape of a bicyclist. This might take more effort, but the effect is unparalleled!

16. Blue Bike with Galvanized Planters

Bicycle Planter Ideas 16

A powder blue bike and galvanized planters make for a killer combo for the front gate.

17. Bike with Three Pots of Flowers

Bicycle Planter Ideas for Your Garden 29

What more could be better than using a old bike to showcase three pots all of flowers.

18. Bike and Wall Planters

Bicycle Planter Ideas 17

If you are in a mood for some fun DIY then model one for yourself using an old bike and a wall full of pots like in this picture.

19. Re-Cycle!

Bicycle Planter Ideas for Your Garden 20

Can you find a better way to re-cycle an old cycle like this? We bet you can’t!

20. Bike by the Fence

Bicycle Planter Ideas 20

Re-paint an old bike and rest it on on the fence to use it to hang pots of different flowers and plants.

21. Backyard Bike Planter

Bicycle Planter Ideas for Your Garden 22

An old bike painted in a bright shade of yellow can make your backyard stand out. It can very well be a focus point too.

22. Old and Beautiful

Bicycle Planter Ideas 22

If you are a fan of rustic charm, then nothing can beat the look of an old bike with plants on its back!

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