14 Best Vegetables that Grow on Railings

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If you are looking for Vegetables that Grow on Railings for your balcony, patio, or deck garden then you’ll find this list helpful!

If you want to grow vegetables in a small space of your balcony or patio, then using your railings can multiply the growing area. Install planters and plant vegetables that grow on railings for the fresh and organic supply of homegrown edibles in the growing season.

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Types of Vegetables that Grow on Railings

Leafy greens, herbs, and dwarf cultivars of fruit and root vegetables like small determinate tomatoes, peppers, radishes, and carrots can be grown in railing planters due to their shallow root system.

Before you start your mini vegetable garden, make sure you are using containers made up of metal, plastic, or wood with sufficient drainage holes. These materials are sturdy and can be hanged easily by means of screws, brackets, or straps to save from wind blasts.

1. Tomatoes

Vegetables that Grow on Railings

You can grow tomatoes on balcony or deck railings, especially cherry tomatoes. Growing cherry tomatoes on the balcony or patio will make them receive ample sunlight, and the railings will also support their growth!

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2. Peas

Small bush varieties of peas are a good choice for growing on a patio or deck railings. They can sprawl or spill beautifully–enhancing the look! Any 8 inches depth railing planter is sufficient for dwarf varieties.

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3. Lettuce

This fast-growing leafy vegetable with shallow roots can be a perfect pick for railing planters. Check the best lettuce varieties you should plant here and have a fresh, crispy harvest for your salads and sandwiches.

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4. Carrots

Rich in several essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, carrots thrive well in railing pots. Thumbelina, Nantes, Danvers, and Chantenay are the best small varieties for growing in a limited space.

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5. Pak Choi

Vegetables that Grow on Railings 2
Balcony vegetable garden with bok choy and other vegetables

Also known as Bok Choy, this fast-growing vegetable is excellent for container planting and does great in partial shade. If you don’t receive full sunlight at your place, you should grow it with other Asian greens in rectangular baskets and railing planters.

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6. Purslane

Considered a weed, this great substitute for spinach is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, and E. This leafy vegetable is super easy to grow in railing planters and can be grown both from seeds and cuttings.

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7. Spinach

You should love spinach because it tastes good, it’s nutritious and the best part–easy to grow. One more amazing thing is you can start harvesting it in 40-50 days!

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8. Bush Beans

Even people with a brown thumb can grow beans, since railing planters are generally small, growing bush beans would be appropriate in them.

9. Radish

Vegetables that Grow on Railings 3

Growing radishes is easy and there are many varieties to choose from. You can even plant daikons in large railing planters.

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10. Turnip

Popular for both leafy greens and tasty roots, turnips can be a great addition to railing vegetable garden. Read our article on the best types of turnips to select the right cultivar.

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11. Kale

Vegetables that Grow on Railings 4

A medium-sized pot that can sit on your deck railing is all you need to grow nutritious kale. It does great in both full sun and partial shade! We also have a great article on its best varieties, which you can read here

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12. Edible Flowers

Growing edible flowers have two benefits–they look beautiful and you can eat them too! Marigolds, Nasturtiums, Gladiolus, Roses, and Pansies are some of the best choices.

13. Arugula

Vegetables that Grow on Railings 5

Arugula has a shallow root system and you can grow it easily in small railing pots. What’s more, the plants grown from seeds will be ready to harvest in just 3-4 weeks! It has a fresh, tart, peppery, and bitter taste that goes great in salads!

Here are some of the best Arugula companion plants

14. Herbs

Growing herbs is not difficult–they do well in both full and part sun, can be grown in small pots, and taste amazing when you add them fresh! Here are the best ones you can grow:

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