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With so many varieties to choose from, it can be quite difficult to pick the best one out. Here are the Best Types of Tomatoes you can grow!

Juicy and flavorful tomatoes go well with just about any dish. Being extremely versatile, you can grill or roast them or simply toss over a salad to relish their awesomeness! Here are some of the best Types of Tomatoes you should definitely try!

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Best Types of Tomatoes

1. Heirloom Tomatoes

Types of Tomatoes 1

Best Varieties: German Johnson, Oxheart Pink, Black Russian. Tumbling Tom Red, Constoluto Genovese, Mr. Stripey

They have the ‘true taste’ of tomato with a rich flavor making them a staple for salads and sandwiches. Add a dash of olive oil to freshly cut heirlooms and you’ll have the best experience of eating raw tomatoes!

2. Roma Tomatoes

Best Varieties: Juliet, Pozzano Organic, Amish Paste Organic, Plum Regal

The quintessential Italian variety, Roma tomatoes are simply the best when it comes to making sauce and paste. With an intense flavor, you can try them with anything you want!

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3. Cherry Tomatoes

Best Types of Tomatoes 2

Best Varieties: Bing Cherry, Bartelly F1, Black Cherry, Tiny Tim, Sweetheart

This is one of the most loved tomatoes out there, coming in red, orange, yellow, and purple varieties. They not only add flavor to the dishes but also make them attractive with a burst of colors!

4. Beefsteak Tomatoes

Best Varieties: Cherokee Purple, Black Krim, German Johnson, Beefmaster

Also called the King of tomatoes, Beefsteak is the perfect companion to any dish of your choice! Be it the classic hamburger or the good ol’ sauce, its great flavor complements just right.

5. Vining Tomatoes

Best Types of Tomatoes 3

Best Varieties: Beefy Boy, Anna Russian, Giant Belgium, Early Girl, Sweet Chelsea Hybrid

These tomatoes are left on the vine for long to grow and mature. They have a juicy texture, making them great for sauces, jams, and salads. Their distinct flavor is a must for making great sauce!

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