Best Arugula Companion Plants

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Are you looking forward to growing garden rocket effectively? Here are some of the best Arugula Companion Plants that’ll help you out!

If planted together with the right vegetables and plants, they work on keeping bad bugs away, improving the health, taste, and yield of the arugula plants. Also, growing plants together intelligently saves space and helps to achieve optimum growth, health, and viability. Here are some of the best Arugula Companion Plants.

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Companion Vegetables For Arugula

Arugula Companion Plants
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Arugula is an edible plant from the Brassicaceae family. This leafy vegetable is mostly used in salads for its fresh, tart, peppery, and bitter taste. 

1. You can grow onion and garlic as companion plants with arugula. The strong pungent smell of both plants helps in keeping cabbage whites away from laying eggs on arugula.

2. Growing beans can also be beneficial as the arugula plant will receive extra nitrogen. Keep in mind that if you are planting arugula with beans, then avoid onion or any allium family plant. As alliums release a compound that kills the bacteria which legumes like bean require to settle nitrogen. Hence remember to keep legumes and alliums away, as this combination will not be useful.

3. Cucumber grows in an upward direction and provides plenty of free space, so you can grow arugula along. The leaves spread of cucumber also offers shade in hot spells and prevents arugula from bolting.

4. Beetroot, leaf beet, lettuce, and spinach do well growing with arugula, as they provide lots of shade to the plant. The arugula plant performs well in cool conditions and growing it in under natural shade will help in hot spells and keep it more productive.

5. Celery is also a perfect companion plant for arugula as both thrive well in moist soil.

Companion Herbs For Arugula

Arugula Companion Plants 2

Thyme, rosemary, mint, chives, dill, and chamomile are great companion herbs for arugula plants. These aromatic herbs protect arugula from pests like cabbage whites. Also, they attract pollinators like bees, butterflies, and many beneficial insects.

Companion Flowers For Arugula

Companion flowers can be grown along arugula to attract pests or insects that may damage or destroy it.

Nasturtiums and petunias are good companion flowers for arugula. Petunias help in repelling leafhoppers, aphids, and other garden pests. When you grow nasturtiums with arugula, aphids flock on the colorful nasturtium flowers by leaving the arugulas safe and alone. If you want hoverflies in your garden, then grow poached eggplants with arugula. It’ll also help in keeping aphids away from arugula.

Plants You Should Avoid Growing With Arugula

Avoid planting tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, potatoes, and strawberries with arugula plants. As they are somewhat invasive and might hamper the growth of the plant.

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