24 Trendy Snake Plant Arrangements for 2024

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These Trendy Snake Plant Arrangements for 2024 will show you how to make your home more stylish with Sansevierias.

Want to keep up with the latest plant trends? People are going bonkers with low-maintenance beauties, so we’ve compiled 24 Trendy Snake Plant Arrangement Ideas for 2024. Don’t miss any of these!

Trendy Snake Plant Arrangements for 2024

1. Trendy Snake Plant Wall

Trendy Snake Plant Arrangements

You can get a tall plant stand wall and fill it with snake plants for a lovely wall arrangement.

2. Countertop Display Idea with Different Snake Plants

cool Snake Plant Arrangements

A random mix of planters with different snake plant varieties on the countertop. Pretty, right? Go with these dwarf varieties.

3. Whale Fin Snake Plant Arrangement

 Snake Plant Arrangements ideas

Did you know you could plant just the leaf of a snake plant in a pot? This idea is certainly a trendsetter if you ask us.

4. A Stair Full of Snake Plants!

 Snake Plant decor

This might not seem easy, but you can use this idea for the stairs to the attic, where you don’t go often. Or keep them in these places.

5. Peg Table Companion

Trendy Snake Plant decor ideas

Snake plants do make lovely companions for your gatherings if you keep them on the peg table near the couch. You can also pair it with a sedum like the picture.

6. Corner Wooden Blocks with Snake Plants

Trendy Snake Plant in pot ideas

Corridors and landings are the perfect places for tall, raised beds full of snake plants. Don’t forget the wall decor.

7. Antique Snake Plant Corner

Trendy Snake Plant near window Arrangements

All you need is a pot and saucer with a snake plant and an old wooden trunk for this.

8. On a Stubby Plant Stand

Trendy Snake Plant Arrangements near window

Stubby plant stands have a cute, modern appeal, especially with snake plants. You can put these on windowsills, countertops, or on the floor.

9. Tiny Wicker Basket Trio

 Snake Plant pot decor

Put three little terra cotta pots with snake plants in a wicker basket. It’s really that simple to create a beautiful arrangement.

10. Sansevieria Cylindrical in Metal Pots

Trendy Snake Plant in metalic pot arrangements

Antiquities are the new trend in 2024, so why should snake plants be left behind? You can go for any old metal pot that has a rustic look.

11. Indoor Snake Plant Garden

indoor snake plant garden

Look at this stunning snake plant arrangement in a small bed filled with pea gravel. This could be a great lawn project for the weekend.

12. A Bathroom Companion!

Trendy Snake Plant Arrangements ideas 2

You might be thinking, why a snake plant in the bathroom? Well, why not? Make sure you have a colored planter that stands out. And follow these tips to keep it healthy.

13. On White Floating Shelves

Trendy Snake Plant wall decor Arrangements

These terra cotta pots and saucer combos on floating shelves are undoubtedly a trendy snake plant idea you should follow.

14. Snake Plants and Succulent Arrangement

Trendy Snake Plant Arrangements with succulents

A massive bowl full of snake plant varieties and an echeveria in the corner will turn everyone’s heads.

15. In a Modern Boat-like Planter

snake plant in long pot arrangement idea

This retro tub planter trend with snake plants is our favorite. It might seem expensive, but you can recreate it easily without spending big bucks.

16. Below a Mirror in a Rustic Wooden Planter

 Snake Plant in wooden pot

Who doesn’t like vertical accents? We surely do. You’ll love a great snake plant raised bed below the mirror.

17. Tall and Trendy Snake Plant with Lamp


Nothing can beat the simplicity of a tall snake plant on a small stand. What makes this one a trend is its companion—the lamp. It’ll look amazing under the light.

18. Snake Plant Pots and Pothos Vines

If you don’t know what to do with space, follow this trend. Create a subtle but pretty snake plant pot arrangement and hang a few Pothos baskets on the wall.

19. Trendy Quartet Snake Plant Arrangement

Don’t want that much hassle? Stick to four of these and create an arrangement by playing with wicker planters, stands, and height.

20. Terracotta Pots on the Porch

Your guests will love the welcome of trendy terracotta pots full of snake plants when they visit. They’re cheap, too.

21. Snake Plant Display Beneath the Staircase

It doesn’t matter if it’s the bottom of the stairs, under them, or the landing; a mini snake plant garden looks best.

22. Snake Plants on the Steps

snake plant ideas

You can also break up the monotony of boring stairs by placing snake plant varieties in different-sized pots on the steps.

23. A Mini Lighting Wonder!

Here’s a trendy snake plant idea that will truly light up your home—a snake plant pot wrapped in string lights.

24. Snake Plant in a Trendy Flask

snake plant arrangement ideas for home

It’s not breaking news that you can grow snake plants in water. But did you know you could use flasks, vases, or even jars instead of regular bowls?

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