13 Ultra Modern Snake Plant Wall Decor Ideas

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Discover 13 best Snake Plant Wall Decor Ideas to modernize the look of any space.

Want to make your indoor or shady outdoor space more lively and contemporary, take inspiration from the ideas below.

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Snake Plant Wall Decor Ideas

1. Floating Snake Plant on a Wooden Wall

Showcase snake plants this way by housing them in planters for a floating look.

2. Series of Snake Plants on a Ledge

Make the space on the ledge less boring by trying this idea. You can see more about it here.

3. Create a DIY Plant Wall

Create a living wall decor by displaying a snake plant with other houseplants this way, view the DIY here.

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4. Hang Snake Plant Pots on the Wall

Hang your snake plants by positioning them in macrame holders as shown in the image.

5. Sansevieria Jungle Behind the Couch

This can be a great conversation starter! Do you agree?

6. Hang Snake Plant Leaves in Water

Adela B

Follow this Soil-free idea for this eye-catching look and grow snake plants in glass bottles. Check the tutorial here.

7. Wild Snake Plant Wall


Make your indoor space more lively and a big talking point among neighbors by following this idea here.

8. A Snake Plant Wall of a Nail Salon


If you like the idea–copy this in your home or commercial space.

9. Framed Snake Plant Wall

Well, this might need professional help but at least you have got an idea 😃.

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10. A Simple Wall Garden

Attach several potted snake plants on the wall and create this beautiful living decor, make sure the wall is in shade.

11. Snake Plants in Mugs

Adela B

Utilize old mugs by growing snake plants in them, for more details check this video here.

12. Hang Sanseveria on a Branch with Other Plants


Set your Sanseveria with other plants in a macrame holder for this amazing look near the wall.

13. Snake Plants on a Ladder

Place the wooden ladder along the wall and set potted snake plants on it for this super easy idea.

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