19 Dwarf Snake Plant Varieties for Tabletops | Best Short Snake Plants

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Love Sansevierias? Here are the short Snake Plant Varieties that you can grow on tabletops and shelves! These varieties can become perfect centerpieces.

Check out the Best Tabletop Snake Plant Varieties and grow them on desks to have a green appeal in your decor!

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Best Tabletop Snake Plant Varieties

1. Sansevieria pinguicula

Best Tabletop Snake Plant Varieties

Popular Name: Walking Sansevieria

It grows up to a foot tall, making it great for small tables. The plant display uniform blue-green, thick, pointy, and channelled leaves.

2. Sansevieria parva

 Best Short Snake Plants 2

Popular Name: Kenya Hyacinth

This compact snake plant variety offers delightful fragrant creamy-white flowers that smell like hyacinth at night. It can grow up to 1-1.5 feet tall.

3. Sansevieria trifasciata Twisted Sister

Best Tabletop Snake Plant Varieties 2

Popular Names: Twisted Sister Snake Plant, Gold Twist Sansevieria

Also known as Sansevieria Gold Twist, it features green-yellow leaves that twist and turn as it grows. This variety grows up to 12-16 inches tall.

4. Sansevieria kirkii Silver Blue

 Best Short Snake Plants  4

Popular Names: Silver Blue Sansevieria, Silver Blue Snake Plant

This miniature variety does best in indirect light. It has thick short silver-blue leaves with dark longitudinal lines and wavy edges.

5. Sansevieria Cylindrica Var. Patula Boncel

 Best Short Snake Plants  5

Popular Names: Spear Orchid, Starfish Sansevieria, Skyline Spear

This succulent displays fat, short leaves that spread like a fan. It prefers bright filtered light and well-draining sandy soil.

6. Sansevieria ehrenbergii Samurai Dwarf

 Best Short Snake Plants  6

Popular Names: Samurai dwarf, Sansevieria samurai

This compact snake plant variety is a great choice for tabletops as it only grows up to 4-6 inches tall. It offers short, thick, pointed leaves that grow in opposite directions.

7. Sansevieria francisii

Best Tabletop Snake Plant Varieties 6

Popular Name: Francisii Plant

This Sansevieria can grow up to 1.5-2 feet tall at maturity and looks great on plant stands. It produces a stem on which leaves grow in a spiral arrangement.

8. Sansevieria trifasciata hahnii

 Best Short Snake Plants  8

Popular Names: Bird’s Nest Sansevieria, Golden hahnii, Good Luck Plant, Dwarf Mother in Law’s Tongue, Dwarf Snake Plant

This beautiful variety is a short stemless cultivar with flat green leaves patterned in green mottled horizontal bands.

9. Sansevieria Moonshine

 Best Short Snake Plants 9

Popular Names: Sansevieria Futura Silver Offset,’ Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Moonshine’, Moonlight Sansevieria, Silver Moonshine, Moonshine snake plant, Moonlight snake plant

It offers silver-green tongue-shaped leaves that grow upright. For best color, avoid keeping it at a dark spot and ensure it gets plenty of bright and indirect light.

10. Sansevieria Ballyi

 Best Short Snake Plants  10

Popular Name: Dwarf Sansevieria

This small stemless succulent have stolons that link symmetrical rosettes of dark green foliage with light green cross-bands. The stolons grow up to 6 inches long and emerge from the base of rosettes.

11. Sansevieria ‘Golden hahnii’

Best Tabletop Snake Plant Varieties 9

Popular Name: Golden Hahnii Snake Plant

This dwarf cultivar has dark green foliage with creamy margins. It stays dense, which makes it perfect for coffee and other small tables.

12. Sansevieria fischeri

 Best Short Snake Plants 12

Popular Name: Fischeri Snake Plant

If you are looking for a smart and compact plant for your office desk, then this is it! It stays between 12-16 inches and also grows clusters of white flowers.

13. Sansevieria patens

Best Tabletop Snake Plant Varieties 10

Popular Name: Patens Snake Plant

This beauty has long leaves lined in a dark shade of green. It is quite easy to maintain and does best in bright and indirect light.

14. Sansevieria Cleopatra

 Best Short Snake Plants 14

Popular Name: Cleopatra Snake Plant

If you are a fan of frill leaves, then this is the plant to grow. The entire foliage has an intricate pattern of dark and light green, which makes it stunning to look at.

15. Sansevieria Eilensis

 Best Short Snake Plants 15

Popular Name: Eilensis Snake Plant

What makes this one stand out from the rest is its downward arching thick leaves with red-brown edges and a deep channel in the middle.

16. Sansevieria Jade Marginata

 Best Short Snake Plants 16

Popular Names: Jade Snake Plant, Jade Sansevieria

This hybrid dwarf handsome has compact foliage with contrasting shades of jade green and cream-yellow that looks great on its tight rosette.

17. Sansevieria Coppertone

Best Tabletop Snake Plant Varieties 12

Popular Names: Copper Snake Plant, Copper Sansevieria

As the name suggests, this plant has stiff and elongated leaves with stunning copper to bronze tones. The wavy edges make it look more appealing.

18. Sansevieria masoniana

 Best Short Snake Plants 18

Popular Names: Whale Fin Snake Plant, Shark Fin Snake Plant

Like its name, the plant features large leaves that resemble a fin of a whale or shark. It can be a good table showpiece that gets bright and indirect light.

19. Sansevieria cylindrica

 Best Short Snake Plants  19

Popular Names: Cylindrical Snake Plant

This plant makes quite a bold statement, thanks to its cylindrical leaves that come in clusters. Grow it in face-shaped planters to make the most impact.

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