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Plant Pot Sizes Inches to Gallon

Has Picking Pots for your Beloved Plants Always been Difficult for you? Here’s an exclusive Plant Pot Sizes Inches to Gallon conversion list!

Growing pots and containers come in different shapes and sizes. Some are tall and some short, some are wide and some have a narrower mouth, which makes it difficult to realize their real measurement and volume. Therefore, it is important to do the homework and be aware of the sizes yourself and this is where our list of Plant Pot Sizes Inches to Gallon will come in handy.

Plant Pot Sizes Inches to Gallon

If the pot size is not appropriate, it might cause congestion of roots, deprivation of adequate nutrients, and ultimately, dying of the plant. Thus, it is vital to pick the correct pot for your plants.

Pot Sizes (inches)   Pot Equivalent (Gallons)
4″ pot 0.125 gallon
5-6″ pot quart / 0.25 gallon
7-8″ pot 1 gallon
8.5″ pot 2 gallon
10″ pot 3 gallon
12″ pot 5 gallon
14″ pot 7 gallon
16″ pot 10 gallon
18″ pot 15 gallon
24″ pot 25 gallon
30″ pot 30 gallon



Quick Tips for Picking the Right Pot

  • Small pots work great for plants that require less water and have shallow roots. They can be used for growing indoor plants. For example – Rhoeo, Succulents, and African Violet.
  • Shrubs, small fruits, and ornamental trees grow best in larger pots because they need more soil and water.
  • Ideally, a nursery plant should be planted in a pot that is 2-4 inches bigger than what it came in.

We hope that this article was helpful to you. The next time you pick a pot for your plants, don’t let the seller fool you with the wrong details. Revisit this article to get your measurements right!


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