19 Beautiful Snake Plants in Jar Ideas

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Check out beautiful setups like the Snake Plant Garden in Vases, Tabletop Centerpieces, and Elegant Display in Glass Bowls. Find out more amazing ideas for adding greenery to your space!

Snake Plants in Jars is an elegant way to showcase their beauty without worrying too much about maintenance!

Growing snake plants in jars allows you to keep them anywhere – be it desks, windowsills, coffee tables or even the kitchen! Scroll down for amazing ideas!

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Snake Plants in Jar Ideas

1. Snake Plants in Jars on a Kitchen Island

20 Best Places to Keep a Snake Plant in the House

2. A Wide and Tall Jar for the Corner

snake plant in large pot

3. A Tale of Trio!

4. A Mini Propagation Station with Different Types of Snake Plants

25 Indoor Plant Propagation Station Ideas

5. Tabletop Centerpiece with Squirrel Figurine

Snake Plants in Jar as table centerpiece

19 Dwarf Snake Plant Varieties for Tabletops | Best Short Snake Plants

6. Mini Snake Plant Cutting Garden

Snake Plants in Jar

How to Grow a Snake Plant in Water

7. A Stand Out Variegated Specimen!

Snake Plants in Jar 2

Do not miss these variegated snake plants

8. Hydroponic Snake Plant Pair

hydroponic snake plant

17 Homemade Hydroponic Systems | DIY Hydroponic Gardens

9. Square Glass Vase for the Tabletops

Snake Plants in square jar

10. A Stubby Snake Plant in a Matching Small Jar

Snake Plants in Jar with white rocks

11. Snake Plant Centrepiece for a Kitchen Counter

Snake Plants in Jar in kitchen

Here are the main reasons behind snake plant leaves falling over 

12. Glass Bottle Snake Plant Display

Snake Plants in glass bottle

13. Sansevieria Sayuri in Glass Jar

sensevieria sayuri in Jar

35 Types of Snake Plant Varieties to Grow Indoors

14. Mini Glass Vase with Laughing Buddha

mini Snake Plants with buddha

15. Snake Plant in Soda Bottle

snake plant in bottle

How to Get and Grow Snake Plants for Free

16. Cylindrical Vases for Snake Plants

snake plant showpiece

17. Cylindrical Snake Plant in Water

sensivieria plant in square glass

How to Grow Snake Plant in Hanging Basket

18. A Tall Wine Glass for the Snake Plant

11 Indoor Plants You Can Grow in Wine Glasses

19. Jar and a Rustic Tub Pair

Modern Snake Plant Wall Decor Ideas Here

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