20 Best Places to Keep a Snake Plant in the House

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Are you looking for the Best Places to Keep a Snake Plant in the House? Well, we have some cool ideas for you!

Whether you’re a plant enthusiast or just starting your indoor garden, finding the Best Places to Keep a Snake Plant in the House can make all the difference. In this guide, we’ll show you beautiful spots in your home where your snake plant can thrive without much fuss.

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Best Places to Keep a Snake Plant in the House

1. Near a Glass Window

Near a Glass Window

Place your snake plant near a sunlit glass window, basking in natural light, adding a touch of vibrant foliage to your space.

2. On the Staircase

snake plant On the Staircase

Utilize the often-overlooked space on your staircase by placing a snake plant/s. Transform it into a stylish focal point!

3. By the Bedside

snake plant By the Bedside

Place a snake plant on or near the bedside table. Its serene presence will provide a calming atmosphere and a restful night’s sleep. Go with a small planter.

4. Snake Plant on the Workbench

snake plant Snake Plant on the Workbench

Boost productivity in your workspace by adding a snake plant in a terra cotta pot to your workbench. The plant gives off calming vibes.

5. Living Room Table Snake Plant

Living Room Table Snake Plant

Adorn your living room table with a snake plant/s. You can also go for contrasting planters, as shown in the picture.

6. Near the Bathroom Sink

snake Near the Bathroom Sink

Introduce a touch of nature to your bathroom by placing a snake plant near the sink. It will keep the bathroom fresh.

7. In the Corner of the Corridor

Best Places to Keep a Snake Plant in the House 7

Transform a forgotten corridor corner into a lush oasis by adding a snake plant. Go with a large monochrome planter to make a statement.

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8. On a Reading Table

snake plant On a Reading Table

Spruce up your reading nook with a snake plant on the table. You can also highlight it using a reading light!

9. Snake Plant in the Kitchen

Snake Plant Snake Plant in the Kitchen
Sandra Rojo

Bring greenery into your kitchen space with a snake plant. It’ll be a beautiful companion to the countertop herbs and spices.

10. Over a Wall

snake plant Over a Wall

Create a stunning visual impact by lining your walls with snake plants. Add some rocks for a sophisticated touch.

11. Near the Stairs

snake plant Near the Stairs

Adorn the area near your stairs with a snake plant. You can go for a contrasting planter and also a wooden stand.

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12. Snake Plant Group Décor Idea

Snake Plant Group Décor Idea

Create some indoor decor by grouping snake plants together. This wonderful display will capture everyone’s eye.

13. In the Balcony

Best Places to Keep a Snake Plant In the Balcony

Add a snake plant on your balcony. Its hardy nature and striking leaves will make it stand apart from all other plants.

14. Table Centerpiece

Table Centerpiece in balcony

Make a statement on your table by placing a snake plant as a centerpiece. Choose a wide planter instead of a tall one.

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15. Snake Plant Window

Snake Plant Window

Adorn the windowsill with small snake plant varieties in different pots. You can also pair these up with some vining foliage in hanging pots, like Pothos.

16. In Multiple Plant Stands

In Multiple Plant Stands

With snake plants, you can never go wrong with multiple ones, especially when you keep them on a light color plant stands!

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17. Beside a Mirror

 Snake Plant in Beside a Mirror

Pair your snake plant with a mirror to amplify its beauty. Take inspiration from this woven basket planter.

18. In a Hanging Basket

In a Hanging Basket

A small snake plant/s in a hanging basket is all you need by a window!

19. As a Room Divider

Snake plant As a Room Divider

There’s nothing like using a plant to divide a room! If you have a mini wall, you can adorn it with multiple ones, too!

20. In Window Boxes

In Window Boxes

Adorn the windowbox by lining it up with snake plants. The light from the window will keep them thriving!

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