11 Charming Red Heart Shaped Indoor Plants

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Decorate your home with these beautiful Red Heart Shaped Indoor Plants and bring a romantic vibe to your rooms with a feeling of love!

Heart-shaped foliage looks adorable and gives a romantic vibe to your home. Have a look at some incredibly beautiful Red Heart Shaped Indoor Plants that you can grow with ease in your home!

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Red Heart Shaped Indoor Plants

1. Anthurium

Red Heart Shaped Indoor Plants

Anthurium andraeanum displays waxy, heart-shaped, bright red spathes with beautifully contrasting deep green foliage. You can grow anthuriums in water as well.

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2. Spitfire Rex Begonia

This begonia variety offers stunning red-pink heart-shaped leaves with silver veins. You can also grow ‘Beleaf Begonia’ with large heart-shaped red-pink foliage and deep veins.

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3. Red Heart

Red Heart Shaped Indoor Plants 6

Syngonium Podophyllum ‘Red Heart’ offers soft pink heart-shaped leaves with prominent veins. It can brighten up any dull space and also does well in low-light conditions.

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4. Poinsettia

Red Heart Shaped Indoor Plants 2

‘Hera Red’ has bright red colored foliage contrasting beautifully with green leaves. ‘Astro Red’ is one more option if you are looking for red-heart-shaped foliage.

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5. Caladium

‘Freida Hemple’ features medium to large heart-shaped leaves with a dark red center and light green edges.

‘Red Glamour,’ ‘Scarlet Flame,’ and ‘Florida Sweetheart’ are also some pretty cultivars with heart-shaped leaves.

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6. Peperomia

Red Heart Shaped Indoor Plants 3

The exquisite ‘Red Ripple’ features red-purple, deeply textured heart-shaped leaves. It prefers partial shade with moderate watering.

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7. Candlestick Plant

Adenia stylosa’s heart-shaped, purple-violet to deep green leaves have dark red veins. It is a pachycaul shrub that creates a tangle of twisted succulent stems.

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8. Crassula pellucida subsp. marginalis f. Rubra

Red Heart Shaped Indoor Plants 4

This attractive succulent features fleshy heart-shaped purple-pink leaves edged in red. It looks great in small pots.

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9. Top Red Lithops

The leaves of this succulent have a cordate look. The plant is stemless and looks like grey stones with red mottling on flat surfaces.

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10. Red Heart

Red Heart Shaped Indoor Plants 5

This hybrid philodendron variety showcases large glossy heart-shaped deep green leaves with a red center.

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11. Red Wax Plant


‘Hoya obscura’ has heart-shaped leaves that range from dark green when grown in the shade to light red with dark spots if grown in sunlight.

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