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33 Top Balcony Garden Pictures of December 2020

In the fourth of our monthly series, we bring you the Top Balcony Gardens of December 2020 on Instagram. Look at them for inspiration!

Have a look at the top balcony gardens of November 2020 here


Top Balcony Gardens of December 2020 on Instagram

1. Romantic Festive Balcony

2. Plant Lady’s Balcony

3. Christmas Balcony Decor

4. Bohemian Balcony

5. Home Balcony Decor

6. Houseplant Balcony

7. Balcony with Hanging Baskets

8. Air Plant Balcony

9. Cozy Balcony Inspiration

10. Balcony with Working Station

11. Coffee Morning Balcony

12. Monstera Show Stopper

13. Garden Vibes Balcony

14. Valencia

15. Zen Balcony

16. Balcony Lighting

17. Balcony with Sitting Space

18. Balcony with Artificial Vertical Garden

19. Balcony Flower Garden

20. Morning Balcony

21. Recycled Bottle Garden in a Balcony

22. Balcony Heaven

23. Urban Cozy Space

24. Balcony in the Evening

25. Balcony for Christmas

26. An Indian Balcony

27. Balcony Full of Plants


28. Green Balcony Inspiration

29. Balcony Decoration for Christmas

30. Snow Day in the Balcony

31. Candle Decoration in the Balcony

32. More Christmas Inspiration

33. Utilizing the Balcony Space


  1. Good list and excellent images. I have a small suggestion when you are featuring an image it will be good to share the original image posted by the account not the one reshared by curators. In this article many images are reshares by bigger Instagram accounts and the actual creator of the images is lost in the shares. eg..
    – A small Plant accoutn shares an image… > then it is shared by a BIG Account, and you here are sharing the image from the BIG account so basically the poor actual creator is not getting any benefit out of all this share.


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