37 Types of Poinsettias You Can Grow Indoors | Best Poinsettia Varieties

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Coming in a range of attractive colors, here are the best Types of Poinsettia Varieties that you can grow to bring a festive vibe to your home and garden.

You just cannot ignore the vibrant beauty of poinsettias. If you are a fan of its colored modified leaves, then you must grow one of these gorgeous Types of Poinsettias this festive season!

Here are some great ideas to decorate your home with Poinsettias

Best Types of Poinsettias

1. Freedom Jingle Bells

Types of Poinsettias

‘Freedom Jingle Bells’ is a gorgeous poinsettia variety with glossy green foliage that looks great with two-tone patterned petals.

2. Astro Red



This beautiful variety has a deep red color and a good shelf life. It performs well in both warm and cool temperatures.

3. Christmas Beauty Marble

Types of Poinsettias 2

The striking leaf bracts have an alluring combination of faded pink and yellow that pairs really well with the rest green foliage of the plant.

4. Christmas Glory Pink

This compact variety has petals in both light pink and white shades. The plant does well in cool temperatures.

5. Envy

Types of Poinsettias 3
Image Source:-longwoodgardens

It exhibits lime-green petals with an upright growing habit. This poinsettia looks great next to other varieties of Christmas plants.

6. Polly’s Pink

Bring this poinsettia variety to your winter room for its magnificent deep pink leaf bracts and green leaves.

7. Strawberries and Cream

Types of Poinsettias 4

It offers pale pink foliage adorned in dark pink veins. The bottom leaves of this plant are mid-green, which makes a beautiful contrast.

8. Classic Red

A very familiar variety, the bright and vibrant red leaf bracts with contrasting deep green foliage looks more stunning with green-yellow blooms.

9. Princettia Max White

Types of Poinsettias 5

This variety exhibits creamy-white bracts with soft pink veins that give it an elegant appearance.

10. Winter Rose

The burgundy foliage looks incredibly pretty with bottom green leaves. It makes for a great Christmas centerpiece.

11. Classic White

Types of Poinsettias 6Quite similar to the Classic red, the creamy-white blooms come with a white center that matches well with the pretty green foliage.

12. Enduring Marble

One of the prettiest varieties, the creamy-white petals with a soft pink hue add an elegant look to the home decor.

13. Autumn Leaves

Types of Poinsettias 7

Also known as Poinsettia Gold, the warm shades of peach, pink, and yellow make it a desirable choice to add to your indoor plant collection.

14. Ferrara

The classic red bracts make it an ideal choice for Christmas decor. Just add miniature Christmas decor items to make it look wonderful!

15. Freedom Marble

It offers petals in light green-white in color with raspberry blotches in the middle of the leaves.

16. Jubilee Pink

With a unique shade of pink on each bract, it looks like a bouquet! The grass-green foliage contrasts beautifully with the pink shade.

17. Jingle Bell Rock

‘Jingle Bell Box’ shows off two-toned bracts of creamy yellow and bright red with glossy dark green foliage.

18. Ice Punch

The beautiful bracts have wide creamy-white centers with bright red margins. Its dark green leaves are veined and scalloped.

19. Monet

The pointed leaves have striking shades of pink with a splash of dark pink throughout the leaves.

20. Luv U Pink

Image Source:-greenhousegrower

This stunning variety produces a massive range of bracts in a bright-pink shade and contrasting large dark green leaves.

21. Prestige Red

Types of Poinsettias 11

This bright and deep shade of red makes this poinsettia stand out. It makes for a charming tabletop plant in the festive season too!

22. Peterstar Marble

With creamy-white margins and a soft-pink center, this poinsettia is an elegant and classy choice for any type of decor.

23. Orange Spice

Types of Poinsettias 12

The eye-catching, spicy, bright orange leaves can be a focal point of your plant collection. Its dark green leaves enhance the beauty with contrasting shades.

24. Princettia Hot Pink

The deep pink bracts with prominent veins make this poinsettia look quite gorgeous with its deep green foliage.

25. Red Glitter

Types of Poinsettias 13

The bright red petals have pale blotches all over the surface. Paired with its bright green leaves, it looks stunning.

26. Princettia Pink

If you love the cool pink shades, this variety is for you. The large lower petals have a lighter pink hue, while the small upper petals towards the center have a dark shade.

27. Vision of Grandeur

Types of Poinsettias 14
Image Source:-westwoodgardensblog

The soft petals have shades of cream, pink, and yellow that match perfectly with its large emerald green leaves.

28. Winter Rose White

The creamy white petals over the bright green foliage of this poinsettia variety look astonishing when paired with red or dark pink poinsettias in the Christmas decor.

29. Winter Rose Red

Types of Poinsettias 15

It resembles rose or geranium from a distance with its bright red curvy petals. A perfect plant for Christmas decoration.

30. Prestige Maroon

This stunning variety features unevenly-shaped petals in a deep shade of maroon-red with matte green leaves.

31. Cinnamon Star

Types of Poinsettias 16
Image Source:-beautifulflowerpictures

This coral version showcases round-shaped and winged bracts. The new growth on central bracts starts with a dark hue before fading to pale.

32. Premium Picasso

‘Premium Picasso’ has an airbrushed look, with cherry-red splotches on the inner bracts a pure white to pale pink hue on the outer ones.

33. Polar Bear

Types of Poinsettias 17

As the name suggests, it has one leaf color. The foliage is pure white that makes a beautiful contrast with traditional poinsettias.

34. Aries Red

This new poinsettia makes quite a lasting impression with its comparatively large bracts in deep orange to red color.

35. Early Monet

Types of Poinsettias 18

This gorgeous poinsettia features petals in yellow tones with dark-red flushes. Like other varieties, its center consists of a bunch of yellow blooms.

36. Hera Red

Its bright red shade with medium vigor and great shelf life is quite popular among gardeners.

37. Leona Red

Types of Poinsettias 19

It is an excellent choice for red poinsettia lovers. This variety is easy-to-grow and adaptable to different temperatures and light conditions.

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