16 Types of Philodendron | Indoor Philodendron Varieties to Grow

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Decorative and easy to grow, the philodendron has many amazing varieties! From them, check out 16 different Types of Philodendrons that you can grow indoors!

Plants come and go, but the love for philodendron among the indoor plant growers remain the same! Considering that nothing goes wrong with it along with its pollutants absorbing nature, makes it unique in the plant world! But with various philodendrons available in the market, choosing the one that’s right for you can be quite a daunting task. Here are the types of philodendron to help you decide one that fits your needs.

1. Heartleaf Philodendron

Types of Philodendron

Botanical Name: Philodendron hederaceum

If you are a novice gardener, this one is for you, as it’s forgiving in nature. It’s one of the most popular philodendrons with signature heart-shaped leaves. It can reach a length of around 4-6 feet indoors, and allowed to grow freely.

2. Red Leaf Philodendron

Botanical Name: Philodendron erubescens

Also known by the name Pink Princess, it’s the most adorable variety of philodendron. The distinctive feature is the large coppery foliage. Depending on where you place them, leaves show variegation of black, dark green, or pink. It is one of the best types of philodendron!

3. Elephant Ear Philodendron


Botanical Name: Philodendron domesticum

If you think this name absurd, wait till you know its other names–‘Silversword’ or ‘Spade leaf philodendron.’ The leaves are blue-gray during the initial growth period, changing to gray-green with time. Pinch it back for new and healthy growth.

4. Moonlight Philodendron

Botanical Name: Philodendron ‘Moonlight’

Fluorescent green foliage can be a striking contrast to any background of this Heartleaf Philodendron hybrid. It won’t grow on trellises, as its not a vining variety but is going to do just fine in a pot. ‘Moonlight’ is one of the best types of philodendron!

5. Congo Rojo Philodendron

Types of Philodendron to grow indoors

Botanical Name: Philodendron ‘Congo Rojo’

It’s quite a new cultivar of philodendron and is adaptable to all conditions, except cold. The glossy, dark green leaves grow so close to each other that its single stem becomes almost invisible. Stiff stem aids the plant, standing upright when it matures.

6. Split Leaf Philodendron

Botanical Name: Monstera deliciosa

Want people to take notice of your philodendron? Though it’s not from the philodendron genus, we’ve included it in our list thanks to its beautiful look, It can achieve a towering height of 5-6 feet while growing indoors. It has stunning cut foliage and can be grown as a wine indoors very easily.

7. Winterbourn Philodendron

Best Types of Philodendron

Botanical Name: Philodendron Xanadu

Growing up to 3-4 feet in width and height, its leaves are ruffled at the edges, with a dark green hue. It grows upright in the absence of aerial roots, looking excellent indoors. The dense clumps and lobed leaves are surely going to attract onlookers.

8. Brasil Philodendron

Botanical Name: Philodendron hederaceum ‘Brasil’

Another cultivar of heartleaf philodendron that’s fun to grow! The variegated, heart-shaped leaves with golden yellow, white or cream-colored stripes, look eye-catchy! Its foliage resembles that of pothos. Sometimes the stems get tinted, which further glorifies its beauty. It can grow in shaded spots, but if you are not looking for variegation, place it in bright, indirect light.

9. Fiddleleaf Philodendron

Types of Philodendron that you must plant

Botanical Name: Philodendron bipennifolium

Native from Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay to the tropical rainforests of South Brazil, it brings the tropical feel indoors. The long leaves can grow up to 15-18 inches in length and are fiddle or horse-shaped. To prevent it from flopping, tie it with a stake! It is one of the best types of philodendron!

10. White Knight Philodendron

Botanical Name: Philodendron sp. ‘White Knight.’

This is the prized possession among the philodendron collectors, as it’s rare and beautiful! It grows slowly, but the wait is worth it! Its stems have a unique purple-brown and cream color with white splotches on the dark green leaves.

11. Velvet-Leaf Philodendron

Some of the best Types of Philodendron

Botanical Name: Philodendron hederaceum micans

Here is another cultivar of heartleaf philodendron that made it to our list of philodendron types. It looks a lot like heartleaf philodendron, except the fine, velvety hairs over the leaves. They are the reason behind the satin-like texture on the flushed purple leaves.

12. Naugahyde Philodendron

Botanical Name: Philodendron rugosum

The rough patterned surface of its foliage sets it apart from other philodendrons. The leathery leaves can deceive you by making you think they are made of plastic. It is also one of the rare varieties available in blue-green leaves.

13. Brandi Philodendron

Types of Philodendron that you can plant

Botanical Name: Philodendron brandtianum

Silver stripes, marbled on rich green foliage, are enough to brighten up any space! It is known for the tolerance to low light conditions and therefore does exceptionally well indoors. Just like other philodendrons, it removes pollutants from the surrounding air as well!

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14. Philodendron Grazielae

Botanical Name: Philodendron grazielae

The glossy green, heart-shaped leaves are its defining feature. The growth rate is slow compared to other philodendron species, so be patient with it. Provide support to help it remain standing upright on its thick stem, as it’s susceptible to toppling.

15. Prince of Orange Philodendron

Botanical Name: Philodendron ‘Prince of Orange’

It’s a small shrub type hybrid cultivar that is self-heading and grows to around 20-24 inches tall. The foliage is light green, but new leaves appear in an appealing shade of orange. With the everchanging foliage both in color and texture, you’ll be watching a new plant throughout the growth period!

16. Tree Philodendron

Decorative & easy to grow, the philodendron has many amazing varieties! From them, check out 16 Types of Philodendrons that you can grow indoors!

Botanical Name: Philodendron selloum

It’s a large and showy philodendron variety, growing to around 4-5 feet in both height and width. Also, it’s hard to miss the dark green leaves, with frilled edges. The trunk supports the structure of the plant and is entirely covered by foliage.

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