50 Most Liked Indoor Plant Pictures of 2020 on Instagram

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 The Pandemic has made people embrace gardening and keeping that in mind, we present you the Most Liked Indoor Plant Pictures of 2020 on Instagram!

The Covid Pandemic has sparked the interest of people in gardening all over again! If you are wondering about the plants which got the most attention on social media, then have a look at these Most Liked Indoor Plant Pictures of 2020 on Instagram!

Table of contents

Here are the best indoor plant decor pictures on Instagram

Most Liked Indoor Plant Pictures of 2020 on Instagram

1. Trailing Plants on the Window

2. Chinese Money Plant and Monstera on Table

3. Succulent Wall with Lots of Strings of Pearls!

4. Beautiful Succulent Pumpkins

5. Chinese Money Plant

6. Variegated Philodendron Birkin

7. Pillows and Plants

8. Group of Potted Delights!

9. Beautiful Foliaged Plants on a Wooden Ladder

10. A Tropical Indoor Paradise

11. Plant Shelf Above a Work From Home Desk

12. Trailing and Potted Plants in a Living Room

13. Art and Plants

14. Air Plants in a Rustic Wooden Shelf

15. Work Desk with Beautiful Plants

16. Christmas Cactus!

17. Trailing Plant in a Glossy Hanging Pot

18. Large and Lush Monstera

19. Dieffenbachia in a Large Container

20. Vintage Mirror and Plants

21. Hexi Shelf with Potted Plants

22. Circular Plant Hanger

23. Plants on a Wooden Stand with Painting

24. The Magnificient Alocasia Polly

25. Fiddle Leaf in a Charming Planter

26. Modern Plant Stands

27. Plants in Antique Terracotta Water Pots

28. Different Plants in a Wooden Floored Room

29. Plants and Books

30. Urban Jungle

31. Alocasias in Shiny Pots

32. Indoor Garden in a Stylish Shelf

33. White Themed Room with Large Mirror and Plants

34. Orange and Green!

35. Bookshelf and Cut Flowers

36. A Classy Indoor Garden

37. A Happy Plant Space

38. A Retro Themed Room with Plants

39. Bedroom with Slanting Roof and Plants

40. Shelf Decorated with Plants

41. A Green Apartment Room

42. Dressing Table with Plants

43. Plant Shelf with Paintings on the Wall

44. Modern Apartment Decor with Trailing Plants

45. Studio with Tropical plants

46. Urban Jungle Reading Nook

47. Stairway Full of Stunning Plants

48. Monstera, Christmas Tree and Hanging Planters

49. Fairy Lights on Plants

50. Plant Paintings with Trailing Plants

Watch this space for more such amazing gardening content, handpicked from Instagram!

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