15 Amazing Pothos Curtain Ideas

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These Pothos Curtain Ideas are the most modern way to create a natural privacy screen indoors and keep prying eyes at bay!

Pothos is the best houseplant to create a living green curtain in the home. It is low maintenance and grows quickly; if you like this concept and want to try this–discover these amazing pothos curtain ideas below.

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Amazing Pothos Curtain Ideas

1. Tall Pothos Screen

Pothos curtain ideas 1
Add tall moss poles to your plant pots so Pothos vines can grow and climb on these, creating the perfect curtain like screen for any space.

2. Go Vertical

Martin Hulala

Add a large vertical frame to the wall and train several pothos vines.

3. Pothos Vines on the Wall

Pothos curtain ideas 3

Plant a large Pothos pot and train the vines to sprawl and cover the walls using nails and hooks for a beautiful curtain.

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4. Pothos Hanging Curtain Idea


The long vines of this Pothos hanger flowing downward create a wonderful curtain that is an absolute beauty.

5. Who Needs a Curtain When You Have a Pothos

Pothos curtain ideas5

You can create a great pothos curtain if you train the Pothos vines to climb and grow along the window panes and ceiling hooks.

6. Dangling Vines


Pretty much any structure, such as a grill, metal rod, or window pane, can be used for a trailing Pothos curtain like this idea.

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7. Grow Bushier Pothos

Pothos curtain ideas7

Combine a moss pole and a ceiling hook and witness how they can turn the Pothos into a unique green curtain of lush foliage.

8. Corridor Curtain Idea from Pothos

You can create a beautiful Pothos curtain in the corridor or the entrance to any room for some privacy.

9. Bedroom Curtain of Pothos

Pothos curtain ideas9

Hanging pots are perfect for Pothos curtains. Just add these to the room and watch the trailing vines form one.

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10. Trio of Hanging Pots

Pothos curtain ideas 11

Use hooks to hang a trio of Pothos plants in the window pane and let their trailing foliage form a natural curtain. You can add or remove them according to the window’s size.

11. Curtain Rod for Pothos

Divide your rooms into separate spaces using beautiful Pothos vines as a curtain on a metal rod or bar.

12. Pothos Pot on Windowsill

Pothos curtain ideas13

Place a Pothos plant on the windowsill and let its vines grow along the window’s frame, creating the best living curtain.

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13. Pothos Hanging Basket on the Window


Hang a Pothos pot from the curtain rod near the window and let its vines form a natural curtain.

14. Curtain for Window Frame

Pothos curtain ideas15

With a couple of wall hooks and Pothos vines, you can add a curtain to any window pane like this one.

15. Pothos Curtain Room Divider

Go with an out-of-the-box Pothos vine curtain that will keep your home unique and modern. You can divide your space naturally. We also have more room divider ideas using plants here!

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