10 Top Tips on How to Turn Leggy Pothos Plant Bushier

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Here are some top secrets on How to Turn Leggy Pothos Plant Bushier! Try them today to make your plant healthy and thriving!

How to Turn Leggy Pothos Plant Bushier

The Devil’s Ivy is a spectacular houseplant but it can stop growing the way you want it if you’re going to neglect it too much. If your plant is also suffering from lackluster growth, then here are the top tips on How to Turn Leggy Pothos Plant Bushier!

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How to Turn Leggy Pothos Plant Bushier?

1. Prune the Plant At Regular Intervals

Pothos is a fast grower and to ensure it looks at its best, it would be a good idea to give it a nice little trim once in 4-6 weeks to keep it in shape.

Get rid of dead and damaged leaves from time to time. Also, pinching back the tendrils will help the plant focus more on getting bushier.

2. Use Correct Methods to Snip Stems and Leaves

How to Turn Leggy Pothos Plant Bushier 2

Do not trim the plant erratically. It is important that you snip the stems right below the node, as it will trick the plant into growing two or more stems, making it bushier and full.

The extra stems you will get after the trimming process can be used to grow more plants!

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3. Sunlight!


Though pothos doesn’t mind being in shade but that doesn’t mean they grow best at it. Exposing the plant to plenty of bright and indirect light will make it fuller like never before!

Keep it at an east-facing location where the plant can get a bit of direct mild morning sun and a bright yet indirect light for the rest of the day.

  • For variegated pothos, north or east-facing windows are the best.
  • For solid green pothos, go for the south or west location.

4. Maintain the Right Level of Moisture


Watering the plant daily is the best way to kill it and not watering at all will also cause its demise.

So, what’s the right method? Simple. Water the soil thoroughly when it feels dry to the touch. Wait till the top layer dries up and then water till it starts to drain down from the container hole at the bottom.

This method will keep the plant thriving and bushy while keeping it safe from root rot.

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5. Give It an Extra Nutrition

How to Turn Leggy Pothos Plant Bushier 3

When you will start trimming the plant at regular intervals, it will need extra energy to grow more leaves and stems.

Feeding it with a balanced liquid fertilizer, diluted to half of its strength, once in 2-3 weeks will keep it all the boost it needs to be fuller and bushier!

6. Maintain Correct Temperature


The key to keeping pothos bushier lies in exposing them to a constant temperature range. 65-85 F (18-30 C) range is the best where the plant remains comfortable and focuses on better growth.

Keep it away from A/C and heating vents.

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7. Use a Pole for Support

How to Turn Leggy Pothos Plant Bushier 7

Using a pole to support the plant and help it climb will keep the leaves properly exposed to air and sunlight, which will help the plant tremendously to grow fuller and bushier.

Go for a moss pole, trellis, bamboo cane, or something similar to provide adequate support to make the pothos climb and grow fuller. 

8. Re-Pot Timely

Crowded roots will not be able to absorb nutrients and water, making the plant grow leggier. If you notice the roots popping out from the drainage hole or topsoil, it would be a good idea to re-pot the plant into a 1-2 size bigger container.

While re-potting, snip away damaged and rotten roots. Also, use a fresh potting mix.

Pro Tip: It would be a good idea to take away 1/3 growth of the plant before you re-pot it. Use the cuttings to grow new plants in different pots. 

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9. Do Not Overcrowd

How to Turn Leggy Pothos Plant Bushier 10

Sometimes, to make the plant appear fuller, people plant multiple cuttings in the same pot. This creates a competition for nutrients between plants and results in leggier and slow growth.

Do not plant more than 2 cuttings in a 10-12 inches deep and wide pot. If you will follow the above points, the plant will anyway become fuller like you want it to!

Use the Right Set of Tools


Last but not the least, using the right set of tools is important. Do not break the stems or leaves with your hands.

Use clean and sharp pruning tools to avoid causing any damage to the plant and prevent any spread of diseases. Always clean the tools with rubbing alcohol or soapy water before and after pruning your plants. 

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