18 DIY Moss Pole for Plants | Moss Sticks You Can Make Easily

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Do you want to train your houseplants upright? If yes, then check out these easy to make DIY Moss Pole for Plants that’ll serve the purpose well!

A moss pole supports the vining plants to trail upright and provides the essential micronutrients to the aerial roots, thus boosting their growth and appearance. Keeping that in mind, we bring you the best ideas on DIY Moss Pole for Plants!

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DIY Moss Pole for Plants

1. Plastic Mesh Moss Pole


Dedicate a corner to your Philos by trailing them around a plastic mesh moss pole made from sphagnum moss, PVC pipes, and a plastic mesh. Check the details here!

2. Jute Robe Moss Stick


You can easily vine large leaf plants using this jute robe moss stick. It will look stunning on tabletops and window sills. Watch this video for the tutorial!

3. Burlap Moss Pole


This DIY burlap moss pole is an easy option for busy gardeners. Besides providing moisture to your plants, it also advocates a mess-free procedure. Check the details here!

4. Sturdy Meshed Moss Pole


A sturdy mesh, moist sphagnum moss, and a few 4” zip ties are all you need to make this moss pole to support your Swiss Cheese and other plants. Click here for the tutorial!

5. Simple DIY Moss Stick


You can easily make this moss pole using a wooden stick of your desired size, a string, and some soaked sphagnum moss. Check the details here!

6. Green Sheet Moss Pole


A green moss sheet, bamboo pipe, and an adhesive spray are the few essentials to make this moss pole. It will easily blend with other plants in the garden. Check the steps here!

7. Multi-Purpose Netting Moss Stick


You can easily make this DIY moss stick using a multi-purpose net, sphagnum moss, and a few zip ties. Check the tutorial here!

8. Outdoor Moss Pole


Make a moss pole with PVC pipes and jute rope to trail your outdoor plants. This sturdy support will protect your plants from sudden drafts and wind. Get the details here!

9. Woven Mesh Moss Pole


Weave a metal mesh into a cylindrical pole and stuff in sphagnum moss to trail your houseplants beautifully. Get the detailed steps here!

10. Poultry Net Moss Pole


A poultry net moss pole is a cheap and sustainable option, every gardener must try. You need a poultry net, orchid moss, and wire cutters to make this one. Read the details here!

11. Wooden Stake Moss Pole


Soak some sphagnum moss and twirl it around a wooden stake about 2′ tall. Fasten a jute rope for support and your DIY moss stick is ready. Click here for further details!

12. Coco Fiber Moss Pole


One of the easiest DIY moss pole ideas; just wrap a coco fiber around a PVC pipe, fasten with strings for support and you are good to go. Check the details here!

13. Narrow Moss Sheet Pole


A narrow moss pole will look like a sturdy stem giving extra support to your houseplants. You may use a fishing line for this DIY as shown in this tutorial!

14. Indoor Moss Pole


Make an indoor moss pole out of a chicken net, moist moss, and a wooden stick to hold your vining plants upright. Watch this video for further info!

15. Wood Scrapings Moss Pole


Using wooden scrapings instead of sphagnum moss would be a cool option if you’ve recently had carpentry work at your house. Watch the video mentioned here for details!

16. Dual Colored Moss Stick


Make this dual-colored moss stick using orchid moss, a garden stake, and a string for support. Check the details here!

17. Jute Wrap Moss Stick


A jute wrap moss stick is an easy-going option and can be made from scratch using jute ropes and a wooden stake. Click here for details!

18. DIY Moss Pole on a Wooden Counter


A moss pole paired with a wooden countertop will add to the aesthetics of your place and is a pocket-friendly option as well. Learn the tutorial here!

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