14 Cool Pothos Ladder Ideas for Small Spaces

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These Pothos Ladder Ideas are for people who want to display its trailing vines in a short space or a corner of a room! 

Trailing plants are all about how you display them, which makes them stand out with their cascading stems and leaves. These Pothos Ladder Ideas will help you achieve just that!

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Pothos Ladder Ideas

1. Sitting Atop on a Wooden Ladder

Pothos ladder ideas 1

Pothos dwelling in a compact pot on top of a wooden ladder with a rubber plant at the bottom is a style you must copy!

2. A Rustic Vibe!


A small DIY ladder-type trellis made from bamboo sticks is all you need to help the beautiful golden pothos climb easily.

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3. Wooden Crates Ladder Arrangement

Pothos ladder ideas 3
Jessica Malone Grider

Making a ladder from wooden crates is the best way to create a cheap arrangement to display pothos and other plants.

4. Two Compact Ladders Side by Side

Two compact side-by-side ladders that go quite tall are the best way to give pothos all the room they need to climb! The white color will contrast well with the deep green foliage.

5. Variegated Delight

Pothos ladder ideas 5

There are many variegated pothos varieties to choose from that will be more than happy to climb on a stubby wooden ladder.

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6. Ladder by a Tall Window by the Stairs


A large window by the stairs and an open space right next to it will be a perfect placement for a tall ladder where you can train a pothos to climb.

7. Cascading Down with All Its Beauty!

Pothos ladder ideas 7

A tall ladder cum plant stand will have a space on top to sit a pot of pothos or philo – this will create a stunning cascading effect in the room.

8. Climbing Over a Metal Ladder

Pothos ladder ideas 9

You just can’t go wrong by keeping a small or tall metal ride right at the beck of a pothos plant which will help it to climb.

9. The Colorful ‘Trailer!’

A stubby ladder and variegated varieties like N’Joy or a Marble Queen pothos are a perfect choice for a colorful arrangement!

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10. On a Ladder Like Shelf

Pothos ladder ideas 11

A tall, ladder-like shelf is a great way to keep 2-3 pothos plants together to create a ‘flowing’ effect of leaves!

11. Deep and Dark

The dark green foliage of pothos or philo, cascading down a light green wooden ladder shelf, is a style that can never go wrong in any room.

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12. Light Green Hues Over a Deep Black Ladder

Pothos ladder ideas 13

Variety like Neon pothos is a perfect choice for a dark-colored ladder, where it will create a stunning contrast as it trails down.

13. A Shape Ladder

 Indoor Ladder Planter Ideas 7
Image Credit: Connie And Luna

This A-shape plant stand ladder can be an excellent option to style pothos on its top and sides.

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14. Climbing on Rope and Wooden Ladder

Two pairs of rope and a wooden ladder hanging on the wall will act as a smart trellis where you can train your beloved pothos to climb!

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