61 DIY Pot Painting Ideas For The Garden

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Pretty pots and planters make the plants look more beautiful, and you can easily do that at home with DIY Pot Painting Ideas.

These easy-to-make DIY Pot Painting Ideas can make your old pots look new! Try them out today and make your rooms colorful!

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Awesome DIY Pot Painting Ideas

1. Easy DIY Painted Flower Pots for Kids to Make

pot painting ideas 1

Your kids will love to paint the old pots with outdoor acrylic paint. For more details, click here.

2. Day of the Dead Planters

Sketch out a skull face on the pots and then fill it with black paint. More details here.

3. Watermelon on a Pot

pot painting ideas3

Bring a fruity touch to your plain pot by sketching a watermelon on it; you can check the tutorial here.

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4. Nail Polish Marbled DIY Planters

Different colors of nail polish and some old terracotta pots are all you need for this DIY.

5. Two-Tone Painted Pots

pot painting ideas 5

Give an eye-catching two-tone look to the old pots using foam brushes and painter’s tape. More details here.

6. Rainbow Painted Flower Pots for Kids

You can give an exciting rainbow shade to the pots using multi-surface acrylic paints of assorted colors. Click here for more information.

7. Glitter Flower Pots

pot painting ideas 7

Paint the pots with color shift metallic paint and add glitter for that shiny effect! Details are here.

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8. Mini Plant Pots

This is a great DIY for kids where they can paint mini pots in different colors and patterns.

9. Birch Bark Covered Flowerpots

pot painting ideas 9

Give an attractive look to your old pots by sticking birch using elastic bands and PVA glue. Click here for details.

10. Gold Foil Lettering on Flower Pots

A gold foil printable paper is a great way to add messages and patterns to old pots to make them look more attractive!

11. Painting Terracotta Flower Pots

pot painting ideas 11

You just need a painter’s tape, brush, and paint for this easy to do DIY.

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12. Painted Succulent Pot

Paint old pots with colorful paints and add dots using a marker to add a cute look to match with tiny succulents! Details are here.

13. Terra Cotta Pots Decoration

pot painting ideas 13

Old terracotta pots, glue, decorative paper, acrylic paint, and a few other supplies are all you need for this one!

14. Scalloped Painted Pots

Paint unique patterns on old pots using white acrylic paint and stickers. Click here for details.

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15. Geometric Painted Pots

pot painting ideas15

With the help of a craft paintbrush and multi-surface craft paint, you can transform the look of your pots completely! Details are here.

16. Colorful Cactus Painted Pots

Paint small clay pots with different shades of colors to match the look of cacti!

17. Paint Pots With Mud Cloth Pattern

pot painting ideas17

Paint geometric shapes like triangles, circles, and squares on the planters for a great look! Click here for details.

18. Pot Painting Ideas Using Dots

pot painting ideas19

Here are all the details you need to make this awesome pot for your plants!

19. Stenciled Clay Pot

Charm up the ordinary clay pots into these DIY stenciled pots using painting stencil. Visit DIY Candy to know more!

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20. Face Plant Pots

pot painting ideas21

Transform basic terracotta pots into these unique and adorable face plant pots with easy tutorials available here.

21. Decoupaged Terra Cotta Pots

Pretty up your terracotta pots by following the steps available at the Place Of My Taste!

22. Aged Flower Pot Centerpiece

pot painting ideas23

Create this inexpensive DIY flower pot centerpiece by giving an aged look to the pots. The step by step tutorial is available here.

23. Chalk Painted Planters

Grant a rustic appeal to the usual terracotta pots with this fun DIY pot painting idea. To make these chalk-painted planters, click here.

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24. Chalkboard Painted Pots

Make this gorgeous self-styled pot using chalkboard paint in a few basic steps, and customize it with quotes or names. Visit Garden Therapy to learn more!

25. DIY Chalkboard Painted Pot Favors

pot painting ideas 27

Make beautiful chalkboard-painted pots and beautify them with colorful DIY felt flowers. Use them as wedding favors or decorative pieces. The tutorial is here.

26. Ikat Pattern

pot painting ideas29

Recreate these attractive ikat patterned pots to make them the new centerpieces of your house using the detailed tutorial available here.

27. Drip Painted

Try these up-side-down drip patterns on any ordinary terra cotta pot and gratify the glimpse of it. Visit Clever Nest to know more.

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28. Gold Dipped

pot painting ideas 31

Create this adorable pot painting project to brighten up your desk, rooms, or porch! Get the tutorial here.

29. Painted Ceramic Pot

There’s probably no better way to embellish a ceramic pot than this. Visit Laura’s Crafty Life to learn more.

30. Herringbone Pattern Planter

pot painting ideas 33

Surely, one of the best DIY pot painting ideas on this list. This appealing herringbone pattern planter project is a bit time taking, but worth the efforts. See the steps here.

31. Aged New Garden Pots

Provide a rustic and aging effect to new garden pots using some paint and greasing. Check out the DIY here.

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32. Marbled Pot

pot painting ideas35

Try marbled painting idea for creating this beautiful piece of art, you can experiment with colors. Read the description here.

33. Chalkboard Pots

Recognize herbs easily using these chalkboard pots! Here’s the detailed tutorial.

34. DIY Painted Planter

pot painting ideas 37

Create this easy and fun DIY within an hour with this step-by-step tutorial.

35. Seal Painted

This pretty and lively pot DIY is inspired by Practically Functional and can be created quickly using necessary supplies.

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36. Patterned Pots

pot painting ideas39

Make different patterns on pots after painting them to make them more appealing. Watch the video tutorial here.

37. Glitter Painted

pot painting ideas41

Paint and glitter the planter pots to give them an alluring influence! Visit The Crafted Life to get the step-by-step tutorial.

38. Spray Effect

Transform white lifeless planter pots to this impressive and attractive pot using spray paint! Visit Bower Power Blog to see the steps.

39. Two-Tone Paint

pot painting ideas 43

Color the pots using a combination of hues to complete this unique DIY. Use your creativity to make a three-tone or multi-colored pot as well.

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40. Painted Clay Pots

Enhance the look of your clay pots by giving an artistic touch to them, following the detailed tutorial available here.

41. Designer Pots

pot painting ideas 45

Using big painterly brush strokes, give your old pots a complete makeover! Check out the tutorial here.

42. Modern Dipped Planter

Visit this website to learn how an ordinary pot was transformed into an artistic succulent planter.

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43. Distressed French Pots

pot painting ideas 47

Transform your ordinary terracotta pots into distressed French pots with the help of this tutorial here.

44. Rubber Band Pots

This pot painting project was done using rubber bands. To learn more, click here.

45. Pour Painted Pots

pot painting ideas49

You can also involve your kids in this great DIY to transform the look of your pots completely!

46. Painted Ceramic Pot

Pain a ceramic pot in vivid shades and make it look more lively. DIY is here.

47. DIY Easy Terracotta Pot Painting Ideapot painting ideas53

Follow this DIY and make your terracotta pot look more beautiful with a fresh coating of colorful paint.

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48. Paint Pot Elegantlypot painting ideas 55

Are you looking for the best idea to give a makeover to your pot? Check this DIY here.

49. Weathered Look

Instead of buying a new pot, update the old one with the help of this tutorial.

50. French Vintage Look with Paintpot painting ideas 57

Follow this rustic project, recycle materials, and make concrete-painted pots; details are here.

51. Copper-Hued Clay Pot

Give a metallic look to your pots by painting them in a bronze color; for more details, check the DIY here.

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52. Paint Ladybugs on the Pots

pot painting ideas 61

Do this project with kids, and the results will surprise them. Painting colorful ladybugs on the pots will be a unique idea.

53. Stenciled Flowers on Pots

Grow flowers in a pot painted with delicate stenciled flowers; you can read the details here.

54. Sharpie Dots on Planterspot painting ideas 63

Decorate the pot in a cute way by using an oil-based Sharpie; check the DIY for all information.

55. Bee Design on a Pot

Create a buzz on your terracotta planter by painting it with a cheerful bee design. Read more here.

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56. Drip Painted Potspot painting ideas 65

This DIY doesn’t need many supplies; you will just need acrylic paints, sealer, and a pot. You can read more about this DIY here.

57. Boho Dark Floral Pots

Paint the pot in this boho-dark theme, make colorful blooms on it, and showcase your favorite plants in them. Find details here.

58. Paint Mini Pot in Pink Hue

Splash some vibrant pink color to your mini pot with a dab of blue on it; details are here.

59. Natural Paint on a Pot

Hand paint your pots and give them a unique look as directed in this tutorial.

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60. DIY Conferri Painted Pots

Make your green thumb look more stunning with this Kmart Hack, tutorial is here.

61. Elegant Painted Pot

Watch this video and paint your terra cotta pot in pastel shades for this sophisticated look. Watch the video for details here.

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