40 Awesome Easy to Make DIY Planter Hacks

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If you love customized pots for your plants, then here are some Easy to Make DIY Planter Hacks that you can use to make your green friends look fabulous!

Compliment the beauty of your plants with these easy-to-make DIY Planter Hacks and make great-looking planters for that awesome look!

Have a look at some tremendous DIY Planters from household items here


Easy to Make DIY Planter Hacks

1. DIY 3-D Planter

DIY Planter Hacks

Transform the look of a plain terra cotta planter using the help of polymer clay. Details are here.

2. Modern Concrete Planters

These modern concrete planters are great for succulents and cacti.

3. Woven Loop Baskets

DIY Planter Hacks 2

Though these woven baskets are for storage, you can keep mini pots inside them to make your plants look fabulous!

4. Terra Cotta Planter

A paintbrush with white and blue paint is all you need for this DIY to paint your terracotta pots.

5. Marbled Terra Cotta Pots

DIY Planter Hacks 3

Spray white spray on terracotta pots and make designs using nail paint. Details are here.

6. Quirky Head Planter Using Mannequin

A plastic mannequin head textured spray paint and an assortment of plants, along with few other supplies, are all you need for this DIY.

7. Faux Copper Planters

DIY Planter Hacks 4

You can turn large galvanized feeding troughs into amazing planters with the help of this DIY.

8. Large Cedar Planters

These large cedar planters are great for houseplants and look classy at the corner.

9. Rolling Planter With Fabric

DIY Planter Hacks 5

Wrap an old pot using an upholstery fabric or faux leather to give it a quirky look. Details are here.

10. A Large Planter Box

Here is a great DIY to build a large planter box to grow snake plants in rooms.

11. Concrete Hand Planters & Bowls

DIY Planter Hacks 6

This concrete hand planter and bowl will be a great addition to a garden.

12. Fake Cement Boxes

All you need are old bath towels, a plastic bottle or a plastic can, and cement to make these awesome planters. Details are here.

13. Geometrical Planters

DIY Planter Hacks 7

Use old magazines for the thick paper, cement, a bowl, and few other supplies to make these pots.

14. Mid Century Plant Stand

If you love woodworking projects, then you can easily make this plant stand.

15. 3 Tiered Copper Planter

DIY Planter Hacks 8

Make an awesome tiered planter using copper pipes for your houseplants. Details are here.

16. Skinny Planter Stand

This skinny planter stand takes very little space and is excellent for small rooms.

17. Metal Plant Table DIY Using Paper Towel Holders

DIY Planter Hacks 9

All you need are metal paper towel holders and black spray paint for this DIY.

18. Handmade Clay Pots

These homemade clay pots are easy to make and perfect for plants like succulents and cacti.

19. Metallic Geometric Planters

DIY Planter Hacks 10

Using scrap cardboard and copper contact paper, you can make super cute planters for succulents. Details are here.

20. Cute Wall Planters

Using air-dry clay, craft or spray paint, and few other supplies, you can make these cute pots with ease.

21. Mini Succulent Planters

DIY Planter Hacks 11

These mini succulent planters are made using air-dry clay, small plant pots, rolling pin
and a craft knife.

22. Disco Ball Hanging Planter

This shiny disco ball is a great hanging basket replacement for trailing plants.

23. Hanging Wall Pots

DIY Planter Hacks 12

Porcelain clay, resin, plaster of Paris, and few other supplies are all you need for this DIY.

24. Plywood Hanging Planter

This geometrical plant hanger is great for windows and can be made easily using plywood. Details are here.

25. Hanging Wall Planters

DIY Planter Hacks 13

Use readymade Nesting Houses to hang plants in terracotta pots. Click here for details.

26. 80’s Style Memphis Planters

Use bright shades of paint to give your old terracotta pots a new look! Details are here.

27. Design Hanging Planters

DIY Planter Hacks 14

Hang asker containers using leather belts and grow small plants like succulents in them. Click here for details.

28. Hanging Basket Planters

Hang ready-made baskets using gauge gold jewelry wire and grow plants in style. Details are here.

29. Ombre Planter

DIY Planter Hacks 15

All you need is a basket and a bottle of spray paint to make this one.

30. Plant Drawers

How about stacking up ready-made drawers and using them as individual pots! Click here for details!

31. Vintage Book Planter

DIY Planter Hacks 16

Convert an old book into a planter to grow succulents. Click here for all the details.

32. Burlap Planter

This easy and cheap planter is great for showcasing flowers. Here are all the details.

33. Hanging Planter From an Old T-Shirt

DIY Planter Hacks 17

This easy DIY requires just an old t-shirt that you can cleverly use to make a great planter!

34. Recycled Upside Down Planters

Use old tin cans and fabric wrap along with wires to make hanging planters. Details are here.

35. Give Your Plant a Throne

DIY Planter Hacks 18

The wood strips can be used creatively to make a mini throne for your pots. Click here for details.

36. Air Plant Hangers

Using square basswood dowel, suede lace, scissors, and few other supplies, you can make these amazing planters for air plants.

37. Metallic Dinosaur Planter

DIY Planter Hacks 19

Cute little animal figurines can work as great planters for small plants like cacti and succulents. Details are here.

38. Geometric Succulent Hangers

Here is a terrific idea to make planters for succulents and gift them to your dad!

39. Rubber Boot Planters

DIY Planter Hacks 20

Paint a pair of old rubber boots and use them to grow plants of your choice!

40. Outdoor Planter

Check out this awesome DIY to make tall outdoor planters for ferns.

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