36 {Free} Succulent Container Ideas from Household Things

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Here are some creative and quirky Household Succulent Container Ideas that you can use to grow these tiny plants in different ways!

Are you wondering what to do with some used and old stuff lying around the house? Try your hands on these Household Succulent Container Ideas to make the best out of these scraps!

Here are some amazing Succulent windowsill ideas for you

Household Succulent Container Ideas

1. A Tin Box

Household Succulent Containers Ideas

After brewing your favorite tea flavor, recycle the can to plant mini succulents for a cute tabletop display. 

2. Mason Jars

Give an old mason jar a creative makeover by adding some porous mix topped with moss sheet and mini succulents. Click here for more details.

Check out beautiful pictures of houseplants in mason jars here

3. Toothbrush Holders

Household Succulent Containers Ideas 2

You can quickly transform a toothbrush case by adding some succulent mix and hanging a few strings of heart or pearls in the holders. Here are the details.

4. Vintage Books

Furnish your study table with this hardcover succulent planter, the perfect home decor for a bibliophile. Watch the video here.

Have a look at some awesome book planter ideas here

5. LEGO Bricks

Household Succulent Containers Ideas 4

Borrow these cute toys from your kid’s collection to use them as tiny planters for succulents. Watch the video here.

6. Plastic Toys

Mimic a mini jungle with faux animal figurines carrying mini succulents for a unique display. The details are here.

7. Metal Colanders

Household Succulent Containers Ideas 10

Metal colanders with plenty of drainage holes are perfect for holding pretty succulents in one place. Details are here. It is one of the best Household Succulent Container Ideas on the list. 

8. Old-School Finds

Old-school finds are hidden treasures that can now be immortalized into fancy succulent planters with pebbles and mini succulents. Click here for details. 

9. Ladles

Household Succulent Containers Ideas 12

Hang a few ladles and soup spoons carrying succulents in the bowl on your balcony for a creative display. Here are the details. 

10. Rain Boots


These rainboot succulent planters will add loads of Southern charm to the front porch of your house. 

11. Disco Balls

Household Succulent Containers Ideas 16

Grab those gleamy disco balls, make a hole, fill with crushed pebbles, and tuck in a colorful succulent to make these ball plant holders. Check the details here

12. Salt and Pepper Shaker Succulents

Turn those bland salt and pepper shakers into cute succulent holders for a green dining display.

13. Classic Teacups

Household Succulent Containers Ideas 18

Nothing can beat the elegance of a solid-colored teacup crowned with colorful succulents of various kinds.

Have a look at some beautiful teacup planters here

14. Measuring Cup Succulents


Grab the old measuring cups and drill some drainage holes at the bottom to make for beautiful mini planters. 

15. Wine Corks

Household Succulent Containers Ideas 20

Use a pocket knife to make a hole at the center of wine corks, and use these mini cork planters as paperweights for your work desk. Details are here

16. Berry Baskets

Re-use the fruit baskets for a smart houseplant succulent container idea and make a cute planter like this! Here are the details. 

17. Vintage Crate Succulents

Household Succulent Containers Ideas 21

Display a succulent garden at your windowsill with varieties of Sansevierias, Haworthias, Aloes, and Euphorbias grown in a driftwood crate. Click here for details.

18. Soup Cans

Put a hold on your household waste by upcycling the soup cans into pretty succulent holders instead of piling them up in the garbage. Details are here

19. Succulents in Plastic Easter Eggs

Household Succulent Containers Ideas 22

Go creative with the easter eggs by cutting them half and drilling a drainage hole in the bottom for a cute succulent display. Details are here.

20. IKEA Tradig

Fun-striped IKEA bowls make unique succulent planters that’d add the perfect jazz to any regular backdrop. Here are the details. 

Have a look at some fabulous IKEA pot hacks here

21. Gumball Machine Succulent

Household Succulent Containers Ideas 23

Disassemble a gumball machine to mimic this creative idea and bring this unique succulent holder to your home. Details are here

22. Woven Beads

Design a colorful succulent container for your home by weaving colorful beads around any regular cylindrical pot. Here are the details. 

23. Water Pitcher Succulents

Household Succulent Containers Ideas 25

Get your hands on some discarded ceramics and create this piece of attraction for a subtle tropical environment.

24. Ceramic Egg Succulents

Old ceramic eggs are readymade options for crafting cute succulent planters to display your love for plants. Click here for details. 

25. Tea Kettle Succulents

Household Succulent Containers Ideas 27

Recycle the ceramic or glass tea kettles and cups into succulent containers, clocks, and candles to add the perfect tropical vibes to your place.

26. Rolling Succulent Cart

Repurpose an old rustic rolling cart into a mini succulent planter and move it around the house to add charm to your favorite corners. It is one of the best Household Succulent Container Ideas on the list. 

27. Coffee Pot Succulent

Household Succulent Containers Ideas 29

Recycle those old and empty coffee pots smartly to craft a cute succulent terrarium like this! Details are here.

28. Bowl Succulent Garden

Fill a big terra cotta bowl with succulent potting mix, make a hole in the center, and display the biggest succulent from your collection, followed by the little ones around.

29. Upcycled Can Planter

Household Succulent Containers Ideas 31

An upcycled can is the most straightforward planter idea you can go with, deck it up with spray paints and other ornaments for a more fabulous look.

30. Rustic Cart


An old garden cart turned into a rustic succulent planter is the best household succulent container idea you’ll get on this list.

31. Green Typewriter

Household Succulent Containers Ideas 32

Transform your old typewriter into vintage home decor by tucking various colorful species of Echeveria, Sansevieria, strings of pearls, and many more.

32. Succulents in Concrete Blocks

Tuck in mini succulents in a stony block to uplift the aesthetics of a bland backdrop.

33. Scrapwood Succulent Centerpiece

Household Succulent Containers Ideas 33

This scrapwood succulent centerpiece is sure to grab your guest’s attention with its spectacular appeal.

34. Crochet Planters

Weave macrame covers around mini pots to craft these crochet planters that look like cute little rabbits.

35. Vintage TV Planter

Household Succulent Containers Ideas 34

If you have an old TV piled at your junkyard, get that box and fill it with succulents of various kinds for a quirky vintage display. Details are here.

36. Succulent in a Picture Frame

This simple DIY combines plants and creative upcycling at home and gives new life to an old frame.

Watch this video for more information

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