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10 Beautiful Succulents that Look Like Roses | Rosette Shaped Succulents

If you long for beautiful plants, consider lighting your space with these stunning Succulents that Look Like Roses. Read on for the details!

Succulents that Look Like Roses

Are you a fan of both roses and succulents? How about having them both in one plant? Here are some beautiful Succulents that Look Like Roses you can grow!

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Succulents that Look Like Roses

1. Blue Rose Echeveria


Botanical Name: Echeveria imbricata

This rose-like succulent displays a tightly packed rosette of blue-green waxy leaves. Grow it in mini pots for the best display.

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2. Ghost Plant

Succulents that Look Like Roses 2

Botanical Name: Graptopetalum paraguayense

This pretty succulent offers gray-blue leaves in a tight rose-like rosette. The foliage takes a pinkish hue on maturity, which makes it look stunning.

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3. Echeveria Peaches and Cream


Botanical Name: Echeveria ‘Atlantis’

‘Peaches and cream’ features a showy rosette of blue-green leaves having a light pink hue. The farina layer on top gives the succulent a dreamy appeal.

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4. Cat’s Claws

Succulents that Look Like Roses 3

Botanical Name: Echeveria chihuahuensis

The pale yellow leaves get pink to red tips when the plant receives plenty of sunlight. Do make sure that you are never overwatering it, for best growth.

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5. Dondo Echeveria


Botanical Name: Echeveria ‘Dondo’

This succulent shows off a compact rosette of gray-green leaves with a pink tint on the underside, making it one of the best ornamental varieties.

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6. Mountain Rose

Succulents that Look Like Roses 8

Botanical Name: Aeonium dodrantale

Mountain Rose displays a dense rosette of waxy green leaves that take the shape of a rose when mature. Yellow flowers emerge from the center in the Spring.

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7. Rosea Sedum


Botanical Name: Sedum rosea

The thick and round green leaves of this succulent take a burgundy hue on maturity. Avoid keeping it in shade as it will stunt its growth.

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8. Kiwi Aeonium

Succulents that Look Like Roses 10

Botanical Name: Aeonium haworthii ‘Kiwi’

Kiwi Aeonium features leaves in pale green with a yellow undertone, with a magenta hue on the edges. Ensure the succulent 4-5 hours of full sun for vibrant hues.

9. Green Rose Buds


Botanical Name: Aeonium aureum

Just like the name, this succulent looks like someone arranged a pair of green-colored roses in a bunch! For best colors, make sure it gets plenty of sunlight.

10. Balsamiferum Aeonium

Succulents that Look Like Roses 12

Botanical Name: Aeonium balsamiferum

If you want an easy-to-maintain plant that looks like a bunch of roses, then this one is to go for! Grow it in small to medium-sized pots and bright light. Also, avoid overwatering.

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