20 Gorgeous Indoor Statement Planter Ideas

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Stylish pots make a bold statement with plants. Here’s a list of some Gorgeous Indoor Statement Planters that’ll add an oomph of elegance to your home.

With these Gorgeous Indoor Statement Planters, you will be able to completely transform the look of your plants and make a bold statement.

Have a look at some great geometric planters here

Gorgeous Indoor Statement Planters

1. Black and White Patterns

Gorgeous Indoor Statement Planter

Contrasting black and white pattern on these planters are great for monstera deliciosa and other big foliaged plants.

2. Deep Self-Design Planter

These self-designed cylindrical planters give a unique look to houseplants.

3. The Touch of Gold

Gorgeous Indoor Statement Planter 2

The dark green fronds of an indoor palm plant will look magnificent in a golden planter.

4. Ready Made Ikea Pots

These simple and subtle planters from IKEA are always a great addition to homes.

5. Nypon Plant Pot

Gorgeous Indoor Statement Planter 3

Though it looks like concrete, the pot is made of recycled plastic and comes with a roller plate beneath.

6. Extra Large Decorative Planter

This extra-large decorative planter adds a lot of character to the living or master bedroom.

7. Solid White Planters

Gorgeous Indoor Statement Planter 4

These solid white planters over wooden stands offer a great look to any plant.

8. Gleaming Gold!

You can never go wrong with the sheen of a golden pot!

9. Rattan Plant Stands

Gorgeous Indoor Statement Planter 5

Rattan plant stands give a natural look to the indoor space and offer eye-catching design.

10. Cement Planter

Fan of a raw-looking pots? A cement planter is your best bet!

11. Indoor Plant Trough

Gorgeous Indoor Statement Planter 6

A matte black indoor plant trough, with a mirror on the wall, will look terrific!

12. Small and Big Planter Combo

A small black pot on the table and a bigger white planter on the floor makes for an interesting looking combo!

13. Cachepots!

Gorgeous Indoor Statement Planter 7

These gorgeous Cachepots in golden color will look royal on any tabletop!

14. Standing Pot Planter

This egg-shaped planter with a metal wire stand is great for corners.

15. Rectangle Planter with a Wooden Stand

Gorgeous Indoor Statement Planter 8

This rectangle planter offers you a lot of space to grow multiple plants together.

16. Tall Grey Planter for Pothos

The trailing foliage of pothos will match perfectly with a tall grey planter.

17. Baskets for Large Plants

A two-tone basket is perfect for small rooms to add a bit of character.

18. Minimalistic Planters for Cactus and other Houseplants

Gorgeous Indoor Statement Planter 10

The simple and elegant look of these planter pair well with cactus and other houseplants.

19. Small Pots with Gold Stands

The marble look on the white planters looks more appealing with gold stands.

20. Pothos in White

Gorgeous Indoor Statement Planter 9

The towering look of this white planter goes well with the dark green leaves of pothos.

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