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4 Lovely Budget Patio Ideas For Small Backyards

By Riya Sander

With these lovely patio ideas you can create a lovely Patio Area at cheap cost. See Below!

If you want to create a lovely small backyard patio area on a budget, this post is for you! More if you think you have limited options because of the high cost of many prefabricated outdoor items and professional custom renovations for small and irregular layouts. The truth is that you can turn any patio area into a comfortable and welcoming gathering spot without spending a lot of money. Consider some of these fantastic do-it-yourself ideas for creating an outdoor living space.

1. Construct Furniture With Basic Materials

Construct Furniture With Basic Materials 1

Anyone can quickly and effortlessly turn a wide range of basic construction materials into safe and functional outdoor furniture. For example, stack heavy concrete blocks in a square or rectangular shape and then top with a sheet of plywood and a long piece of fabric-covered foam to make a sturdy bench. It’ll look cool too! You can also use old pallet wood, a saw and some wood screws or nails to build furniture.

In this, the biggest expense is usually the outdoor paint used to protect your raw materials.

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2. Create and Install Custom Pathways

4 Lovely Patio Ideas On A Budget For Small Backyard 2

You don’t need to blow your budget to create decorative paths between the front and back yards or your patio and other areas. Look at small outdoor patio designs and matching paths online for ideas and then recreate them with basic materials. For example, make stones with quick-set concrete. After you decide on the number and size of stones, construct basic square or other shaped frames with pallet wood and put each frame on a large plastic bag on a flat surface. Line the frame bottoms with decorative items like river stones, glass beads or anything that might leave an imprint like leaves and then pour the mixed concrete into the frames. After the concrete sets, remove the frames and plastic and flip the stones to reveal the decorative tops. Another inexpensive option: Decorate large natural stones with stencils and outdoor paint.

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Invest in Plenty of String Lights

Invest in Plenty of String Lights

A patio roof doesn’t need a complicated built-in lighting system. Wrap string lights that feature different types, sizes and/or colors of bulbs around columns and beams. If your patio doesn’t have a roof, mount staggered hooks across a wall or a tree and then run the strings along them. When decorating a patio, you might also stretch string lights like clotheslines above tables. Additionally, consider hanging the lights vertically along the outside of mosquito netting, cutting large jars to feature openings at both ends and then stuffing each jar with an entire string or running lights along the rims of pots that have night-blooming flowers. Make it seem like you spent a fortune on high-end lights by painting white, brown or green plastic wiring with metallic or glitter silver or gold paint.

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Install Fantasy or Fairy Gardens

Fantasy Garden in patio

Add a touch of whim to your small backyard by adding a cute looking fairy or fantasy garden. Also, fill your garden with surprises at every turn. Learn the art of espalier tree growing and plant fruit-bearing trees against walls and fences and along non-fenced yard borders so that they stand almost flat with their branches forming lattices and geometric forms. Stack several terracotta pots and then fill them with soil, small plants, moss, stones, tiny houses and other miniature items so that they look like terraced fairy villages. Make your gardens the talk of the neighborhood by blending beautiful flowers and leaf colors with breathtaking scents. Make a spilled pot or set a chair planter! Lastly, wrap thick wire around large cracked marbles and hang the the “fairy spheres” from tree branches.

Most of the supplies you need to keep your expenses low for these projects are readily available when you know where to look. Check out:

– Retail store clearance aisles
– Construction “leftover” stock piles
– “$1” and “Dollar” stores
– Online “Free Stuff” and “Yard Sale” social groups
– Junk yards and recycling/upcycling centers

It’s not too late to begin your small backyard patio renovation! You can gather supplies and complete any of these projects inexpensively within just a few days.


Riya is an Australia-based writer. She currently writes for many companies including Scally Projects, Queensland’s specialized company of craftsmanship which provides patio, deck and carport designing. Apart from her job, she enjoys reading travel pocketbooks, gardening and surfing the internet. Follow her twitter, @SanderRiya.

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With these lovely patio ideas you can create a lovely Patio Area at cheap cost. Must See!


  1. That makes sense to turn concrete into furniture. That seems pretty inexpensive. I might have to try that and get concrete pavers to go with it.


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