20 Cheap Patio Ideas for Budget Gardeners

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Looking for some pocket-friendly options to deck up your porch? These Cheap Patio Ideas for Budget Gardeners will have your back!

If you think revamping your porch will be a hefty deal, you’re getting it wrong. Here are some Cheap Patio Ideas for Budget Gardeners you must check out!

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Cheap Patio Ideas for Budget Gardeners

1. Multifunctional Patio Desk


Install a desk on the patio that will serve as a breakfast table, a counter for decking planters, and storing some garden essentials on the shelves. Details are here.

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2. Bottle Cap Chime for the Patio

A bottle cap wind chime will be a colorful addition to your patio. Arrange some soda caps or beer bottle caps and punch them together to create this unique decor piece. Learn more here.

3. Design a DIY Pallet Wall Garden

Install a DIY Pallet wall garden on your patio to display your favorite plants in style. You can also use a slat wall, as shown in the DIY here.

4. Chalkboard Bottle Opener

This chalkboard bottle opener is a pretty functional addition if you plan an outdoor yard party with your friends or want to spend quality time with your family. Details are here.

5. Upcycled Jam-Jar Tealight Holders


Add some jazz and bling to your patio with these jam jar tea lights. Go for colorful jars for an added charm. Learn more here.

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6. Make Some DIY Porch Planters

Ditch the regular plant pots and make some DIY porch planters using pocket-friendly supplies from the flea market. Details are here.

7. Make a Living Sidewall or Fence


Train your vining plants in a way that will allow you to enjoy some private time in the yard. This idea will also add a tropical touch to your patio. Learn more here.

8. Add Salvage Yard Find Furniture and Artifacts

An easy way to deck up your porch without burning a hole in the pocket is to add statement-making chic and colorful furniture that’ll be functional as well.

9. Adorn with Wooden Lights


A unique decor like this will leave an everlasting impression on your visitors. The best part is that you can easily design this using dry branches from your garden. Details are here.

10. Add a Plant Stand with Different Succulents

Use an old TV to display your favorite succulents. You can either hang it on the wall or keep it on a table. Details are here.

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11. Display Wooden Frames with Plants


If you are an ardent fan of succulents, display them on your patio by creating a living wall using pallets. You can plant Haworthia, Euphorbia, Sedums, and other varieties of your choice. Learn more here.

12. Build a DIY Fire Pit

A DIY fire pit in the yard will save you from the cold bites on a winter night while you can enjoy some cozy time with your loved ones. Watch the tutorial here.

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13. Save Bucks While Growing Your Favorites

Follow some budget-friendly tips while growing an organic harvest in your yard mentioned in the video here.

14. DIY Patio Box for Storing Gardening Tools

Build a patio box using lumber and plywood blocks, as shown in the video. You can use it to store your garden tools, shoes, and other quick essentials or as a countertop.

15. Modern Patio Chair

This DIY modern chair is classy and will be easy on your pocket if you follow the instructions mentioned in the tutorial here.

16. Stencil Beautiful Patterns on the Patio Slabs

Stencil beautiful patterns on your patio slabs to give it an artistic makeover using reusable stencils, masonry paint, and your super crafting skills. Get the details here.

17. Paint the Patio Tiles

Paint the patio tiles in your favorite colors. You can go with the classy monochrome theme shown in the tutorial here.

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18. Umbrella Stand

If you have a big patio, then use the space to display an umbrella in style. Here’s an easy DIY to make one for yourself!

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19. Make Beautiful Wood Planter Boxes

Large but lightweight, portable, and long-lasting! It is one of the most beautiful planters in the budget for a patio. Details are here.

20. Two-Tier Patio Water Fountain

Listen to the soothing sound of the soft burble of water spilling over rocks in this DIY fountain that you can add to your patio.

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