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Brick Pathway Ideas for Garden Design

We have 8 brick pathway ideas for you to take inspiration from. If you implement, these pathways can be a permanent and interesting surface solutions for your garden.

See below to find out which one you like most.

brick pathway ideas

1. Bricked path is a permanent solution for your garden. You can do lot of experiments and use variety of materials with them to make amazing styles.

make brick pathway2. There are no natural white bricks, so you need to paint them. In the picture white bricks are arranged to make this exquisite garden path, which is cutting the lawn smoothly.

brick walkway ideas3. These warm colored bricks are arranged in different orders, styling the walkway beautifully and complimenting the color of wall.

design brick pathway4. Bricks come in variety of colors, types, sizes and surfaces. You can select whatever type you find appropriate for your garden and use it accordingly.

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brick in garden

5. This pathway is giving a rustic look to the garden. Generally, brick paths are compact and low maintenance, they don’t need much care.

upcycled pathway

6. Design of this garden path is easy to imitate as these clinker bricks are arranged in similar pattern and order.

brick garden ideas

7. All the bricks are glued in zig-zag pattern with the brick edgings, which are bordering the plants.

brick garden

8. This durable and long lasting brick path is really charming and giving a primitive look to the walkway.

Characteristics of brick pathways:

1. Brick pavements are durable and sleek.

2. Bricks can be arranged in blocks – in the squares, crosswise and in zig-zag.

3. Bricks can be used with other materials like granite, natural stones, wood, glass and metal.

4. You can paint bricks in any color to match the surroundings.


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