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15 Cool DIY Rock and Stone Crafts for Homes

Here are some cool DIY Rock and Stone Crafts for Homes that you could use to create some wonderful art pieces for your rooms and gardens!

Crafting cool designs from rocks and stones creates an earthy tone in the space. They are also a lot of fun for kids and you could involve them in these really amazing DIY Rock and Stone Crafts for Homes where they’d love to create few wonderful things for decorating!

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DIY Rock and Stone Crafts for Homes

1. Stone Candle Holders

DIY Rock Uses for Homes

Create an artistic look on pebbles of different sizes by painting them abstract in your choice of color and design. Attach them together with the help of glue to make a stand.

2. Jewelry Hanger

With the help of double-sided tape, you can easily stick pebbles to the wall and hang pieces of jewelry.

3. Stone Footprints

DIY Rock Uses for Homes 2

By choosing stones of appropriate sizes you can create shapes of foot and toes. Also, paint them in different colors or leave them natural for a more realistic look.

4. Stone Planters

You can glue small stones together of different colors and sizes to make unique planters!

5. Door Rug

DIY Rock Uses for Homes 3

Tired of using the same clothes rugs? Make one for yourself by gluing river rocks together!

6. Beautiful Vase

Take small stones of different colors and glue them on a tin can to make a beautiful stone pot!

7. Stone Candle Holder

DIY Rock Uses for Homes 4

This simple stone wall candle holder looks elegant and also adds a rustic appeal to your decor.

8. Bedroom Rock Headboard

Collect rocks of different shapes, colors, and sizes from the river bed. Glue them together to form this massive wall of rock headboard in your bedroom!

9. Floating Candles With Pebbles

DIY Rock Uses for Homes 5

Add different pebbles in a glass bowl, fill it up with water, and put floating candles to make a romantic light!

10. An Innovative Address Plate

An address plate/house number plate written with pebbles or stones will definitely be an innovative addition to your home!

11. Pebbles Indoor Water Fountain

DIY Rock Uses for Homes 6

This small water fountain can be a great tabletop addition with cute pebbles!

12. DIY Rock Coaster

One of the best ways to add a natural element to your home, this would be perfect to put your cup of hot coffee onto! Details are here.

13. Rock Garden Caterpillar

DIY Rock Uses for Homes 7

Make you boring looking windowsill come alive with this colorful caterpillar made by gluing rocks and pebbles together! You can also involve your kids in this DIY!

14. DIY Moon Rocks

All you need is baking soda, water, gold glitter, miniature silver stars, and black food coloring to make your own moon rocks!

15. Rock Knobs for Cabinets or Doors

DIY Rock Uses for Homes 8

Instead of buying expensive hardware, you can use smooth pebbles to craft attractive knobs! For details, click here.


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