30 Best Homemade DIY Firewood Racks Ideas

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Here are the Best Homemade DIY Firewood Racks Ideas to store your supplies safely in indoor and outdoor styles.

Firewood racks are a boon since they do much more than store firewood. By protecting the wood from moisture, keeping it off the ground, protecting it from unwanted pests, and storing it properly, these Best Homemade DIY Firewood Racks Ideas will add to the aesthetics of your home with properly organized firewood and added functionalities regardless of firewood rack indoor or outdoor.

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Best Homemade DIY Firewood Racks Ideas

1. Round Storage Rack

Repurpose metal window wells and wooden boards to combine them to work as a firewood holder. Learn the instructions in this YouTube tutorial. It is one of the best firewood storage ideas.

2. V-Shaped Wood Rack

Insert four wood beams into each hole of two cinder blocks to recreate this DIY wood rack in your backyard. It’s an easy and useful solution to store firewood.

3. Pallet Firewood Rack

Protecting firewood can be tricky in the winters and rains, but with this hack, you can do this easily. Use old and reclaimed pallet wood to install a pallet firewood rack in your backyard. It is one of the best outdoor firewood racks.

4. Firewood Rack DIY

With two cinder blocks and some wood beams, you can recreate this DIY firewood rack in minutes without tools! Check out the description at Instructables for this firewood rack outdoor.

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5. An Outdoor Counter Cum Firewood Rack

A rack that’s not just storage for your firewoods but acts as an outdoor counter as well. Follow up on the tutorial and supply list at Bower Power. It is one of the best firewood storage ideas.

6. A Firewood Rack

Store fire logs in your handmade shed with firewood storage, which you can make using treated lumber, screws, wood posts, chicken wire, and wood glue. Watch the tutorial here for this firewood rack outdoor.

7. DIY Log Holder

Look at this tutorial by Homeroad, which gives you an easy way to arrange a place to store fire logs. You’ll need some measurement-specified pressure-treated boards and decking screws for this firewood holder.

8. Small Firewood Rack

Build this log holder near your cozy patio seating to have a romantic and warm evening with your better half. Just as it looks, it’s pretty simple to make in six steps here. This is one of the best outdoor firewood racks.

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9. Cedar Firewood Rack

Arrange and fix cinder blocks and six 2X4 wood boards such that it replicates a similar firewood holder outdoor as in the image. For inspiration and the plan, you can click here.

10. DIY Rolling Firewood Cart

With this firewood cart, it will be much easier to move firewood near your firepit without much effort. Visit The Wood Grain Cottage to learn more about the DIY firewood holder outdoors.

11. DIY Firewood Shed

You need roof covering, cladding, bolts and nuts, nails, and structures for roof and floor to complete this DIY Firewood Rack with Roof. Everything in detail is available here.

12. Metal Firewood Rack

Take a corrugated metal frame raised bed and turn it on its side to imitate this instant firewood rack. Since heavy rains might still affect the logs, keep the shelf in an area with a shed or under some cover. It is one of the best firewood storage ideas.

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13. Patio Firewood Rack

The plans and list of supplies along with the tutorial is available here. Unlike any other firewood shed, this one consumes less surface yet is capable of holding many logs, making it a great firewood holder.

14. Aluminum Firewood Rack

Assemble aluminum channels and brackets in the way described here to build this firewood rack for your space. You can choose to paint the frame with some spray paint or leave as is.

15. Metallic Firewood Holding Frame

Get a metal frame like this to keep your firewood! For the tutorial, visit Instructables.

16. Rustic Firewood Rack

For this homemade firewood rack DIY, you don’t need any extra material. Arrange firewood on a wood log rack by following the tutorial here. It is one of the best firewood storage ideas.

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17. Concrete block and Wood Firewood Rack

Check out the Best Homemade DIY Firewood Racks Idea that you make using concrete blocks and wood, without using any tools. Here is the DIY for this outdoor firewood rack.

18. Plumbing Pipe Firewood Rack

Check out this amazing DIY to create a strong and movable firewood holder using plumbing pipes.

19. Compact and Elegant Firewood Rack

Here is another amazing DIY firewood holder outdoor that is compact, elegant, and can store a lot of firewood.

20. $18 Firewood Rack

Want to save as much as you can with firewood storage ideas? Here is a DIY firewood rack that you can make in just $18.

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21. Firewood Storage Shed

Here is a beautiful firewood storage idea that blends with your home and stores a ton of firewood for long winters.

22. Mini Firewood Rack Indoor

Here is one of the Best Homemade DIY Firewood Racks Ideas of a small indoor firewood rack to keep your fireplace ready. Check out the DIY here.

23. Concrete Log Holder

This concrete log holder is one of the best firewood storage ideas that is durable and perfect for firewood storage both indoor firewood storage and outdoor. Here is the DIY tutorial.

24. DIY Wood Rack

Follow this DIY to create a durable firewood holder outdoor that occupies little space but holds a lot of logs.

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25. Tubing Roller Firewood Rack

An elegant and fantastic firewood and log rack that you can make yourself is this one made out of a tubing roller. Learn how this firewood storage DIY here. It is one of the best firewood storage ideas.

26. DIY Firewood Rack with Roof

With a shingle roof, this DIY Firewood Rack with Roof is perfect for indoor and outdoor firewood storage. Here is the DIY for this outdoor firewood rack.

27. Log Storage with Roof Mini Garden

Here is a beautiful firewood holder to store firewood in the garden with a roof full of amazing little planters. Check out the DIY Firewood Rack with Roof here.

28. Gas Pipe Firewood Holder DIY

Create a beautiful and study firewood holder outdoor using black steel pipes and steps from this firewood storage DIY.

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29. Indoor Firewood Box

This indoor firewood box is one of the Best Homemade DIY Firewood Racks Ideas that you can make in under 2 hours. Here is the tutorial.

30. Multifunctional Firewood Rack

Here is an amazing firewood rack diy which doubles as a garden bench so you can save space and have multifunctional usage. It is one of the best firewood storage ideas.

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