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Want to experiment with something made of concrete in your yard? Well, you are in for a treat! Here are some fabulous DIY Cement Garden Ideas you can try!

Finding new ways to revamp the look of your garden is always a good idea and keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of some of the best DIY Cement Garden Ideas that are simply amazing!

DIY Cement Garden Ideas

1. Modern Fire Pit

DIY Cement Garden Ideas

Spray a bowl with non-stick spray, fill it with cement mix and use another container to give shape to the fire pit. The steps in detail are available at Man Made DIY. This is one cement garden items that you must use!

2. Concrete Planter

Fit rigid foam insulation into an old cabinet and fill the cabinet with a concrete mix. After filling the cement mix, vibrate the cement garden basket with a hammer to eliminate any bubbles and get a smooth texture. Learn the DIY in detail by watching the video here.

3. Concrete Fire Column

DIY Cement Garden Ideas for you to make

If you are among those who spend most of their time outside in the summers, this DIY is probably of great use. This fire column is kids friendly and inexpensive to make with concrete mix. Follow up here.

4. DIY Concrete Table Numbers

Use paper mache numbers, as the molds to produce table numbers for your grand events. Cut a paper mache number in half, fill it with concrete mix and let it sit for a day until it dries completely. Find this easy tutorial at Love and Lavender.

5. DIY Concrete Christmas Balls

DIY Cement Garden Ideas to revamp the look

Lubricate decorative cement garden balls in non-stick spray and fill them with a concrete mix to recreate this fantastic Christmas ball DIY. For further description, look at the translated DIY here. This is surely one of the best cement sculptures for garden!

6. DIY Garden Stones

Construct a set of stepping stones for your garden using a cake pan, old saucers, contact paper, gems, wire mesh, and concrete mix. Intimate Weddings has the steps in detail for you.

7. DIY Concrete Leaf

DIY Cement Garden Ideas that can transform the look

Choose a big maple or any other leaf, lay it down on a sturdy surface and start putting the concrete mix on the backside. Once you are satisfied with the concrete layering, let it sit for a few weeks to allow it to cure. We found the idea at The Mag Rag.

8. Concrete Vases DIY

Use two different sized plastic bottles as the molds to recreate a concrete flower vase as above. The step by step tutorial is here to make one of the best garden ideas with cement blocks.

9. Concrete Mix Mushroom

DIY Cement Garden Ideas that are truly great

Form a mushroom-like structure using concrete and spray paint to display them in your yard. This project is a simple and inexpensive idea to set an attractive spot in your garden.

10. Concrete Planters

Build a variety of concrete planters using different containers with varied textures as your molds. Get one such tutorial at BHG.

11. DIY Concrete Garden Globes

DIY Cement Garden Ideas to make best use of space

Fill up old glass globes with a concrete mix to the top and allow it to dry for a few hours or even days. Once dry, if you don’t like the texture, use a wire brush to sand the surface a little. The tutorial is at The Garden Glove.

12. Concrete Hand Planters

Creating these hand planters is easy, fill a surgical glove with cement mix and give it a bowl-like shape by placing it in a bowl. The idea is here.

13.  Concrete Stepping Stones

DIY Cement Garden Ideas that are different and easy to make

Recreate this decorative concrete stepping stone for your garden or any other area of your property. Just a mold and concrete mix is all that you need.

14. Planter Hands DIY


You’ll need casting cement, water, plastic gloves, and a spatula to mix the cement. Make your hand bowls using the tutorial listed here.

15. DIY Heart Stepping Stone

DIY Cement Garden Ideas for your loved ones

This DIY heart valentine’s day stepping stone is a great idea to surprise your loved ones! If not a heart, you can experiment with the shapes you wish to design your stepping stones. Follow Hometalk for the tutorial.

16. Concrete Pumpkin Planter

Repurpose a Halloween candy bucket in making this concrete pumpkin planter for your yard. The step-by-step tutorial is listed in Country Living.

17. Cement Planter DIY

DIY Cement Garden Ideas to make your yard stand out

These modern cement planters are great to display as a centerpiece or merely put them on the table for a stylish dining setting. Apartment Therapy shares the tutorial.

18. Stepping Stones DIY

Design these rectangular stepping stones with your kids using plastic stepping stone mold and concrete mix. Visit Home Made Simple.

19. Concrete Tabletop

DIY Cement Garden Ideas to enhance the appeal

Build an inexpensive version of a concrete tabletop, which would otherwise cost you a lot. The Kim Six Fix has a homemade DIY for this tabletop project.

20. DIY Cement Copper Pots

Make a cement planter using the same technique as in any other DIY in this list and embellish it with copper slug tape. Look for the instructions here.

21. Cement Test Tube Planters

some of the best DIY Cement Garden Ideas

Fill a container with cement mix and put a few test tubes and let them sit for a few hours.  Once the structure dries, remove it from the mold and start planting the flowers! Click here for one of the best DIY Cement Garden Ideas.

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