20 Indoor Kitchen Garden Ideas | Herb Garden in the Kitchen

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Want to utilize the unused space in your pantry? Use these 20 Kitchen Herb Garden Ideas to transform your space into a mini garden!

If you are an avid gardener, you must be looking out for ways to use the space in your kitchen to grow your favorite plants. Here are some of the best Kitchen Herb Garden Ideas that may help you to fill up your kitchen with aromatic herbs!

1. DIY Tomato Window Garden

Kitchen Herb Garden Ideas

Love tomatoes? Then how about growing them by the window in your kitchen using upside-down plastic bottles and an automated watering system. Take a look at the DIY for more info.

2. Kitchen Herb Garden Window

Utilize a large and bright window at your kitchen to grow your favorite herbs like Chives, Basil, Thyme, and Rosemary. Keep them in small pots to have a handful of fresh herbs ready whenever you need them! Read this tutorial for more details.

Check out the impressive list of herbs to grow here!  

3. Window Boxes for Kitchens

A window by your sink can be your little kitchen garden, where you can grow your herbs and greens that you use the most. We found the idea here.

4. Veggie Garden in the Kitchen

Kitchen Garden Ideas

There are many vertical wall planters available like woolly pockets. You can hang them in your kitchen to grow tasty and organic edibles.

5. Kitchen Cabinet Mini Garden

Have multiple, bright windows in your kitchen? Use that light to your advantage and grow herbs indoors in the kitchen!

6. Hanging Kitchen Herb Garden

Select from our list of indoor herbs and hang their pots on the kitchen window by means of curtain rods.

7. Kitchen Garden Jungle

Unique vegetable garden ideas

If your love for plants is crossing the limits of space available, how about creating an indoor jungle like this one? 

8. Vertical Grid Shelves for Kitchens

Create a mini garden in your kitchen using vertical shelves. This will not only enhance the look of the space but will also give you a fresh supply of herbs whenever you want!

9. Mini Vertical Garden for Kitchens

Utilize the unused space behind the kitchen door and get access to the green supplies using hollow door anchors! For more details, click here!

10. DIY Kitchen Herb Garden

Vegetable garden layout

A wooden panel with built-in boxes is all you need for this easy DIY. Put your favorite herbs in mason jars for a cleaner look.

For more amazing indoor plants to grow indoors, click here

11. Floating Shelves for Kitchen Gardening

A minimalistic approach for urban kitchens, using floating shelves to grow your herbs. A window will ensure they get bright light for their optimum growth.

12. Kitchen Window Garden

Home vegetable garden ideas

A large window that receives plenty of sunlight is a perfect place to add more plants to it. It will not only add to the look but will also bring green tranquility to your space!

13. Mini Herb Garden

A simple yet effective solution to grow herbs in the kitchen–Buy a grow kit or start them hydroponically.

14. Wooden Vertical Shelves

How to start a vegetable garden from scratch

How about a hanging mason jar arrangement on wooden planks to grow herbs? One of its kind of tutorial is available here.

15. Kitchen Windowsill Garden

A large window, right by your kitchen counter is a perfect place to show your beautiful plants like Orchids, Anthurium, Asparagus Fern, and Echeveria.

16. Modern Kitchen Garden

Growing herbs on the countertop and utilizing the space to dine by the mini garden cum bar will boost the appeal of your kitchen by tenfold! 

17. Vertical Stand Garden

Unique vegetable garden ideas

A small hanging shelf to plant herbs near a cooking range is the best way to have fresh supplies to cook your favorite cuisines! 

18. Wall Garden for Kitchens

You can use artificial lights to grow your favorite herbs in the dark in modular sets. A lack of space in the kitchen for growing plants will never be a problem now! 

19. Caster Cart Garden

Buy a castor cart and arrange your edible plants in it. It is a nice hack to move it along for the plants to get sunlight!

20. Mini Garden Kit for Kitchens

DIY a wooden window box or buy one to grow your favorite herbs like parsley, chives, and cilantro in it.

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