21 Exciting Indoor Winter Gardening Projects for December

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Are you looking for new ideas to bring in the festive vibe indoors? Here are some amazing Indoor Winter Gardening Projects for December!

If outdoor gardening is restricted due to cold weather, these Indoor Winter Gardening Projects for December will keep your love for gardening going.

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Indoor Winter Gardening Projects for December

1. Make a Christmas Tree of Potted Plants

Yes! You can make your own Christmas tree using a bunch of potted houseplants. You just need a wooden structure in the shape of a tree to arrange them. All the details are here. It is one of the best Indoor Winter Gardening Projects for December.

2. Start an Indoor Vegetable Garden


An indoor vegetable garden is one of the best Indoor Winter Gardening Projects for December to enjoy a homegrown harvest if the space or outdoor weather won’t permit it.

Green Onions, lettuce, microgreens, garlic greens, fenugreek, and herbs can be grown in an indoor greenhouse or a warm and bright spot in your home.

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3. Try One of the Tabletop Decoration Projects

Place votive candles onto birch stumps to create a stunning look for your tabletops. Check out the tutorial to make your own here. Or click here to see more tabletop decor ideas! It is the best Indoor Winter Gardening Project for December you can make.

4. Make an Indoor Staircase Garden

Make your own indoor stairs garden using fresh pine trees, battery-operated fairy lights, small flower buckets, a chalk pen, and colorful ribbons.

5. Grow Herbs

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Growing herbs is also a fun indoor garden activity that you can do, providing you with a fresh harvest for the kitchen. Oregano, Rosemary, Basil, Chives, Parsley, and Mint are some of the best you can grow. It is one of the easiest Indoor Winter Gardening Projects for December.

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6. Make an Indoor Trellis Christmas Tree

Transform a garden trellis into a pretty Christmas tree and place it in one of your boring corners.

7. Group Succulents to Build a Christmas Tree Centerpiece

Make your own festive tabletop tree using succulents. It looks super cool and is also relatively easy to maintain! Details are here, and if you like this, we have more DIY succulent Christmas tree projects here!

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8. Make a Christmas Theme Terrarium

If you are looking for a creative way to add an appeal to the festive indoor decor this winter, making your own indoor terrariums could be a great choice! It is one Indoor Winter Gardening Projects for December you must definitely try.

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9. Put Together a Pinecone Christmas Tree

Collect pine cones and make your own Pinecone Christmas Tree. Use cardboard and glue to stick them together in the shape you want to add to the festive look of your home!

10. Make a Christmas Vertical Garden

This Christmas decoration works well in large or small spaces inside your home, and you could even hang it on the porch. Details are here!

11. Make an Indoor Greenhouse

An indoor greenhouse is the best way to start seeds and cuttings indoors, and you can grow herbs, flowers, and other plants. It is one of the best Indoor Winter Gardening Projects for December.

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12. Decorate Your Home for Christmas with Plants

You can use plants differently to add a Christmas theme to your rooms. To help you do it easily, we have a great article on Christmas Decor Ideas with Plants here.  

13. Make a Christmas Wreath

No Christmas home decor is complete without a wreath. Some of the best DIY ideas are here to follow! It is one of the gorgeous Indoor Winter Gardening Projects for December.

14. Buy One of these Festive Season Houseplant

Holiday season houseplants are the best way to fill the home with festive vibes. These plants will add colors indoors while keeping the festive spirits alive.

Here are the best holiday season houseplants you can grow

15. Make a Birdseed Christmas Ornament

Birdseed Christmas ornaments will look fantastic hanging on the windows. This way, you will feed the birds in winter, too. Check out how you can make it here. You should definitely try this Indoor Winter Gardening Project for December.

16. Grow a Microgreen Garden

As winter months are cold, growing greens inside the home make a lot of sense, and what could be better than growing microgreens? All you need is a windowsill that receives light, and you can enjoy a protein-rich supply all winter long!

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17. Make A Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

When winter months arrive, and birds start to look for food as it becomes scarce, making a wine bottle bird feeder in the garden can be a great idea. Check out this guide for details.

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18. Make Calendula Salve at Home

With intense anti-inflammatory properties and the potential to soothe skin ailments, calendula can be a great choice for natural beauty and personal wellness. Find out how to make this homemade calendula salve easily. It is one of the best Indoor Winter Gardening Projects for December.

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19. DIY Birdhouse

Follow this tutorial to learn how to make an easy pine birdhouse that is simple and can also be painted. It will last for years and continue to feed and provide shelter to many birds at once.

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20. Decorate Your Terracotta Pots

This simple project for indoors in the winter can be super fun, and you can get as creative as you want.

These cheerful bee paint designs with matching ribbons can be a fascinating way to liven up your container garden this spring. It is one of the best Indoor Winter Gardening Projects for December.

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21. Grow a Christmas Tree Alternative

You can use many beautiful houseplants as Christmas tree alternatives, and they will also look good. Small houseplants like Norfolk Island Pine, Weeping Fig, and Rosemary can be used for Christmas decorations at home.

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