16 Dreamlike DIY Garden Log Cabins You Can Build By Yourself

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Always wanted to build yourself a cozy log cabin? Here are some cost-effective and dreamlike DIY Garden Log Cabins that you’ll surely appreciate!

1. Build a Simple Log Cabin

Build a Simple Log Cabin

Residential Designer Earl Hardy has presented a sophisticated blueprint of this log cabin through his tutorial, which is both energy-efficient and environmental-friendly.

2. DIY Garden Log Cabin

DIY Garden Log Cabin

If you ever dreamed of building a log cabin, where you can spend your weekends, then this tutorial is going to be a boon for you!

3. Traditional Garden Log Cabin

This video will encourage you to build a similar log cabin for yourself. Interestingly, the whole cabin is made from natural resources. The cabin’s architecture, combined with cleverly crafted stairs, will surely inspire you.

4. DIY Cozy Cabin For Under $6000

DIY Cozy Cabin For Under $6000

Anyone with necessary carpentry skills can construct this log cabin. It will cost not more than $6000. Go through this post, to know in detail the layout and cost estimate of this classic log house.

5. DIY Garden Office

If you want to create an office in your garden, where you can work in the vicinity of nature, then it’s a perfect tutorial for you.

6. DIY Tiny Pallet House

DIY Tiny Pallet House

The entire construction of this cabin has been done using pallets and plywoods. Check out this DIY to know all the details.

7. DIY Playhouse Log Cabin

DIY Playhouse Log Cabin

If your children keep asking for a playhouse, then this one is for them! Make it with the help of this DIY, costing only $300!

8. Build a Log Cabin By Hand

If you are fond of a cozy log cabin built under the lap of nature, then this guide will show you how to make one for yourself.

9. Build a 12×20 Log Cabin on a Budget

Build a 12x20 Log Cabin on a Budget

Building a log cabin by yourself is very economical. This article has details on how you can create a log cabin for yourself in a systematic manner, with a stunning gable over it.

10. DIY Garden Log Cabin

Get the step by step DIY tutorial of constructing this complex looking log cabin with ease.

11. Log Cabin for a Family

Here is an ideal 14 by 20 foot cabin plan for a small family, inspired by this post. It is budget-friendly and has a good ventilation system as well.

12. DIY Hunting Log Cabin

DIY Hunting Log Cabin

If you are a hunting lover, then check out this DIY to create your own log cabin in the woods.

13. Cordwood Coop

Cordwood Coop

The designer has used some unique ideas like employing wine bottles to offer a stain glass effect on the wooden walls. Read in detail to build this wooden cabin for yourself.

14. Funny Log Cabin

Funny Log Cabin

If you want to make a unique cabin, then this is going to interest you! It is made with pallets assorted with a fireplace chimney at its roof. Learn more about this DIY here.

15. DIY Log Cabin for $100

DIY Log Cabin for $100

This log cabin costs only $100. The designer says that anyone with basic carpentry skills and an ample supply of timber can build this log cabin. View the full tutorial here.

16. Building a Primitive Cabin

Building a Primitive Log Cabin

Build a primitive log cabin that can work as a hunting gateway or lakeside cottage for weekends, with the assistance of logs and basic tools. Get the inspiration here.

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