12 Most Colorful Aglaonema Varieties You Can Grow!

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Liven up any space in your home, garden, or office by growing one of the Most Colorful Aglaonemas! Read on to pick one of your favorites from our list.

Chinese Evergreen or Aglaonema is one of the easiest houseplants to grow that thrive well in almost every indoor growing condition. Its stunning looks, bright colors, air-purifying ability make it a great houseplant. If you too want to add it to your collection, pick one from our list of Most Colorful Aglaonemas!

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Most Colorful Aglaonemas

1. Red Aglaonema

Most Colorful Aglaonemas

Not exactly a variety name, just search for red aglaonemas either online or offline and you’ll find many options for growing both indoors and outdoors.

2. Lady Valentine

Most Colorful Aglaonema | Lady Valentine

The plant looks exquisite with unusual big oval-shaped leaves that showcase dark-green-colored margins with vast splashes of red and hot pink.

3. Green Papaya

Most Colorful Aglaonemas 2

This tropical cultivar looks gorgeous due to its lime green leaves and radiant pink-colored stems. This small plant is best suitable for low or medium light conditions.

4. Red Gold

 Most Colorful Aglaonema | Red Gold

When placed under bright indirect light, this variety displays its stunning colors. Its foliage sports a combination of gold, green, cream with an exceptional red-colored border.

5. Siam Aurora

Most Colorful Aglaonemas 3

This beautiful cultivar has lime green leaves and bold pink edges. According to Feng Shui, placing a Siam Aurora indoors can prove to be lucky too. 

6. Anyanmanee

 Most Colorful Aglaonema | Anyanmanee

With dark green broad leaves spotted with dusty pink hues, Anyanmanee is one of the Most Colorful Aglaonemas you can find! Place it in bright indirect light for the best hues.

7. Favonian

Most Colorful Aglaonemas 4

Another most easy-to-grow and care for Aglaonemas is the Favonian. With splashes in shades of pink and green edges, the plant is sure to be an eye-catcher. 

8. Wishes

Most Colorful Aglaonema| Wishes

This gorgeous variety of Aglaonemas stands out because of its pink, red, and green foliage. The plant stays compact and does best in dappled light. 

9. Pink Moon

Most Colorful Aglaonemas 5

With spots and freckles in shades of white and pink, the plant looks most exotic no matter whichever corner it’s placed in. 

10. Prestige

Most Colorful Aglaonema | prestige

Another splendid green and pink-leaf variety that can add a solid statement of color to any place. The more light it gets, the pinkier it’s going to be!

11. Super Pink

Most Colorful Aglaonemas 6

This bold and beautiful cultivar is all you need to add dollops of color to the interior space. It can be a great center table plant. Do make sure it gets plenty of dappled light.

12. Bidadari

Most Colorful Aglaonema 6

This elegant variety has a subtle shade of greens along with a pronounced touch of white and pink. It looks great in small plant stands or tables.

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