Different Types of Polka Dot Plant Varieties

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If you love variegated plants, then check out these amazing Different Types of Polka Dot Plant Varieties with multiple shades of colors!

Hypoestes phyllostachya comes in multitudes of colors and does quite well in indoor conditions, making it one of the most beautiful houseplants you can grow. Check out Different Types of Polka Dot Plant Varieties and pick your favorite one!

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Different Types of Polka Dot Plant Varieties

1. Pink Brocade

Different Types of Polka Dot Plant Varieties

Pink Brocade offers mottled pink dots on the green hairy leaves of the plant. It grows up to 6-12 inches tall and wide. This variety has more freckles or dots than other varieties and needs full sun or partial shade to grow.

2. Carmina


This polka dot variety grows upto 12-36 inches tall. The leaf color is unusual with freckles and veins in the shades of red-green, pink-green, and white green. It flowers in mid to late summer or early fall.

3. Confetti

Different Types of Polka Dot Plant Varieties 2

Confetti is a popular, fast-growing variety and grows up to 12-24 inches in height with 12-18 inches spread. The foliage colors range from red, pink, rose, and white. This drought and humidity tolerant variety can be grown in full sun to partial shade.

4. Red Splash

This hardy annual plant belongs to the Splash series and features red, pointy leaves with dark green spots. It can grow up to 10-15 inches tall and wide with a mounding growth habit. You can plant it under both full sun and partial shade.

5. White Splash

Different Types of Polka Dot Plant Varieties 3

White Splash comes from the Splash Select Series, with white leaves having green dots and veins. It has a mounding growth habit and can grow up to 10-14 inches tall and wide. This low-maintenance variety does not need a lot of care and pruning.

6. Purpariana

This polka dot offers foliage in a charming purple hue. Use well-draining, fertile soil and avoid overwatering as it can wither the plant. For best growth, make sure to keep it near a bright source of light that gets 4-5 hours of direct sun.

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