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20 Different Types of Orchid Varieties You Can Grow!

Indoor Orchid Care is not difficult but there are many species, and selecting your favorite one from different types of orchids is very puzzling!

Orchids (Orchidaceae) are exotic, colorful, and fragrant houseplants, ideal for homes and offices. They can adapt well to low light indoor conditions, and this characteristic makes them a successful and most sought after houseplant! If you also want to add orchids in your flowering indoor plant collection, then read about the most popular types of orchids in the below article!

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Types of Orchids

1. Brassavola Orchids

Botanical Name: Brassavola spp.

Popular Varieties: Brassavola digbyana, Glauca

Flower Color: White

Brassavola Orchids have an earthy fragrance that they release only during the night time. They grow gorgeous, white, and green flowers with narrow petals. There are a total of 20 species that come under the brassavola genus. The plant prefers bright light indoors, and while growing outdoors, place it in a spot that gets partial sun.

2. Catasetum Orchid

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Botanical Name: Catasetum spp.

Popular Varieties: Catasetum black magic, Clowesia, Mormodes, and Cycnoches

Flower Color: Burgandy, Black, Yellow, Red, and Green

Native to the Central and Northern South America, Catasetum features distinct, waxy flowers. They produce both male and female flowers that look similar to some extent. Generally grown as a houseplant, they thrive well under bright and dappled light.

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3. Encyclia Orchids

Botanical Name: Encyclia spp

Popular Varieties: Encyclia cordigera, Fragrans, Cochleata, and Osmantha

Flower Color: Purple, Green, Brown, Yellow, and Fuchsia

According to horticulturists, Encyclia orchids resemble an octopus, thanks to their drooping petals. The flowers are not fragrant but blossom consecutively for many months. It grows up to a height of 3 inches to 2 feet. It is one of the best types of orchids varieties you can grow!

4. Cattleya Orchid

Botanical Name: Cattleya spp

Popular Varieties: Cattleya pot Sakura Candy, ‘Little Mermaid,’ ‘Yucatan Magenta’

Flower Color: Orange, Purple, Yellow, and White

Cattleya orchids form large, vibrant, and fragrant flowers when exposed to bright light. If you are growing the plant outdoors, put them under a bright shade. Several Cattleya varieties are quite aromatic and popular, as a corsage orchid.

5. Cycnoches Orchid

Botanical Name: Cycnoches spp

Popular Varieties: Cycnoches chlorochilon, Haagii, Pentadactylon, and Barthiorum

Flower Color: Deep red, Green, Yellow, White, and Pink

Native to Mexico, Central, and South America, this variety belongs to cattleya orchid. The elegant male flowers look like swan’s neck hence the name. They have a dry period after flowering. Approx 25-30 fragrant flowers flourish on one stem, under bright, scattered light indoors.

6. Cymbidium Orchid

Botanical Name: Cymbidium spp

Popular Varieties: Cymbidium erytrhostylum, Canalliculatum ‘Krull-Smith’, Ensifolium ‘Iron Bone,’ and Eburneum ‘Vistamont’

Flower Color: Yellow-green with traces of deep red

Also known as boat orchids, it grows small flowers, as compared to other orchids. The cream-colored, five-petaled blossoms of this variety are what that steals the show! You can grow yellow and red ‘Showoff,’ bright pink ‘Frae,’ or lime green ‘Chica’; all three of these varieties have received American Orchid Society’s Certificate.

7. Dendrobium Orchid


Botanical Name: Dendrobium spp

Popular Varieties: Phalaenanthe, Spatulata, Callista, Dendrobium, Latouria, and Formosae

Flower Color: Purple, Lavender, White, Orange, Yellow, and Green

Dendrobium orchid produces delicate, exuberant flowers that need support due to heavy growth on top. The common varieties feature yellow, lavender, and white flowers. This variety grows up to 6 inches to 4 feet tall.

8. Epidendrum Orchids

Botanical Name: Epidendrum spp

Popular Varieties: Radicans, and Ibaguense

Flower Color: Orange, Yellow, Red, Fuchsia, and Lavender

Epidendrum is a large genus that includes more than 1000 species and hybrids! The plant requires bright light to flower. While growing them indoors, you can also opt for grow lights. It reaches up to 6 inches to 6 feet tall, depending on the species.

9. Lycaste Orchids

Botanical Name: Lycaste spp

Popular varieties: Macrophylla, Ciliata, Lasioglossa, Tricolor, and Aromatica

Flower Color: White, Purple, Red, Green, Yellow, and Orange

Lycaste orchid is a deciduous variety, native to the tropical central and south America. It produces long-lasting, medium-sized flowers in lavender, pink, white, or red colors. There are 30 species under this genus. It is one of the best types of orchids varieties you can grow!

10. Ludisia Orchids

Botanical Name: Ludisia discolor

Popular Varieties: Alba, and Nigrescens

Flower Color: White and Yellow

Ludisia orchid produces multi-stems of tiny white flowers with velvety, dark green leaves, making it one of the best types of orchids that you can grow! This genus is quite easy to grow and reaches up to a height of 5-20 inches. It is one of the best types of orchids varieties you can grow!

11. Masdevallia Orchids

Botanical Name: Masdevalia spp

Popular Varieties: Racemosa, Uniflora, Rosea, and Floribunda

Flower Color: White, Purple, and Red

The unique pattern of this summer-flowering orchid makes it stand out from all other orchids from the genera. Masdevallia produces triangular, elongated, thin, and compact flowers, under temperate and humid conditions. The genus includes 500 species, but only some of them are grown as houseplants.

12. Pansy Orchids

Botanical Name: Miltonia spp

Popular Varieties: Miltonia candida lindl, Clowesii, Cuneata, and Flavescens

Flower Color: White, Pink, Red, Yellow, and Purple

Native to Brazil, the Miltonia orchid flowers from late spring to summer. It features open, flat-face blossoms in red, yellow, white, and pink colors with marking in different shades. You can grow this charming flower throughout the year!

13. Oncidium Orchids

Botanical Name: Oncidium spp

Popular Varieties: Leucochilum, Tigrinum, Sarcodes, and Varicosum

Flower Color: Yellow, Brown, Pink, Red, Green, and Purple

Oncidium orchid comprises 300 species. The flowers of this genus looks-like a dancing girl. This low maintenance orchid variety includes ‘Sharry Baby’ that releases a sweet, cocoa-like scent. If you want healthy foliage and flowers, then keep the plant in a consistently moist and humid atmosphere.

14. Paphiopedlium Orchids

Botanical Name: Paphiopedum spp

Popular Varieties: Paphiopedlium insigne, Bellatulum, Rothschidian, and Armeniacum

Flower Color: Purple, Orange, and White

Paphiopedlium is also known as the lady’s slipper orchid. This easy to grow houseplant produces flowers in burgundy, brown, pink, white, black, and yellow shades. Also, some varieties have mottled foliage. It is one of the best types of orchids varieties you can grow!

15. Phaius Orchids

Botanical Name: Phaius spp

Popular Varieties: Australis, Baconii, Callosus, and Tancarvilleae

Flower Color: Orange-purple, and White-green

Commonly known as nun’s cap orchid, phaius orchid forms light pink, purple, white, or yellow droopy flowers. The plant grows up to 1-4 feet tall, in bright indoor light. Forty-five species come under this genus; the popular one is Phaius tancarvilleae.

16. Phalaenopsis Orchids

Botanical Name: Phalaenopsis spp

Popular Varieties: Golden peacock moth orchid, Jupiter, Dragon’s gold, Schilleriana, Stuartiana, Sedona’s maki dream, and Sago David

Flower Color: Blue, Green, Red, White, Pink, and Red

Phalaenopsis is also known as the moth orchid. It features yellow flowers with pink veins, on and off during the entire year. These easy to grow orchids thrive well in indirect indoor light, and grow up to 1-3 feet tall.

17. Phragmipedium Orchids

Botanical Name: Phragmipedium spp

Popular Varieties: Boissierianum, Caudatum, and Longifolium

Flower Color: Green, Mahogany-pink, and Fluorescent-orange

Phragmipedium orchid flourishes naturally in boggy conditions in South America. They need humid conditions and bright light. The heaviest flowering season arrives in spring, but some species can bloom year-round. It features mahogany-pink to green and fluorescent orange flowers. Most cultivars reach a height of 3-4 feet.

18. Psychopsis Orchids

Botanical Name: Psychopsis spp

Popular Varieties: Papilio, and Kalihi

Flower Color: Yellow, and Orange

Also known as butterfly orchids, Psychopsis are easy to grow orchids, producing attractive flowers with showy green and mottled, burgundy foliage. This genus includes only five species that can survive well in different temperatures. During the summer season, grow these orchids in moderate light and avoid heat.

19. Vanda Orchids


Botanical Name: Vanda spp

Popular Varieties: Coerulescens, Roebelingiana, Dearei, and Merrillii

Flower Color: Blue and Pink

Native to tropical Asia, the heat-loving Vanda genus has 80 species that produce long-lasting, fragrant flowers. These plants survive well in highly humid and bright conditions. The plant can be from 3 inches to 3 feet tall, depending on the species.

20. Zygopetalum Orchids

Botanical Name: Zygopetalum spp

Popular varieties: Mackayi, Intermedium, and Crinitum

Flower Color: White, Blue, Red, and Purple

Zygopetalum features fragrant flowers consistently from fall to spring. The stunning flowers have veins with spots of purple, chartreuse, and maroon color. The plant grows up to 2-3 feet in height and needs bright diffused light. It is one of the best types of orchids varieties you can grow!

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