90 Different Types of Orchid Varieties You Can Grow!

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Many agree that Orchids are pure love, and we have curated a list of Different Types of Orchid Varieties You Can Grow!

Orchids (Orchidaceae) are exotic houseplants, ideal for homes and offices. They can adapt well to low-light indoor conditions, and this characteristic makes them a successful and most sought-after houseplant! If you also want to add orchids to your flowering indoor plant collection, read about the most popular Types of Orchids in the below article!

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Different Types of Orchid Varieties You Can Grow

1. Brassavola Orchids


Botanical Name: Brassavola spp.

Flower Color: White

Brassavola Orchids have an earthy fragrance that they release only during the nighttime. They grow gorgeous white and green flowers with narrow petals. The plant prefers bright light indoors, and while growing outdoors, place it in a spot that gets partial sun.

Best Varieties of Brassavola Orchids

2. Brassavola digbyana


This type of Orchid flower produces a huge star-shaped, exotic flower available in shades of green and white that opens at night.

3. Glauca

Orchid Groves

This variety of Orchids produces large-lipped, pale apple-green flowers.

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4. Catasetum Orchid


Botanical Name: Catasetum spp.

Flower Color: Burgandy, Black, Yellow, Red, and Green

Native to Central and Northern South America, Catasetum features distinct, waxy flowers. They produce both male and female flowers that look similar to some extent. Generally grown as a houseplant, they thrive well under bright and dappled light.

Best Varieties of Catasetum Orchid

5. Catasetum Black Magic

Catasetum is a popular clone that produces sparkling black flowers.

6. Clowesia


Clowesia is another Orchid variety that features many pseudobulbs with internodes and alternate leaves.

7. Mormodes


Mormodes is an epiphyte that loves to grow on rotting or dead tree branches.

8. Cycnoches


Cycnoches is another type that is found to be growing in hot and humid climates, producing very dramatic blooms.

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9. Encyclia Orchids


Botanical Name: Encyclia spp

Flower Colors: Purple, Green, Brown, Yellow, and Fuchsia

According to horticulturists, Encyclia orchids resemble octopuses thanks to their drooping petals. The flowers are not fragrant but blossom consecutively for many months. It is one of the best types of orchid varieties you can grow!

Best Varieties of Encyclia Orchids

10. Encyclia cordigera


Epicyclia Cordigera is a fragrant variety with a fruity smell and produces flowers that can last for 2-4 months.

11. Fragrans


Caladenia Fragrans is also called the Fragrant China Orchid, a true miniature species native to India, China, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.

12. Cochleata


Cochleata, also called the Cockleshell Orchid or Clamshell Orchid is native to Central America, Colombia, Southern Florida, and the West Indies.

13. Osmantha


Osmantha is a fragrant variety with green-yellow, magenta, and white flowers that can last for 50-60 days.

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14. Cattleya Orchid


Botanical Name: Cattleya spp

Flower Colors: Orange, Purple, Yellow, and White

Cattleya orchids form large, vibrant, fragrant flowers when exposed to bright light. If you are growing plants outdoors, put them under a bright shade. Several Cattleya varieties are pretty aromatic and popular as corsage orchids.

Best Varieties of Cattleya Orchid

15. Cattleya pot Sakura Candy


Cattleya is a small, teacup-sized variety with stunning Fuschia pink blooms.

16. Little Mermaid


Little Mermaid is a hybrid between Brassanthe Maikai and Cattleya Walkeriana that produces star-shaped, pink flowers.

17. Yucatan Magenta


Yucatan Magenta is another hybrid of Encyclia and Cattleya that produces pink-magenta flowers.

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18. Cycnoches Orchid

Jason Dsouza

Botanical Name: Cycnoches spp

Flower Colors: Deep red, Green, Yellow, White, and Pink

Native to Mexico, Central, and South America, this variety belongs to the cattleya orchid. The elegant male flowers look like a swan’s neck hence the name. Approx 25-30 fragrant flowers flourish on one stem under bright, scattered light indoors.

Best Varieties of Cycnoches Orchid

19. Cycnoches chlorochilon

Orchidea-a virágok királynője

This variety produces beautiful, large, green, fragrant flowers that love the tropical climate.

20. Haagii

Catasetum Brasil Orchids

Haagii is another gorgeous variety that many collectors often choose.

21. Pentadactylon

Catasetum Brasil Orchids

Pentadactylon is a variety native to Peru and Brazil, producing sweet fragrant flowers.

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22. Cymbidium Orchid


Botanical Name: Cymbidium spp

Flower Color: Yellow-green with traces of deep red

Also known as boat orchids, it grows small flowers compared to other orchids. The cream-colored, five-petaled blossoms of this variety are what steal the show!

Best Varieties of Cymbidium Orchids

23. Cymbidium erytrhostylum


This variety features grassy leaves and easily forms big clumps with showy flowers.

24. Ensifolium ‘Iron Bone’


Iron Bone is an albino type that produces stunning fragrant huge, showy flowers.

25. Eburneum ‘Vistamont’


Vistamont produces huge white-lipped, purple-striped, green, or white flowers in mat texture.

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26. Dendrobium Orchid


Botanical Name: Dendrobium spp

Flower Colors: Purple, Lavender, White, Orange, Yellow, and Green

Dendrobium orchid produces delicate, exuberant flowers that need support due to heavy growth. The standard varieties feature yellow, lavender, and white flowers.

Best Varieties of Dendrobium Orchid

27. Phalaenopsis


Phalaenopsis variety produces upright flowers with showy, white, purple, or pink, pansy-shaped flowers.

28. Spatulata


Spatulata is another gorgeous variety that has spiral, twisted, asymmetrical blooms. It is also known as Antelope Orchids.

29. Callista


This a very beautiful variety that features brightly colored flowers that last for 7-10 days.

30. Dendrobium

Dendrobium can grow on trunks and branches, with new stems growing at the base of the old stems.

31. Latouria


Latouria is a variety that produces huge, showy flowers in shades of yellow, green, or white.

32. Epidendrum Orchids

Botanical Name: Epidendrum spp

Flower Colors: Orange, Yellow, Red, Fuchsia, and Lavender

Epidendrum is a large genus that includes more than 1000 species and hybrids! The plant requires bright light to flower. While growing them indoors, you can also opt for grow lights.

Best Varieties of Epidendrum Orchids

33. Radicans


Radicans is a sympodial Orchid that grows stems that do not swell like pseudobulbs.

34. Ibaguense


This variety is also called Crucifix Orchids and displays thin stems and long, leathery leaves with clusters of flowers that last for 2-3 months.

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35. Lycaste Orchids


Botanical Name: Lycaste spp

Flower Colors: White, Purple, Red, Green, Yellow, and Orange

Lycaste orchid is a deciduous variety native to tropical central and south America. It produces long-lasting, medium-sized flowers in lavender, pink, white, or red colors. It is one of the best types of orchid varieties you can grow!

Best Varieties of Lycaste Orchids

36. Macrophylla


This variety features broad, thick, leathery leaves and dark blue-purple flowers.

37. Ciliata

Ciliata is also called Fringed Midge Orchid, and this small terrestrial type is endemic to Australia.

38. Lasioglossa

Challen Willemsen

Lasioglossa is a big-sized variety that is endemic to El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

39. Triophora


The Triophora variety is a type that is native to Bali and Java with evergreen leaves.

40. Aromatica


Aromatica has ovate pseudobulbs, deciduous leaves, and upright yellow-orange, fragrant flowers in summer.

41. Ludisia Orchids

Botanical Name: Ludisia discolor

Flower Color: White and Yellow

Ludisia orchid produces multi-stems of tiny white flowers with velvety, dark green leaves, making it one of the best types of orchids that you can grow! It is one of the best types of orchid varieties you can grow!

Best Varieties of Ludisia Orchids

42. Alba


Diuris Alba is also known as the White Donkey orchid, which is endemic to Australia.

43. Nigrescens


Nigrescens is one of the most popular varieties and is also called the Jewel Orchid.

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44. Masdevallia Orchids


Botanical Name: Masdevalia spp

Flower Colors: White, Purple, and Red

The unique pattern of this summer-flowering orchid makes it stand out from all other orchids from the genera. Masdevallia produces triangular, elongated, thin, and compact flowers under temperate and humid conditions.

Best Varieties of Masdevallia Orchids

45. Racemosa

Racemosa is also called the Bidi Leaf Tree, a rare medicinal variety of orchids native to Asia.

46. Uniflora

Uniflora is a stout perennial that spreads by stolons and produces showy blooms in scarlet to carmine.

47. Rosea

Rosea is a terrestrial variety with three pink blooms on each stem.

48. Floribunda


Floribunda is a species that produce 5-12 shiny bright green leaves that usually reduce in size. The flowers are yellow or light green.

49. Pansy Orchids


Botanical Name: Miltonia spp

Flower Colors: White, Pink, Red, Yellow, and Purple

Native to Brazil, the Miltonia orchid flowers from late spring to summer. It features open, flat-face blossoms in red, yellow, white, and pink colors with marking in different shades. You can grow this charming flower throughout the year!

Best Varieties of Pansy Orchids

50. Miltonia candida Lindl

Jimmy Turner

Miltonia candida Lindl is a pansy orchid variety with huge, ornamental flowers that love the cooler climate.

51. Clowesii


Clowesii is another cool-growing variety that is usually found in the mountains of Venezuela and Colombia. It is also known as the Tulip Orchid.

52. Cuneata


Cuneata is also known as the Lizard orchid, and each stem produces 5-7 flowers pink, white, and brown flowers.

53. Flavescens


Diuris Flavescens is also known as the Wingham Doubletail or Pale Yellow Doubletail, and this species of orchid is endemic to New South Wales.

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54. Oncidium Orchids

Botanical Name: Oncidium spp

Flower Colors: Yellow, Brown, Pink, Red, Green, and Purple

Oncidium orchid comprises 300 species. The flowers of this genus looks-like a dancing girl. This low-maintenance orchid variety includes ‘Sharry Baby,’ which releases a sweet, cocoa-like scent.

Best Varieties of Oncidium Orchids

55. Leucochilum


Leucochilum is a huge variety that is most popular for its thin, fine roots and white-lipped flowers.

56. Tigrinum

The Hidden Forest Retreat

Tigrinum is a compact species from India with smooth green leaves, egg-like pseudobulbs, and yellow-burgundy red flowers.

57. Sarcodes


Sarcodes are an epiphytic species that produces lovely, wide flowers in the spring.

58. Varicosum

Varicosum is a medium-sized, cool-warm-growing variety with beautiful flowers and long pseudobulbs.

59. Paphiopedilum Orchids


Botanical Name: Paphiopedum spp

Flower Colors: Purple, Orange, and White

Paphiopedilum is also known as the lady’s slipper orchid. This easy-to-grow houseplant produces flowers in burgundy, brown, pink, white, black, and yellow.  It is one of the best types of orchid varieties you can grow!

Best Varieties of Paphiopedilum Orchids

60. Paphiopedilum insigne

Paphiopedilum insigne produces yellow-green or yellow-brown flowers with raised purple spots.

61. Bellatulum


Bellatulum is found in Thailand and Myanmar in cold climates. The plant produces dark green leaves with white spots on top and purple undersides.

62. Rothschidian


Rothschidian is also called the Rothschild’s Slipper Orchid or the Gold of Kinabalu Orchid.

63. Armeniacum

Armeniacum is a flowering species that is also known as the Golden Slipper Orchid or Apricot Orange Paphiopedilum. It is usually grown to win prestigious awards at different flower shows.

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65. Phaius Orchids

Botanical Name: Phaius spp

Flower Color: Orange-purple and White-green

Commonly known as the nun’s cap orchid, the phaius orchid forms light pink, purple, white, or yellow droopy flowers. The plant grows up to 1-4 feet tall in bright indoor light. Forty-five species come under this genus; the popular one is Phaius tancarvilleae.

Best Varieties of Phaius Orchids

66. Australis


Australis is a variety with a buried bulb-like structure at the base that holds up to 5-7 leaves.

67. Callosus

Callosus is a species known for its variety in the shades of its blooms. The flowers can be found in multiple color combinations and shades.

68. Tancarvilleae

Tancarvilleae has huge, plates leaves, tall stems, and yellow, brown, white, and mauve flowers.

69. Phalaenopsis Orchids


Botanical Name: Phalaenopsis spp

Flower Colors: Blue, Green, Red, White, Pink, and Red

Phalaenopsis is also known as the moth orchid. It features yellow flowers with pink veins, on and off throughout the year. These easy-to-grow orchids thrive well in indirect light.

Best Varieties of Phalaenopsis Orchids

70. Golden Peacock Moth Orchid


This is a variety that produces rusty orange-golden, fragrant flowers in clusters.

71. Dragon’s gold


Jupiter or Dragon’s Gold is a variety that features spikes of white blooms with a red-pink center.

72. Schilleriana


This is an evergreen species that boasts up to 200-250 fragrant, white, pink, or mauve flowers.

73. Stuartiana


Stuartiana is an epiphytic species that boasts 80-100 pleasant-smelling flowers that can last for 2-3 months in spring and winter.

74. Phragmipedium Orchids

Botanical Name: Phragmipedium spp

Flower Color: Green, Mahogany-pink, and Fluorescent-orange

Phragmipedium orchid flourishes naturally in boggy conditions in South America. They need humid conditions and bright light. Spring’s heaviest flowering season arrives, but some species can bloom year-round.

Best Varieties of Phragmipedium Orchids

75. Boissierianum


Boissierianum is found in Peru and Ecuador in wet forests in the mountains on southwestern-facing cliffs. It shows off the fan-shaped plant in brown, maroon, or purple.

76. Caudatum

Caudatum shows off petals that are almost 6-8 inches long and 4-5 inches long sepals.

77. Longifolium

Lonifolium is native to Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, and Costa Rica, and this variety produces one of the largest blooms. This ‘Fernbook’ clone is believed to be a dependable breeding plant with huge, showy flowers.

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78. Psychopsis Orchids


Botanical Name: Psychopsis spp

Flower Colors: Yellow and Orange

Also known as butterfly orchids, Psychopsis are easy-to-grow orchids, producing attractive flowers with showy green and mottled, burgundy foliage. This genus includes only five species that can survive well in different temperatures.

Best Varieties of Psychopsis Orchids

79. Kalihi


Gorgeous variety with yellow-on-yellow blooms that can flower for up to 12-15 years. The beautiful flower lasts for 2-3 weeks and then falls off.

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80. Vanda Orchids


Botanical Name: Vanda spp

Flower Color: Blue and Pink

Native to tropical Asia, the heat-loving Vanda genus has 80 species that produce long-lasting, fragrant flowers. These plants survive well in highly humid and bright conditions.

Best Varieties of Vanda Orchids

81. Coerulescens


Coerulescens is an evergreen, epiphytic, perennial variety with drooping or erect axillary stems with purple flowers.

82. Dearie

My Orchids

Dearie is another medium-large-sized species that loves the hot and humid climate. It features white flowers that can last for 2-3 months.

83. Merrillii


Robiquetia Cerina var Merrillii is a hot-warm-growing, medium-sized variety that produces yellow flowers in fall and winter.

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84. Zygopetalum Orchids

Botanical Name: Zygopetalum spp

Flower Colors: White, Blue, Red, and Purple

Zygopetalum features fragrant flowers consistently from fall to spring. The stunning flowers have veins with spots of purple, chartreuse, and maroon color.  It is one of the best types of orchid varieties you can grow!

Best Varieties of Zygopetalum Orchids

85. Mackay


This variety displays tall stems and broad leaves with a pleated look and huge, ornamental blooms.

86. Intermedium

Aruna Gardening Service

Intermedium is another popular variety that is usually cultivated for their stunning blooms that can last for 2-3 months.

87. Crinitum


Crinitum is a variety that features white-lipped, fragrant flowers with purple stripes.

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88. Acacallis Orchid

The light purple and blue color of this orchid make it one of the most unique flowers you can have in your collection.

89. Blue Lady Orchid

If you are a fan of solid blue color, then this should be your pick. The powdery surface of this flower is quite unique.

90. Purple Star Orchid

The pattern of spots and a mix of white and purple color of this flower is truly amazing to look at.

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